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Psychic Wiring
Archetypes & Patterns of the Psyche

1.5 to 2 Hours | $275
Recording & Transcript are Included

Psychic Wiring Follow-Up Session

This is for my clients who would like to have another session to work further through what was discussed in their previous Psychic Wiring and to explore deeper.

1.5 Hours | $200
Recording & Transcript are Included


1. Unconscious: Patterns of the Psyche

2. Harmony: Rectify & Guidance

3. Optimal Path: Precognition & Potentials


Psychic Wiring is a service to assist you with Illuminating Archetypes and Patterns housed within your Unconscious that are scripting your Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions within your Conscious Mind as you operate your day to day experience. Shining Light onto the Undercurrents of your Subconscious Mind will shift your perceptions to assist you with creating Positive Changes as you align more with your Optimal Path. Every experience and belief submerges into your Unconscious and influences how you engage with your Life. It is imperative that we begin to peel back the layers of what Drives our Being so we can shed what is not serving us and install the Psychic Wiring that leads to a fulfilling life in alignment with Soul/Spirit.

I will enter into a meditative state to record my initial impressions prior to your session. This will be the spine/foundation of your Psychic Wiring session. We will move through my notes while I receive more information to share with you throughout your session. 

This is a Coaching session. It is interactive and you are to engage with me to discuss, excavate, and to peel back layers. As you and I discuss the information, I will also receive more information to relay back to you.

I will use my Psychic Skills to mirror a reflection of the Undercurrents that are Wiring your Present Day Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions. The Archetypes and Patterns will formulate in my Psychic Antenna through symbology and other psychic senses to assist you with Reclaiming your Free Will. This process will resemble my Standard Readings so I encourage you to read The Experience page for greater detail on my skills.


"Eye-opening, enchanting, and profoundly personal—these words merely scratch the surface of the transcendent journey I embarked on with Jake. As a client for nearly half a decade, I'm no stranger to Jake's innate talents, however, this Psychic Wiring experience was by far the most powerful session I've had with him to date.

This session not only unlocked the doors of my consciousness but allowed me to dive deep into the intricate layers of my psyche that have long held me back from birthing a project that will allow me to give my gift to the world. With Jake's guidance, I connected to my hidden fears, thoughts, recurring patterns, and past experiences that have quite loudly bound me for years. By making these connections, we were able to explore ways for me to transform those fears and negative recurring patterns into sources that will ultimately bring forth beauty, love, passion and fulfillment. 

To anyone who is ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment as well as create true, positive change in their lives, I wholeheartedly recommend allowing Jake to guide you through this transformative process. It's intimate, it can get uncomfortable (in a beautiful way) and you may even shed some tears, but the profound impact it could have on your life's trajectory (if you do the work and allow it) is remarkable."


We will work together with the information I receive and relay to you to identify the Archetypal Expressions, the Patterns, and the Subsequent Drivers operating in your Total Psyche. The information will be comprised of Evidential Information to alert you that I am in your Energy Field. Evidential Information regarding your Past and Present as well as your thoughts and beliefs about Future experiences.

What will Emerge throughout your Psychic Wiring session will align with my intention to connect to the Highest Truth, Wisdom, and Love of the Universe. Your session will unfold at a rate that is psychologically comfortable for you as we are encouraging your process to know yourself deeply.

A process of revealing your Golden Talents and Harmonious Expressions of Patterns.

I will receive Strategies, Suggestions, and Guidance to help you install new Psychic Wiring so that your Goals, Dreams, and Aspirations are accurately translated into your everyday Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions. I will also receive information about potentials and possibilities that may emerge through Predictive/Precognitive Work if you were to dedicate yourself to installing new Psychic Wiring.

Mediumship may occur throughout the Psychic Wiring session. Your Loved Ones may wish to join our session to provide encouragement, messages of love, and to help you align with your Optimal Path. I believe that Spirits will certainly join if aspects of the Undercurrents within your Unconscious were created in connection to your Loved Ones' transition to the Spirit World as well as their lives while in the physical world.

The Psychic Wiring Service is ultimately about assisting you with aligning with your Optimal Path and to Reclaim your Free Will so you begin the process of Freeing yourself from patterns that operate within your Subconscious Mind.

Please allow up to 2 hours of time for your Psychic Wiring.

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