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About Me


Below: Me in 2013 prior to embarking on my internal transformation.


For over a decade, I developed my psychic and mediumistic abilities so I may share them with others. I learned through the hundreds of readings I've done that we are multidimensional beings that incarnated into this realm with a purpose. Nothing is by chance and there are no coincidences. 

My abilities are to mirror your intuitive potential for all that I can do is housed within every individual. We have more power and potential to change the world than we ever were taught. I am passionate about spreading esoteric and higher dimensional knowledge so the individual can understand their true nature as a sovereign entity born from the original spark of the Light. 

It took me many years to understand how my abilities operate which led me to construct a new paradigm that permitted this truth to exist. We are the GodForce and we are capable of creating the world of Light that we all desperately wish to be in existence.

At thirteen year’s old, my mother passed away suddenly which left me battling with grief and an unhealthy lifestyle. I decided to consciously shift my life’s trajectory by learning about the importance of incorporating healthy habits to strengthen my emotional, mental, and physical bodies. This helped me move through the grieving process gracefully by honoring the love I had for my mother and the growing love of myself.

My reliance on my intuitive downloads lead me on a journey to research and discover the human potential of psychic abilities. My awareness expanded at age eighteen when I studied at college. The environment supported and nurtured my intuitive skills so I may begin to deliver messages from spirit. My physical transformation of tremendous weight loss due to an alignment of mental and spiritual disciplines taught me the power of focused intention with inspired action to manifest desired outcomes. Mediumship then blossomed into my conscious awareness through years of actively using my abilities.

I invite you to allow me to share my truth so I may assist you with your life's path and to be the voice for your loved ones residing in the non-physical. These abilities are to prove to you that you are loved, you are guided, and you are much more than this physical body.

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