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Uploaded 8-26-22


Hello. I was there. So this transmission is going to be about the finger posts that were streaming through heavily on the 24th and 25th of August 2022 on my Instagram. And it was something that we're going to unpack. And I figured, well, the download I had was to do a transmission, a video about it, instead of doing a blog post, because we're going to chew on this together, as some would say. And we're going to decode what these finger posts are about, because on the 24th, I got off the bike from finished working out, and all of a sudden I just kept seeing fingers. And it was illustrated through imagery of TV shows, movies and other. Things, pictures about finger pointing. And it was just like of the finger and whatever stream. And then I will go through them together. It was just so bizarre. And I was one I was 100% sober. And I've never had this sort of dream board of all these images about this, a finger pointing. And, you know, whenever I if I'm looking at the catalog or the readings have ever done or the videos. There was never such a heavy emphasis on fingers. And I just kept seeing when I was showing, I was like, I got a Post-it, got a Post-it because I know that. This may arise in who whomever's? Viewing a post or even watching this. And actually, you'll see I had a friend send me a picture of a book that she read the first chapter of at school. Anyway, so we're going to. Share screen. And I also haven't done a a long video other than the weekly forecast that I upload to my YouTube channel. And a lot of my YouTube videos are unlisted, but I think you could even find them anyway. But I transferred them over to a blog post, so. But I could one day change my mind and decide to enlist them all. They share screen. Oh, cool. And obviously I'm using Zoom because I don't know how to do any. Any of that fancy stuff. Make me bigger.

Okay. Opening up my Instagram. So this first picture was not on the 24th. Uh. August. It was on four days ago, the 22nd. So I guess the day before. And there was just something with Penny Hollowell. This is the grandmother from Charmed and she's pointing and this. Came from, I believe, a flashback from season six. But. Okay. Well, we're going to hold on to that the flashback part but the fingers so she her active power and charm law is telekinesis and she channels that through or through her hands, which her granddaughter Prue eventually learned how to do. And for this image. It's presenting to me the boundary being laid, the forcefield, the shield erupting from her intention. It is the declaration of thou shall not cross. Otherwise you're going to mess with me. And the what does it says? It says, I wrote become the grandmother who all feared because of her wisdom, power and individuation. Knowledge of the dark and light. While raising the next generation to live as an organic human who was of critical thinking and intuition. So overlaying those words that I wrote four days ago onto what I'm getting from this now, the finger, the finger, the finger, the illustration, the gene board of the fingers is about the declaration.

This the intro is about the declaration of establishing. Our fortitude. Establishing a castle. Realizing. That this castle needs walls, it needs moats, it needs protection. And it also needs to allow the enemy to know. That just because the defenses are up doesn't mean that we're a weak little bitch. So. We were presented with this. Penny Hollowell. Pointing her finger and you could even imagine her. Throw in some demons and warlocks away or even her son in law ex-husband's. But the thing that's striking me through this little video is that. The boundaries of the walls are up. We know our power. Do not mess with me. Do not cross this line. Do not cross this line. So this leads to August 24th and. Oh, no, I'm sorry, I forgot about this. So this also was two days ago and that was oh, there was the 24th. Oh, chronologically place whatever you wish. So that before the main stream of downloads. This is the obviously this is Endora and the other members of the Witches Coven. I think they call it in Bewitched. And if you don't know who endures. Strikingly, strikingly. I've actually been during that time watching a bunch of clips and even episodes of Bewitched, and I forgot how much I love Bewitched. And I obviously posted a lot of pictures and my story to say today's B which saga part four. But what we're getting at right now and this transmission to overlay everything transitioning from Penny Hollowell to other grandmothers and just elders knowledgeable of the craft. They're also. Like threatening, but this is more of a the actual casting, the actual offense, the offensive. So we have Penny Hollowell establishing the fortress, the boundary of the wall.

