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I record videos with the intention to empower, share knowledge, discuss my experiences, and invoke Light to my audience. I use my intuitive capabilities of broadening my awareness to connect with the higher aspects of self and my Team of Light as a medium to channel information. It is important for my audience to upload a high frequency into their being by identifying the anchors to the lower frequencies and the control mechanisms that are dissipating as we are collectively and personally birthing Heaven on Earth. We must remember our power as individual expressions of the Godforce and to know the Light and Dark Forces of existence. Knowledge is power.


-Weekly & Monthly Forecasts

-Psychic & Mediumistic Abilities


-Power of Perception


-Low Frequency Control Program

& more

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Monthly Forecast: August 2021

Weekly Forecast: 8/1/21 - 8/7/21

Do you have a specific question about a transmission? Send me an email! I review them once a week at minimum and I would love to have a sincere interaction regarding a recording.