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Skill Discovery

1.5 to 2 Hours | $275
Recording & Transcript are Included

Diving for Treasure


Skill Discovery is a service to assist you with diving deep within yourself to realize your latent skills and talents so you may develop them to share with the world. I will relay to you what I am receiving as we submerge within your energy field to retrieve treasures that are waiting for you to cultivate. The blocks that are causing resistance will illuminate so you can examine what is slowing down your ability to hone in on your innate skills and talents. This is a service for you to feel empowered. You will emerge from a Skill Discovery session with the strategies to help you dissolve resistance and to act on the insights.    

I will enter into a meditative state to record my initial impressions prior to your session. This will be the spine/foundation of your Skill Discovery session. We will move through my notes while I receive more information to share with you throughout your session. 

This is a Coaching session. It is interactive and you are to engage with me to discuss, excavate, and to peel back layers. As you and I discuss the information, I will also receive more information to relay back to you.


I will use my Psychic Skills to mirror a reflection of your treasures that are waiting for you to nurture. Skill Discovery sessions are intended for clients to reunite with an aspect of themselves. You may be surprised at what is revealed to you. You may receive information that is unexpected, but it will invoke a curiosity within your Spirit to explore. This service is not focused for psychic and mediumistic skills - it is for the entire spectrum of human expression. 


We will work together with the information I receive and relay to you to identify your Treasures. The information will be comprised of Evidential Information to alert you that I am in your Energy Field. Evidential Information regarding your Past and Present as well as your thoughts and beliefs about Future experiences.

What will emerge throughout your Skill Discovery session will align with my intention to connect to the Highest Truth, Wisdom, and Love of the Universe. 

I will receive Strategies, Suggestions, and Guidance to help you to act on the information because you will finish your session with the encouragement necessary to dedicate yourself to honor your treasured skills. I will also receive information about potentials and possibilities that may emerge through Predictive/Precognitive Work if you were to dedicate yourself to honoring your unique template of talents.

Mediumship may occur throughout the Skill Discovery session. Your Loved Ones may wish to join our session to provide encouragement, messages, and to help you align with your Optimal Path. 

The Skill Discovery service is ultimately about assisting you with aligning with your Optimal Path and to Reclaim your Free Will so you begin nurturing your unique skills while discarding the resistances.

Please allow up to 2 hours of time for your Skill Discovery.

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