And now we have the witches coven and endure leading. And they are actively jinxing heck, saying charming spelling. They are. I almost want to see over this right now is like their whole electrical system. I just see lines of electricity going from the heart chakra out their fingertips and that's pretty cool. So this has what's spelling to me right now is the offense and it is the knowing when to do something. It is the knowing when. The enemy has crossed the boundary. To. Act against it being on the offense. And. Oh, man, I love Bewitched. It's so funny. And if you really need some good comedic relief, watch Bewitched. It's timeless to me, at least. Oh, yeah. And this was actually from a day where I felt so non-attached to humanity. But we're not going to get into that because right now this is being on the offense and is we have these elders, we could look at that from our ancestors saying to us, it's time to fortress up and grab your spears. Grab your finger. And you had to be on the offensive something. So. These two images is just preparing us and realizing we need we have the strength to have the boundary and the strength to go on the offense. I don't know how to say it. Right. Cool. Okay. Now we're going to. This is from the Witches, the nineties movie. I think it was early nineties. For. I don't remember her name. But Anjelica Huston, obviously the Grand High Witch. And I believe, if I can remember these two stills correctly. I think this is again in the movie where. Or actually, I don't know. Let's it's not so important.

But we have the grandmother who was attacked by a witch when she was younger declaring the enemy. And then we have the enemy reminding herself of her victim from yesteryear. And we had the enemy targeting. That which is calling it out. Oh, so it's coming to you right now. We have the grandmother through her great wisdom, who is knowledgeable cycles. She's witnessing. The tyrannical cycle to take over. She's. Witnessing that and she's experiencing that previously. So this is mirroring those who have some wisdom and make it or even have this wisdom be from soul lessons. Declaring the enemy. And now we have the enemy realizing. That. They've been named. And now we got a box set up. Be careful where you point your finger. Something is pointing at me to look at all the finger pointers and the grandmother. This quote I got was Nobody's ever seen the devil. But we know he exists, don't we? The enemy and the true. Warriors. Are pointing at each other now. And then we called Andrew Amon because I was like, oh, my God, the the best. My favorite is mine. One of the top five. It's definitely top five. Anyone want her celestial arrow or holy arrow in the Japanese? Version. And we're looking at this angelic figure who is a demon, obviously. But she is representing that which is unseen, untouched, x, y, z on sense with our physical our five physical senses. She is. Our fellow light gladiators and the unseen realms. Realizing. We need to. Activate those who are ready to activate because a new level of war has occurred. And if you notice, a woman is not sitting by the sidelines smoking a cigar. She is. Beginning her attack. She's a new you. Look at it. It's if you're not familiar, she summons a lightning bolt arrow and shoots it at her opponent. So we have and in season one of mine she had another arrow and it's not white and she shot it to activate. One of the kids. To dashing into Mega. So we have. A reminder. Now we have our light army with us.

Ready to be called on for help. And they're doing their shit because. It's all hands on deck. It's having to be on the offense. The activation and we have the. Declaration of your attack. And figuring out what is your specialty, what is your technique, how? And they're helping us, helping to activate us to figure out what our role is now and what is coming to fruition on your woman. Love her. Oh, and then we get practical magic. This obviously came in because this is one of the most scenes, favorite scenes in the whole movie. There's something pointing and we need to pay attention. And then we have this. Fucker saying, really, your troublemakers are this. And then we have Sally's kid of why I have the practical magic box right here. The books are very different. I love the movie. Books are better, but I love the movie for what it is. We have her. Saying, I hope you get chicken pox. We have now. The through his imagery. And what I'm getting from this is we have people through the little witch who knows they have the power and they know what's going on and they're calling things out. In a way that's hopefully a respectful, mature, but she's immature. She's a kid, but she has all this power or that, let's say this knowledge. They're calling it all out and they're like trying to wake people up, let's say, with the finger. And when we have this woman who could be someone who. He's on their own path. Or somebody who. He's on the offense for you because obviously the kids were fighting those kids in the movie, obviously, because you have to watch this movie. We have. She's representing two people. She is of those that are on their own path and immature, which is going after them in like wake up. But you can't do that. And then we had the other side of the coin where that woman. Is those trying to attack you? Or try to make you do things you don't want to do. But this isn't like the upper echelons. It's just like little humans going around. And then we have obviously the little witch going on the offense because she's like, okay, I'm giving you chicken pox.

