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Tips For Mediumship Readings! Recommendations From Windbridge.


Uploaded 11-18-21


Hello, light wizards. So this quick little transmission is involving the wooden bridge. I don't like it. Wind bridge, institute of Study four mediums. And get this book if you would like. Obviously investigating mediums a wind bridge institute collection by Dr. Julie by show. If you're familiar with all in Jackson, Kim Roussel and the like, you're most likely familiar with this as well. And they are all about. Helping to further. Verify, validate this type of work. Right. And what we're going to go into today is just what they have on their website, which I guess let's start sharing the screen. Done. How do I do that now? Just to share. Whoa. Make me a little bigger. How do I do that? Oh, gosh. There we go. Oh, so, yeah. Wind Bridge, dawg. And. If you go on this part right size mediums. We see that before participating in research at the Wind Bridge Research Center, each prospective research medium was screened over several months using an intensive eight step screening and training procedure. Which I think is pretty cool because I find this work to be fascinating and there has to be an explanation scientifically to. Understand it. I think they are great. You know, the book is wonderful. So they don't screen any more mediums. Right. And. That's okay. They have a bunch. I think they have 19. So you could definitely look one of these up if you had drawn to it to go figure out who you may vibe with. And I obviously didn't work with them. I only did the fine certified, which is five W line readings, which I'm okay with. Definitely grateful for that. Okay. So we're going to hear. And we're going to move you over there.

Okay. So recommendation for sitters. Mediums are individuals who experience regular communication with the deceased and report the resulting information to the discarded living friends or relatives during specific events. So does this call this Garnett's person you're reading for series specific events readings? Militia reading involves at least three people the medium, the sitter and the discarded in order for it to go well. All three of these people need to be a good fit and be willing participants. So, you know, if you're going to get a research, I mean, you're going to have to research that, too. But if you're going to get a reading for a medium. You don't want to be all. Skepticism is fine. You don't want to be a cynical little douchebag. Because it disrupts the flow. This is an energetic art and it's between me. Person I'm reading for and that which we cannot see with our physical eyes or really comprehend with our little tiny human dumb brain.

So the sitters can optimize the reading process by using the do's and don'ts below, before, during and after the reading. The list below is created from input from mediums who notice that readings don't go as well when sitters have unrealistic expectations about meetings abilities. After seeing mediums on TV only given accurate and meaningful information, it's important to remember that shows on TV are edited and real mediums and disconnects aren't perfect. 100%. What you're seeing on the television is manicured. I don't know if they're all scripted, but it's all to fool you more into not understanding what a real medium is. So I actually really like all these suggestions I'm going to link down on my website for people to look at because you had to keep your expectations in check. That's why I'm very passionate about trying to explain to you as much as I can or what a reading is like from previous. Experiences. However, every reading, as I say many times this is known as this snowflake and it's completely unique. So first one to remember that your mediums instruction should carry more weight than the suggestions listed here, which is why I gave you a speech before we have on so you can understand it as much as you can.

Do you remember that which disconnects and which items come through are not up to the medium any more than what you hear when answering a ringing phone or C when reading an incoming text is up to you 100%. I can't control the information. And. What is received will be what can be used to the best of the Spirit's ability and my own frame of reference. And they also exist outside of this 3-D reality that we live in. So the fact that they could even just. Swimming to here for me to. Say something that you'd be like, I know that is is crazy. Don't rush into a reading before you and your discard it are ready. There's no time limit on communication. 100%. I'm not a grief counselor. Yes, my mother died when I was 13, so I understand what the grieving process is like. But I'm not a counselor. I'm just here to give you information. This is important because I personally don't want to read somebody who is just freshly in that wound and they're just so distraught and. I can't keep them alive for you in the sense of this 3D body. Other than knowing that they're in, all that is in, they're probably off in a different galaxy or different dimensional wave. Who knows? Due to the medium with care. Choose one recommended by trusted friends or one vetted by an organization that uses transparent testing procedures to choose one from a list as your discard it to help you be inspired to feel which one is right for you.

