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Transcribing Transmissions! Slide Transformation & Release.

6-17-22 1:56pm

When I tell you that I loved recording my transmissions…that is an understatement. The inspiration for each video slid into my energy field. The downloads were pushed into my awareness and I felt like I had to answer the call!

I want to release the transmissions in a new format so that the information is shared to those felt a call within their being to receive. Every reading includes a transcript. A scroll of the prophecy. Words from my being as the medium.

My clients and my supporters will now have an opportunity to read, reflect, and review my transmissions through this slide transformation. A shift from one medium to another. The service I use is and the robot actually does a pretty good job! Now I know how the technocrats at YouTube search through each video to ensure they are manicured to the Hive Mind Conformity.

Gooooodbye, Censorship! Hellllllooo, Free Speech!

It is my intention for these transmissions to help shift our species out of the Low Frequency Control Program into the High Frequency Freedom Program.

May you enjoy the archive. Thank you.


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