I hope you know why I did that. Long pause. Very interesting. But yeah, I think with the little which you it's with the knowledge you have, you can't go after people in the deck, you know. Oh, and I've had only a few moments that I'm ashamed of. But you learn through them and, you know, it's a very heated time. But interesting sort of, Mary, that's all along. Right now we have the fortress with Penny and Dora on the offense and a woman activating and getting in gear from the unseen. And then we have boots on the ground. This going on when maybe this activation process began. I think that this is a painting of 20, 20, 2021, 2022. If we look at it like that. Right. And then we go to the the most finger. Your fingers are the fingers pointers of the point. This point is. That scene with Brian, with Brandi versus Kyle and Kim. Oh, my God. If you haven't seen this scene, even if you're not a Housewives fan, you should watch this because you see them going on the attack. So what? The endgame night from hell. So what this is right now speaking to me is. People who are. Attached to the hive mind and going on the on salts. The onslaught going on the attack. And being very malicious. Shaming, guilting people. We have the people who. One could say or overcome by some gremlins mixing in with their own unconscious trauma. And these people, if you think about to through the lens of their relationship, Kim obviously is the alcoholic and Kyle had to cover her. But there's always things I don't know about their lives and things that they don't share.

But we know their relationship. And they're all in their own trauma. So it's a trauma inducing being that entry point for the Gremlin and then unleashing through the finger to shame guilt. Make you feel like shit. Oh, what a great episode as good TV. Well, cringing from family stuff. That. Good TV. Which then led to I kept being shown images of the banded. And then I pulled this one up. And this is the last, quote unquote, finger pointing post on the 24th of August. So I did a lot. And I'm going to read it. MOORE Yeah. Yeah, I think I'm getting the same thing. But if we look about this right. That finger pointing symbolism. Was. The mascot. One of them of that time. And. What I'm getting right now is people believing that they're doing the right thing. And you being in their innocence and just trying to go back to quote unquote, normal. And then what I'm getting at from this right now are those people who are very injured and I'm this probably might get taken off. I had a couple strokes on YouTube, Instagram. Anyhow. You had the people who were gravely injured or lost their lives or had to do things because, you know, they were met with putting food on the table for their kids. You know, there's so much wrapped up into that. It's not so simple, which as I'm definitely out of that by flight freeze fine. Whatever responses, you know. Of that time. It's just like a roll out. That was huge. So. And here it is. Ladies and gentlemen, the conclusion of eight 2422 finger pointing posts pointers are pointing to destroy sovereignty, humanity and DNA.

Other pointers point at the black magic perception reality controlling evil. Pointing to shame, guilt, gaslight peers while pointing at the master puppeteer pointing howls within their Stockholm syndrome, while pointing out the chains people willingly donned, pointing at the other while pointing at the enemy, pointing and pointing at the hive mind. And when we relay this with what we've been pulling through so far. We have orange. A woman activating us and. Realizing Now we're here and we're in this. Having to learn those lessons of how to navigate it through the little witch in the woman and encountering. The really that dark mother energy. Overtaking people through many layers. And then this very. Interesting time of the bandaid. But I think this comes out really well. And seeing what I'm getting now through those images. Through this. Of course it leads to this. And then what came? So I didn't get a finger pointer, but I got I kept seeing grand staff pointing. And then, obviously, A.R. Rahman and then Voldemort's wand and Harry Potter's wand. And something wicked this way comes and reading it. I'm bombarding by pointing and is leading to battle between a light in the dark. Something is activating under the guise of illusion. Fictional magic illustrates mind manipulation and embody or light in point of the true enemy. So we're going to go a little in the battle, right? So we're looking at we're realizing the enemy has many, many spells in their arsenal, and we're realizing that we also do that. But. It takes all. Let's look at it this way. So to reach that status point where we have the the boy who lived Gandalf the way Saruman and Voldemort, they're all. Key players and. At the forefront in their own. Myths, let's say. So it's not everybody who's facing up against one another. It's not every dark wizard that becomes the dark wizard the Lord. We have every. Well, Harry's the first boy to live or any which are. Was there a human X, Y, z to live from the Vatican Opera? And now again of the white who transfigured from the the gray version. And he's seeing the mind control and Lord Voldemort in that scene to us or to the Phenix, where he's manipulating Harry's mind. And we have Harry Potter from Prisoner of Azkaban shielding himself from the Dementors or the Gremlins. And so I don't know where that sells from, but I think what's at least popping my mind, that's when Gwyneth and Sarah Silverman faced off.

