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What if...? Morning of Reflection. 60 Minute Readings Expand My Body/Field.

October 26th 2023. I'm sipping on my first cup of coffee, I have the transits of the stars above cast over my natal chart, and I'm feeling an impulse to shift my business for the better! It is the idea that I did not think up - Inspiration that's subtle and inviting. Passive Formulation. I sense this invitation that feels like a preview to a new song that your favorite artist is about to release.

I can sense that there's a shift happening and I learned to find satisfaction in the unknown of how it will all come to be, what action steps I need to take, and not knowing the end result of this Subtle Impulse. And I haven't even finished my morning coffee and if you know me...I love a dark, black cup of coffee and I'm addicted without any question.

I've been making some changes already to my business and services. I acted on the Inspiration I received to create my Psychic Wiring service as well as the Comprehensive 2024 Psychic Assessment. I made small adjustments to my readings' pricing to lower them as a reflection of the times, but not too much since I sincerely believe in the value of my services, what I can offer to others using my skills, and that I am talented.

This morning (now I feel the first cup kicking in), greeted me with an Inquiry to just Contemplate and Reflect while Imagining options concerning my Readings and the length of time. I offer 30, 45, 60, and 90 minutes for Readings. I wrote about my distaste for 15 minute readings...the feeling of being so rushed without really enough time to provide a quality reading that is up to my standards. I was asked this morning to just Think about it.

As you may have read on my FAQ, I learned that if a client requests a shorter duration of a reading then the information streams through in that which will meet the time agreement. A shorter reading means less information. A longer reading means more information and more details. With mediumship...shorter readings with a lot of spirits will not be the same a a longer reader with many spirits who have an advantage to take turns and provide more evidence and relay more messages.

I'll be on my 7th year of business in 2024. I learned a lot from when I started to this morning. Life had to put me through School. I had to be exposed to all of the XYZ. I had to realize the depth of our world and the conditioning of the human species. I had to take the invitation to do my personal Great Inner Work to better myself.

I remember starting readings at just $45. I was so excited! I would take every opportunity to work at a fair. I allowed people to hire me for parties and I let them drink alcohol. I was so scared and intimidated to do group mediumship readings. Then...Life taught me more lessons for me to strengthen my sense of Self. I had to experience darker moments concerning my work and with people as well as the negative influences hidden in the unseen worlds that do not desire me to do this work.

Psychic and Mediumistic Education instructed by Life. Priceless, Difficult, Challenging, & Rewarding.

I then raised my prices to $60 and then again to $150 to reflect my growing talent, experience, wisdom, and knowledge. I quickly learned that clients who value my work are happy to book a session with the higher price point while others are not willing to do so. This work is a business and I enjoy writing about the business side so that others can prepare if they hear the call to do this work as well.

I did have back and forth doubts and deletions of my practice. Meaning that I did declare that I was finished with readings because of an interaction with a party goer that was a mix of a mess. I spoken about this many times, but the main thing is that you, the reader, understands that this work is just like any other trade job. Nothing fantastical. It is customer service which is why the Universe had me work many customer service jobs to prepare me to ultimately do the same thing as a professional psychic medium. The only that...this work is severely hidden, suppressed, shunned, XYZ which I also spoken about many times.

I eventually got my footing back and then began reading people after a few months. Higher Mind got me to get back onto the horse and it eventually led me to follow the inspiration to search for some organization to test my mediumistic skills. Find A Certified Medium popped up on my screen while working at a mom and pop shop in July 2020. They eventually contacted me back in October which began the series of 5 double blind readings. I was SO nervous, but I just pushed through and did well enough, scored high enough despite my fears and nerves. I passed and was certified in December 2020.

Passing the testing and receiving that certification was my PhD. I hoped to give new clients more trust in my work and in me. This also made me feel even better about keeping my readings' prices at a higher amount and still very affordable. Actual Science. Real Experiments. Rigorous Testing and Scoring. Not everyone who takes the test passes so this was my Test of Seven Wonders (for my AHS Coven fans)!

