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Victimhood's Attack on Bodies & Soul! Solar Plexus Infection of Disempowerment.


Uploaded 6-26-21

Hello light wizards. So today this transmission is about the victim archetype victimization, victimhood and its effect on our solar plexus chakra, the willpower vortex, the gateway for our sole essence to interact with the physical human avatar. To operate the free will of the avatar. Among the. Deck of cards. The hand that is given. So. The human avatar can help assist with expanding the universe through innovation, through adaptability, as the universe uses the avatar. To. Interact with. Forces that are outside of the. Energetic space. Where the. Fragmented aspect of the guard force, the soul essence, the aspect of ourselves that is anchored where we cannot see with our physical eyes. But it will always be connected with our human vessel.

So the victim archetype has come through the last week for of transmissions as we dissected labels and how we are manipulated through labels. And then the attributes that our sole essence chooses for the human avatar. To experience this earth with the intention of experiential learning. And how these attributes are to develop a personal perception to counteract or to. Further expand the universe. Based upon the collective perception of that one particular attribute which can be uncovered and. Followed through with that previous transmission regarding that. So the victimization, the victimhood, the victim archetype. Is an attack on our solar plexus chakra. So when we are in the mindset that. Woe is me that. I am a victim to the labels that I am assigned by. I'm a victim to the collective perception of the attributes within my human avatar. That stream of consciousness. Is a blow to our gut, a blow to our solar plexus chakra. Because we are here to adapt with what we are given.

Because the soul essence. The soul self. The God for self. It's very well aware of the collective perceptions of the attributes were programed with. Very well aware that. It wants to progress and evolve. So the soul wants the human avatar to experience this world to transform. Any perceived negative. Influences of the external world. So that it can transform that playing field. By. These opportunities for growth, these challenges, these adversities. The victim archetype. Is. A. Mine said. That can overtake the human avatar and it will infect the free will. It will infect the expansion of the universe. It will infect the. Strength of the human avatar to adapt to these new circumstances or the circumstances that one was born into. When the human avatar is in the mindset. The book The Black Magic Green Spell of Disempowerment, the solar plexus chakra is just below that. The solar plexus chakra is adversely affected, which will translate into a lot of abdominal issues physically. Kidney just popped into my head. So I think kidney issues as well. Along with intestine, all the like the stomach area and then the stomach going right into the. Whatever, intestines right after the stomach. So that kind of area will be affected by it. As well as. I'm just continuously seeing right now, like scratching of the skin and picking at the skin. And I'm hearing OCD. So I feel as though it can also come in a mental illness of obsessive compulsive disorder.

For what we are to do through this transmission is to be knowledgeable of how the victim archetype. Synthesizes with our energy body. And our physical body and our mental body. And how it also infects the spiritual body. The cord connecting us to our soul self because the soul wants adversity, the soul wants challenges to grow and to progress and to evolve. So when we are in this black magic dream spell of victimhood, of victimization. The empowerment to interact with this world, to adapt, to use our free will for innovation, to work with the higher intelligence, to receive new ideas of how to progress further, therefore, expand the universe. So when we dove into this critical race theory rolling out across our country in America, this is an attack on our solar plexus chakra. It is an attack on our soul contract because the soul is very wise.

As I said earlier, it's very well aware of the collective perceptions of the attributes that one is plugged into and the one is experiencing in this human avatar cycle of expression. So when the human avatars toy as a child, that one is. Set up based upon an attribute or set up by a label for a certain set of parameters of life. The willpower. The. Empowerment. The. Creation aspect, to be innovative, to work through, and to use free will to interact with the external world. Is. Attack severely, which will lead to a. Disrupted energy body disrupted physical body disrupted mental body. And then the emotional body is just depression because of the feeling that one is a victim to one circumstance. That one cannot progress. That one cannot. Do its sole mission here. And our sole mission is always about progression, evolution, overcoming adversity, transforming these opportunities for growth. And if you hear the cheering in the background and people are playing poker downstairs and it kind of, you know, works out because our soul wants to cheer us on, our soul wants the human avatar to triumph, and the soul does not want the human avatar to be victimized to feed into the victim archetype. Because then that means that innovation, expansion, creation cannot occur through this physical vessel.

And I was outside. Just. Journaling receiver. Listening to music. Hanging out with the plants. The bees. The birds. Some flies. Other critters I don't know the names of. And I looked up and there's a beautiful hawk flying right over me. And the hawk is always about perception change a higher. A higher a higher three times. A higher sense of interacting with this physical world in connection to the higher intelligence. The soul essence, the soul integration in with this human avatar, this construct. This programed with attributes. You know. Video game pretty much. And so what I feel we all should take from this is being like, okay, now I'm knowledgeable of how the victim archetype disrupts all of my bodies, and I am now more aware that my willpower, my interaction with the external world. My. Attributes of skills and talents. Ah, to help expand the universe, how to be of creation, to be a creator being. And we are to reject the victimization program occurring throughout America. Because this is the. Attack on the souls desire to use every opportunity to overcome. Challenges. To progress, to evolve, to create.

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