Oh, so this is illustrating to us the warfare. This is the warfare. And. Stepping up to the plate, how not everybody was going to step up to the plate and not everybody's meant to. War. This is the warfare and this is the warfare. But let's look at what's going on now. So we have right now and I feel like the light side, we have a new layer of activation. An ancient activation for those who are ready to activate. And then I do feel like. We have the dark side. Doing some kind of spell to affect the mind. And I'm looking at it through waves and frequencies so there could be. An activation with that. This illustrates warfare. And when we tie that into everything we're looking at. This is like. Those who are. Aware and fighting against. Speaking against. The. The dark musicians. And then we have the dark magicians or like, Oh, fuck. We got some activity activators to deal with, and now we got to amp up. The mind manipulation. So then I ended up doing this little. Journal entry was like, we're watching housewives. It was like. It's my boyfriend. I need to start writing. We keep it on. And then I got all these things.

Something wicked this way comes when you ignore your present reality in favor of indulging on chaotic pleasure. So I think that's really just chaotic pleasure, meaning unbalanced or even destructive pleasure and. That's going to catch up with you. And where are you finger pointing at? So what was interesting to me, it was like, well, he's what I was getting from that initial one was, where's your finger pointing? Is it that? X, Y, Z. But I don't think I'm going to go into that in this version, because what I'm getting from that right now is the this is calling to me this drawing I drew with the eye and the fingers or pointing at what in a circle. And it's speaking to me that we're all in this game. There are many different vantage points. There are many different things that we are to extract from this time and that time. And are you really pointing your finger? Who are you putting your finger at? So I think that's kind of self-explanatory. So we'll leave it at that. And then the 25th. I got three days which and looking at it from that from this lens is okay. So we made through that one act one. Now. What are we going to do with our magic? What are we gonna do? What do we create? How are we going to use this time? What are you doing with your life? That's kind of what's coming to me now. And we have Sabrina starting something new, her witchcraft. So maybe this is the time to either evolve your realm in a new way and or just start something new. And the exciting part of that is like, okay, we went through that. So there wasn't activation with a lot of terror. And what can we work with now? I like that. That's what I got. That's what it is. And then a little quick transmission. Azula. Okay. So obviously we'll. Avatar, The Last Airbender, princesses. This is the final battle. And she's voicing Zuko and Katara. And she's unhinged. She's psychotic.

So it's pointing at me right now is the psychosis of that which is not recognized. And are we healthily processing what we just went through and have we checked ourselves? What it really comes to me right now is like, have we checked ourselves? How have we looked at how we behaved, understood why we behaved? Understood the other choices be available to us. And what are we doing right now? Are we directing our energy? Directing our lightning our lightning landing or directing that we pointing that at something that is constructive rather than destructive. Ah. What are we doing? It's just that. Yeah, it's that thing again. Like, what are we doing right now? And are we directing our anger? How are we? I think that's just looking at that thing you didn't want to look at. But you need that. You need that to activate yourself now. So it's almost like looking at the boogeyman and also looking at the crying kid in the closet that was just. Emerson so much. Terror over the last couple of years. Terror on many levels. What you waiting for, Mickey? You be buying time. For what? And this is, what, 2:00 to ten? Oh, my God. Right. No, it's not. I tend to put. Ten to. Something is ticking. I'm hearing like a ticking time bomb. And I'm looking at right now the imagery of Lord Voldemort Salomon from moments ago. I do feel like. And if August September 2022 their next. Spell is going to amp up. But it's just like looking at. SpongeBob pressing the red button, which was another. Thing I saw and what's popping in my mind, too. Before we go back to Mickey, I had a friend slash client send me u u hockey show, which is a wonderful anime about like spirit world and shit like that. And he was pointing is activating.

