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Your Conditioning & Your Potential! Active Meditation's Fire.


Uploaded 3-23-22

How are they? Wizards. So this transmission is directly from my biking session, which just ended moments ago. And this is about your conditioning and your potential. So as you may already know, I do cardio in the morning pretty much every morning because that is my active meditation. That is my meditation. And what we're streaming in while doing that was something that I think that you can take away from it, incorporate it into your life. So your conditioning and your potential, your potential conditioning potential and conditioning potential. And so when I do cardio, right, I went from elliptical at the gym, but then I decided to get a bike because I didn't want to wear a diaper. When New York dictator read, a reporter did X, Y and Z. So I got this bike and I'm so glad I got this bike because I can do more of my active meditation. Right? And okay, so when I do these cardio sessions, this active meditation, I get my face. I am sending energy through my chakras. And this is an active experience.

And we all I start with my root chakra. And the root chakra, if you're familiar with it or not, contains like your tribe the earthly relations here regarding your framework, the foundation of your life, your conditioning is really, I feel like, stored in your root chakra. And when you start setting energy into that, right, right when you start your meditation, you're going to be flooded with memories and thoughts and that which was stored and asked to be cleansed and released during your active meditation and your cardio session. So it's almost like you're breaking open the pixy stick and all the the dust, the sugar is escaping, and then you need to clean it out. So when you're doing this active meditation, this process, right, with cardio specifically is you are then immersed within those memories that were of your conditioning. And there's no escaping. It's just you and your conditioning and your potential. And you are then creating that sacred space while putting your body on autopilot to stimulate the transformation fire.

The transfiguration, the transmutation, because your body's starting to burn up that energy. So we had the physical component of your body literally, you know, doing its thing, pumping blood. Then you have the emotional and mental and spiritual components of that root chakra, allowing your conscious mind to be flooded with that which was stored and was potentially running the show. In your subconscious mind that you are having the puppeteer, the puppet strings, be realized in your conscious mind, and you will be then graced with whatever wants to present itself that you are ready to attack, to battle, to slay with your sword. And you keep going up, right? And then you go to your orange, the yellow and the green, the solar plexus, the Sacro Sacra solar plexus is my heart throat. I do my ears. Third, I crown and a and then send it down. And I do believe that a lot of people don't like doing cardio because they are faced with their conditioning and their potential. Because your body is releasing and then you have more than one body. You know, through the low frequency control program, we are consumed with the false perceptions of our perception trap.

The perception magic, the black magic to keep us believing is just the materialism which you most likely are already aware of. So as you do this right and you keep going up and it doesn't happen like that, it's a good 40, 45 minutes of you engaging with us and you start working within your flutter in whatever memory surfaces of your conditioning, and then you are then challenged with being consumed by your conditioning or realizing your potential. So in that moment you are then to become an observer and observe whatever memory of this is that is happening, and either give your inner child that love that it needed at that time, or even maybe your adult version if it's a recent memory or in your adult years. And then you are to realize, okay, if I really go through this conditioning to break it through, to pierce the surface, then I'm realizing more of my potential and I'm actualizing more of my destiny that my soul planned out as a potential for me to realize in this. Experience. So wizards active meditation specifically cardio is my. Choice. And I think you may like it or not. May like it or not. You know, it's up to you. But we have to get into this daily practice of not allowing our conditioning to consume us. We are too cold right through it, pierced right through that storm and then have the sun pierce through the storm clouds of our potential. And then that energy is transmuted.

And you feel wonderful. Like for me what came up was an aspect of how, you know, really I was in that emotional mental trauma of having to or being plugged with this need to condition to the hive mind of how my likes and dislikes my preferences be on that hive mind. And I was just like, holy shit. I didn't realize that particular aspect of me was plugged into from my childhood, from the low frequency control program. And then I became I became more of my true essence going through that conditioning and realizing that shining light on it, destroying it, transmuting it. And I feel so relaxed because I have the physical component of, you know, endorphins and my body movin. You know, I had the mental, emotional components of and spiritual of that illumination and the the ray piercing what was in the invisible bodies that my physical eyes cannot see, but my third eye can. Your conditioning and your potential. It's just you and you during this. Practice. Enjoy daylight wizards.

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