The right medium for one might not be the right medium for other. Just like how I say this many times. I'm not everybody's medium. And psychic. I'm just not just like how when you go get your hair done. Not every person who is able to style your hair and cut it is right for you. So you want to go based on what your gut feels like? The information they have on their website. And I think referrals are the most optimum way to figure out who to go to. Don't forget that you're discarded as part of the reading. Let them know you'd like to participate. You like them to participate. Sorry. Which. Yeah. You know, talk to them. And I do feel spirits before the reading starts. But then there's also many surprises that happen. But you talk to them. I like that. Do you know that your medium does not need to be in your area to provide a good reading? A phone reading is just as good, if not better than in-person reading your discard it will be able to find a medium whether you are in the room with him or not. And I think that's true, especially with Zoom like I'm using right now. You get my voice, you get you, you get a recording, you get a transcript from me. At least that's what I do and it's all pointed up nicely. Download it right here. And I don't have a physical office and I'm not going anybody's home. We've talked about that because people keep their room house dirty as fuck. The issue.

Not everybody. Do you understand that a medium who charges more money or has more social media followers is not necessarily better or worse than any other medium? Very, very true. I actually just deleted my Instagram because fuck social media. Do you provide the information the medium asks for? To start the reading. But remember what you provide. I don't really ask for anything. I don't know. Maybe some people like. I want your name, but don't give information beyond basic responses. Yes, that makes sense. No, that's incorrect. I'm not sure. Sort of. Maybe etc.. In response to questions of medium ask you to vary, which is true what I do and people who are real mediums. They share what they're receiving and then they interpret it if they need to. And they want to make sure, if you understand what's being brought through, especially because the medium doesn't know why they're seeing anything. And don't get all disgruntled when you're and you say no, because it could be. Information about you that you're forgetting that you may need to research or it hasn't happened yet. So there's those couple of things. And then also to like. What is brought through the media may interpret it not to the best of their ability, and then the spirit actually probably bring that message around again.

So the medium can interpret it in a different way, which is why there's not that manicured picture perfect. Ludicrous myths of TV, television. Do you remember that your grieving can affect how you experience things, including a mediumship reading? Yeah, it if somebody is really, really just stuck in that grief, I, I don't know if you should really get a mediumship reading. You should probably go to get help first process that because it's very painful and I know what it's like. Do you understand that? It may be difficult. Might be difficult to communicate with the medium once you are deceased. And that as a medium, it may be difficult to interpret all the symbols and other sensory information that you're seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling and taste injury. Yes, I'm just an instrument. And when you pop out of this body and you've never used the medium before. You know, they are very much alive and they may not be good at. This process. That's why some spirits are so good at communicating. Others are like, Yeah. So that's just the reality of mediumship. Don't put too much pressure on the experience to prove your discarded is still around. Just it. Do record the reading or take notes with the media's permission and review it later. Absolutely. 100%, because you most likely will hear a lot of things that you just can't put your finger on. As I said before, do you remember that hiring meeting was just like hiring any professional service provider? Be sure that you understand what the meaning will be providing in all the terms and conditions, including the refund policy.

Amen. Don't use codes or riddles to prove the medium is communicating with their discard it. Those can only prove that the answer exists somewhere in space and time. Not that discarding is necessarily providing it. Yeah. And if you're just saying, like, I'm not going to believe anything, I get that one specific thing. It could definitely take away from your experience and also to if it's something that the medium doesn't have in their frame of reference. Like I don't understand the many models of cars or sports. So if you're looking to pull that out from them, it just won't happen. Because I don't like sports. I don't care for cars. Do ask for information about how you're described. Communicate with you after the reading? Definitely. Conclusions. A mediumship reading is a unique opportunity, and having the information listed in the recommendations here will hopefully optimize the experience for you, the medium and your discarded. With these suggestions in mind. We hope you will be able to successfully prepare for, participate in and reflect a mediumship reading with ease. And more information. There you'll. Yes, that's definitely it. 100% recommend going on their website, buying that book that I showed you about. Did you enjoy your daily wizards?

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