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The First Entry! Embarking Into Newness.

6-17-22 10:43am

A shift in the scenery marks a new evolution! The next phase! Readying my ability to meet a new wave of inspiration while allowing the decay of that which I abandon.

I started making videos back in early January of 2021. The purpose was to initially record the opening speech I give before I start a reading. This led to a surge in inspiration and great fun! I would follow my intuition to pull a book and open to the exact passage that matched my Instagram post of the day.

Consistent channelings and writings coupled with a recording. Detailing my psychic and mediumistic experiences. Sharing what I learned throughout my life through the lens of my psychic and mediumistic work. Weekly, monthly, and yearly forecasts naturally evolved with my consistent surge in inspiration and joy. I really was in the flow and I would produce many videos accumulating in just over 400 uploaded videos from January 2021 to June 2022.

A call was sent out and absorbed into my energy field. This signal was mirroring a reoccurring lack of motivation to record a transmission apart from the weekly forecasts. The passionate fire descended into an ashy pile comprised of the kindling. The fire was out and I opened myself up to review what I learned throughout the time producing a lot of content.

The major flare sparking my surge in recording was the opportunity to assist me with processing the Trauma from the PLANdemic era. A space to vent and try to assimilate this new world as I witnessed society descend further into insanity. Madness everywhere. The human species’ bodies and minds were raped by the many layers of darkness choking the evolution, expansion, and organic nature of humanity.

These transmissions also helped me identify my self-sabotaging and victimizing patterns operating in my personal underworld. I confronted many layers of wounding and blocks forbidding me from seeing my shining Light. The time recording my transmissions were an answer to a call I exclaimed to the Universe asking for my personal evolution.

Yesterday, YouTube deleted a transmission I uploaded in early 2021 and this was further confirmation for me to put my energy elsewhere. A space where I did not have to worry about censorship. A space where I can produce and release that which wishes to birth through me for those who are called to absorb and digest.

Writing is a love of mine that flows through my fingertips, pens, and markers. A trunk full of sketch books used as journals reside at the end of my bed. My novel is released as an eBook which…is quite prophetic for the events transpiring in our world over the last few years. Writing is my medium of choice.

I am called to write content for my website which will mirror the hundreds of transmissions I recorded. Psychic mechanics and stories. Downloads I receive to share. Anecdotal evidence coupled with guidance. I am a writer and this is my art.

Evolution! Up-Level! SHINKA!

I am going to also write my next book regarding psychic and mediumistic mechanics! I can see how my transmissions were necessary to assist me with realizing how much I nurtured my skills through perseverance and piercing through my fear’s blockades.



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