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How To Prepare

Thank you for considering scheduling a reading or for selecting the date/time of your purchased reading! I appreciate all my clients, their time/energy, and for their ability to truly see the value in the genuine psychic and mediumistic arts. I encourage you to review this page so you can learn how best to prepare for a reading.


View this as the guidelines presented to you to maximize the potency of your reading. I’m going to use the analogy of a surgical procedure. You are given the percentage of a successful procedure coupled with guidelines for you to follow to ensure a greater success rate. It is best for you to establish an energetic and logical foundation of this work that is not skewed by misperceptions and the lies broadcasted through all forms of media along with those who are capitalizing on a person’s ignorance. This work has been distorted and occulted so people do not understand the value and truth of what a psychic and/or medium can provide to those who desire help.


I intend to share my knowledge of the genuine psychic and mediumistic arts, gained through many years of experience, to inform you about your own intuitive instrument and the reality of what it means to be a human being.


It requires courage and trust to schedule a reading with me because you are jumping into the unknown by relying on faith and a healthy logic mind that understands the information woven throughout my website.


1. Read The Experience Page & FAQ


I link The Experience page throughout my website because I want you to be informed about what you are purchasing while providing you with a page for frequently asked questions. I do not have the time to give you an eight-hour long lecture prior to your reading so I only give a five-minute speech before the reading begins. The Experience page will provide real examples from readings to instruct you on the dynamics of the psychic and mediumistic arts.


2. Have An Open Mind


This work challenges consensus beliefs and programming/conditioning engrained in the human species. The human psyche is very delicate, and it is my intention to help people with my skills which I developed since 2009. All that is required of you is to be curious and to desire the reading. To be open to the experience. Your willingness to engage with scheduling a reading as well as reviewing the information presented to you will open your Energy Field.

Humans have an energy field because we are energetic beings. The Hidden Sciences and Ancient Mysticism provides the information to further exemplify this truth. When you begin your reading with an open mind and a sincere desire, your energy field expands which creates an ease of flow between our energy fields. Your energy field merges with mine and filters through my Mind Tool.


A closed mind, severe skepticism, pride, arrogance, etc… contracts your energy field. This blocks the flow of information and dampens the potency of a reading. The percentage of accuracy will diminish.


I gave hundreds of readings throughout my journey developing and sharing my abilities with others. My healthy logic mind understands the mechanics of psychic and mediumistic abilities married with Evidence which illustrates the guidelines to ensure a great reading.


Please remember that I do not want to waste your time, energy, and money – I want to help you.

3. Environment 


I suggest for you to set up a space that is quiet where you are alone during your reading. When we apply the Evidence of psychic and mediumistic abilities, we understand that humans are affected by energy as well as distractions. I hope that you would like to get the most out of your reading which means you will do the necessary preparations to ensure an environment conducive for the best experience possible.


4. Refrain From Substances


I highly recommend that you do not use alcohol/drugs prior to your reading. Substances disrupt your energy field and cognitive functioning which will lessen the potency of a reading. Concerning mediumship, many people died due to substance abuse and I observed how certain spirits will not join a reading if a client is under the influence. This is also out of respect to those who died from substance abuse, the families, and yourself.


5. Healthy Logic Mind

Understand that your healthy logic mind will emerge as you engage with a reading and review my website/demonstrations. I continue to do this work because of the Evidence and that this is a repeatable, reproducible service. Your logic mind is required to formulate the information into your linear time because, as you know from reading The Experience page, that visions are not bound by the constructs of time.

6. Psychic: List of Questions


I recommend writing a list of questions that you would like to receive insights, discoveries, and potentials. Formulating these questions will create a nucleus of energetic data comprised of potentials realized in your conscious awareness and housed in the unknown. A reading is your time to use the tool of Psychism. It is in my hope that your questions will arise in my mind tool without you having to ask me, but I always leave time for you to ask me your questions if they did not come through me. Questions anchor your intentions into what can express through our merging of energy fields. Truly ask yourself why you would like a psychic reading.

7. Mediumship: Reviewing Identities


If you are scheduling a reading that is solely mediumship or includes mediumship, I recommend for you to take time to review the identities of those who are no longer housed in physicality. Everyone has a Star Person they would like to join the session. I observed the high likelihood of the Star Person connecting, however, there are other spirits that may join along with spirits that are connected to another person in your life such as a friend. The medium does not control which spirits join the session, but I do strive to connect you with who you wish to hear from through me. Also, there may be instances when you cannot claim a spirit whether it be that you are forgetting and/or the identity will be revealed to you at a later time.

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