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This circle is intended to provide you with the foundations of Psychic Self-Defense and a baseline understanding of what I call the Low Frequency Control Program. This circle will explain the mechanisms designed to divorce you from your Soul/Essence and your Psychic and Mediumistic abilities so that you can combat the Dark Forces. We will touch upon the 3D mechanics which are an extension of the unseen, however, we will not truly be investigating those constructs.


We will dive into the dark strategies laced within our reality to hijack our consciousness so we are not realizing what it truly means to be a hue-man. Knowledge is the best defense against mind control / societal conditioning. When we are aware of the constructs then we can move with the Divine to truly tap into the Higher, Creative Intelligence.


I’ll review practical Psychic Self-Defense strategies which you can use in your everyday life. You’ll receive the knowledge of how the dark forces attempt to destroy our use of our imagination and to encourage our logic mind to become cancerous so that psychic and mediumistic abilities cannot be perceived by the human.


Understanding our Mind Tool and how we must use our Psychic Antenna healthily so that we are not overrun by dark forces desiring to use our unhealed wounds as an entry to our mind/body/spirit complex. A framework of the intuitive downloads which are meant to be honored through an experience that is of neutral emotion.


This circle will also detail the Hollywood castings to perceive Psychic and Mediumistic abilities falsely and the exaggerated illustrations of possession. We will identify the layers and undercurrents within our reality so that we discern truth from fiction. Realizing that not every ill thought is from the dark forces so we do not descend into paranoia nor blame every challenge on an external dark force.


The power of the Heart will allow us to perceive ourselves as triumphant beings designed to conquer this inversion by embodying Light, Truth, Love, and Discernment.


We will have 2 hours together for the lecture followed by a Q & A. This circle is for those who know that we are born into an Inversion and that we must all individually transmogrify the undercurrents of the Low Frequency Control Program within us so this alchemized energy will broadcast into the collective.



*What is Psychism?

*Thought Injections

*Define Low Frequency Control Program

*Hollywood Myths & Misperceptions

*Entry Points for the dark forces to hijack our consciousness

*Baseline 3D expressions of the dark forces

*Practical Psychic Self-Defense strategies

*Combat the LFCP by anchoring into the Heart

*Discern the thoughts you Manufacture versus Receive

*Imagination is Everything

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