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Psychic readings focus on your life’s path, the momentum of energy you are generating, and information stored within energetic data comprised of your Past, Present, and Future. Information received then relayed to you will mirror my intention to connect with the highest truth and wisdom of the Universe. It is my intention to illuminate the energy contained in your field to align you with your Optimal Path while also reviewing the topics/questions you would like information about. An Energy Forecast for a select time period(s) validated by Evidential Information.


Mediumistic readings are to establish evidence of consciousness existing outside of the body. To create a new form of a connection between you and those who are no longer encased in physicality. Mediumship involves Spirits relaying Evidential Information to confirm their identities, express their personalities, discuss events that occurred since they transitioned, to share messages, and more. They wish to let you know they are with you as you navigate your life's path.

Other Services

Audio Reads are audio recordings I send to you comprised of psychic information. These are quick services designed to answer 1 or 3 questions and/or provide you with an Energy Forecast. You may select more than one type of Audio Reads.

Psychic development coaching to assist with expanding and understanding the subtle senses.

Clearings are to unlock the potential stored within a physical structure.

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