Years passed since that testing and I eventually listened to Higher Mind to offer group mediumship readings. I healed enough of my wounds to do so. I built enough self-esteem to stand in front of a group without any plan...just trusting what pops into my head and knowing that I can explain mediumship as best as possible in a short opening speech...trusting that I won't allow people to treat me poorly due to their projections and conditioning. Group readings were a lot for me to do, but I am very glad that I did!

Now, this morning, as I'm in the middle of my second cup of coffee and I cooked my love his morning breakfast...I'm chewing on ideas about how to do more and provide a great quality of a service.

I have the Testing under my belt. I learn from every reading, study each reading, I read books consistently, I extract the wisdom from my experiences, I continue to do the Great Inner Work, I acquired a lot of Knowledge about the human condition and the layers of our world...I feel like a great addition to society offering my services, skills, and energy!

In about two weeks, I'll be flying out to Oregon again to work with my client who had me come to the west coast last year. This is a reward for all of my efforts, studying, and experience. To really provide all that I can which leads me to this morning...

I'm contemplating offering just 60 minutes for my readings. 60 minutes really gives a great amount of time to move through all of my clients' questions as well as provide an adequate space/time for spirit communication. I can even do both since I no longer offer Psychic & Mediumship for 30 minutes. From a business perspective, I can see why offering 30, 45, 60, & 90 minute reading options are great. Some people may not be able to afford a 60 minute reading. Others may just want quick insights. But! This is where my Audio Reads come in to play as they offer 1 Question, 3 Questions, & an Energy Forecast which delivers on the quick insights at a cheaper rate compared to my 60 minute readings.

I'm concerned about helping my clients in the best way possible that gives all of me, my skills, and my energy. Two of my favorite intuitives that I go to regularly only offer longer readings. They are wise in their years and they popped into my mind tool this morning.

What if I only offered 60 minute readings?

What if I decided to really explore this idea?

I'm invited to contemplate and to reflect...which I am in this entry as my thoughts are catching up to the effects of my delicious morning brew.

I'm deeply passionate about aligning my clients' expectations and perceptions with the reality of the Sacred Intuitive Arts. New clients who only book 30 minutes...are they able to get the maximum beneficial effect of a reading in that shorter duration? Are they able to truly move through their questions and/or have the space for their loved ones to deliver evidence and messages in just 30 minutes?

I'm concerned about maximizing my potential to help those who are courageous enough to hire me for my services that are not mainstream. The mainstream aspects of psychic readings are...lackluster as the fantasy role playing hijacked the true nature of the Sacred Intuitive Arts.

60 minute readings, and possibly even 90 minute readings, are truly the best way for me to help people. This is why my Psychic Wiring service is offered as a duration of up to 2 hours. My Comprehensive 2024 Psychic Assessment service is up to 2.5 hours. Longer services have the best chance to truly maximize my potential to help my clients.

As of now, my 60 minute readings are $50 more than my 30 minute readings. $50 more of an investment provides greater detail, more information, and a better potential to optimize my skills to assist with my clients' lives. Readings are an investment. I'm aware of the financial uncertainty in the world, but I'm more aware of how my services can greatly impact a person's life dramatically and positively.

I think of 30 minutes and my body contracts. I think of 60 minutes and my body opens. I think about my Audio Reads and my body opens. I reflect on 60 minute readings with my clients and I see the potential of a reading flourish while 30 minutes are just...quick. Readings really do fly by and I feel like new clients who book just 30 minutes aren't able to get what is waiting for them if the sessions were doubled.

Could it be new clients can only schedule 60 minutes and previous clients have the option for a 30 minute reading? Possibly...but that still doesn't feel just right.

A morning of reflection. I may make a decision soon. The Eclipse is happening in 2 days and it'll occur in my 2nd House so this morning's invitation to ponder aligns with the Stars influencing my chart.

What if...what if I choose to act on these reflections to offer my best to those who sincerely ask for my help?


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