So marrying those two, the red button. You have to show coming in right now with Mickey Mouse. It's almost like a go time war again. But we're going to have to be on the offensive through. Frequency and looking at the electromagnetic waves, looking at shit around us and realizing how this can possibly be amped up because there's it's almost like I'm hearing a zoo and there's a zoo sound and that's like. Electricity instead. So I do feel like. There was an electrical, let's call it, quote unquote. New spell unleashed. And we have to point a finger at it. Mickey Mouse and then I got tendons airbending and this is the scene from Tenzin reversing. Zahir on Book three of Legend of Korra. That was a fantastic. That animation, those that martial arts, the choreography, the bending was beautiful. What's speaking to me now? After what we just received of that the new spell unleashed. We are. All hands on deck, I'm hearing. But it's. That song, All Hands on deck. Then the. In that scene from Girls, that HBO show. And she's just consumed by. I think she was drunk or on coke. I don't know. And Tyner with Tenzin. We are. Really being asked in that anti-woman woman activation to be become very disciplined and watch our. Behavior watching our substance abuse or use. Watching what we eat or do. Our activities are really becoming more disciplined because airbending. Which is really cool in this scene because Airbending is usually the monks and they don't. We never really got to see offensive airbending other than Ang and whatnot. But this was a realm of its own and. Beauty and tension is. Emerging from the hermit. So it's. We're being asked to get out of wallowing and getting out of stagnation. Implementing a really discipline. Set of. Life. And get training. Train. Train, train. And then that and then here I kept seeing that emit that scene in coven when. It's the first episode and Fiona looks at the little which bitch Madison and flicks her. And sends her flying with her telekinesis. And telekinesis is the second which power quote unquote.

And we've seen. I mean, look at the next image. It was her. This is before the flake. Getting really pissed off. And then. Flicking. Pointing, sending, unleashing. So that feels to me where I'm. I'm removing everything that annoys me. And ways I can like. Obviously, if you can quit your job, be practical about it, but also manifest it. It's just this is more like I'm getting rid of all the things that annoy the shit out of me. Not. Putting ourselves in either relationship situations or people, places, things, all nouns and just deciding to remove them and giving no facts. This is also the giving no fucks sage on our way of channeling our energy. And it's it's also go time. All hands on deck with cleaning shit up. And that could also be annoying habits that you have. But this is really like things around you inflicting them away. And then this scene is from the 12th episode, the second the last episode where she's talking to Queenie and she's like, You demand respect, sir. But this is coming to me is. I'm. It's about not acknowledging elders or those that came before you being a little youth. Being a little hotshot. And thinking that you know everything. So it's almost like life coming in and just reminding you to take a slice of humble pie. And. Don't rush. Don't be impatient. It's. It's going through like The Apprentice. We're going through The Apprentice phase, and it's disciplinary with tens in.

To combat this new spell. I'm getting a really big headache right now. And. Um. Oh. I lost my train of thought. That's weird. Is that the new smell? It's really. Yeah. I think that I really lost my train of thought. Oh, I remember now not being a little hotshot and eating a slice of humble pie, being knocked down a few pegs when you need to. I think that can also happen, like getting more earthy with your spirituality. It's also coming in my mind. Grounding that into your root chakra. Getting out of Neptune, coming back to Earth. And then this. My friend sent me this while I was coincidentally waiting to get a reading that I. And she said, Read the first chapter of this book in school The Day The Magic Finger. And we're looking at this. I'm in like elementary school teachers reading me a book. I'm so excited to be in my imagination. So I do want to say one of our best tools right now to activate is imagining playing in our imagination and. Disconnecting or downgrading our use time of. Me being on the computer, playing video games, doing anything that. Takes you away from your imagination. The imagination is the key, and that's going to solve. That's our creative solutions. That's inspiration. In his reality building, it is the imagination, psychic ability, activating more. It is imaginations going to be everything and Rumi remaining or trying to cultivate that childlike innocence while we're in that imagination. And then the last one. So this is as an FYI, and my boyfriend and I went to Cheesecake Factory and we had to wait 30 minutes. So we went around the mall and we usually go to F, I usually go to Hawaii and we went to L.A. and I was just looking around is like I knew I'm going to see a finger and I look to my right and right there at eye level. Was this insidious, the last key DVD? And it's keys.

And this is the final picture. He is. Are we got the key? During this transmission, we got the key. Seeing the two layers. One written at the time of download as well as the ones in this narrative were creating this dream board where weaving. That is the key. And this hand is. Revealing to me. That the secrets we uncover will only empower us more and not to shy away from challenging our beliefs, challenging anything about our realm, our world, our personal lives. Challenge everything. That's going to be our key question. Everything. Have the confidence. Use what? We had to open these new doorways that would not have been opened if we did not have this experience that we had to synthesize or in the process of synthesizing healing. Those keys are going to be open and we could only have had that with that fire. And there we go. And ended on that. Enjoy daylight wizards.

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