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Jake is the real deal and by far the best reading I've ever had by anyone. My mind in blown! He brought up images from what I remember as a child, the feelings associated with them and literal places that represented family members. Go in with an open mind and allow the process to take form and flow in whatever direction it needs to. Jake brought up the image of a potted plant, moving from one place to another.. a symbolic image. If you know... you KNOW!! LOL

-Linda (Raw Mediumship Demonstrations #2)

Jake is the real deal and i would recommend him wholeheartedly! he is fun and very personable.

-Lynn (Raw Mediumship Demonstrations #1)


The psychic development session with Jake Vanek is like having a mentor that the inner intuitive child always needed but didn't have the support for growing up. Vanek created a safe space to "play" with psychic reading. My inner child couldn't help but peek-- beaming with joy at the opportunity to discover "magic" with someone there that truly sees her and can pull her out of her hiding. I was in total shock and awe that my "psychic antennas" are indeed working and verifiable. Each confirmation kept building up my confidence. I never knew I had mediumship abilities... Although this not the first time I explored psychic development, this is the first time (and first session with Jake) where self-evident capabilities came to the forefront with such little resistance. It feels symbolic of a lot of healing progress I made (and received help with) over the years that allowed this session to flow with ease. Plus Jake was such a fantastic guide providing enough clarity and encouragement along the way that it made the whole session fun and enjoyable. I am thrilled and excited to continue practicing.

-Lena (Psychic Development Session)

Jake is incredibly talented as a psychic medium and as a teacher of this work. He is extremely knowledgeable and has studied and embodied this work so deeply. I trust his skills and the way he speaks and delivers the information is magnetic and easy to understand. I would highly recommend receiving a reading or better yet, learning from Jake to develop your own skills as a psychic/medium.

-Olivia O. (Psychic Development Circle)

Jake is a great teacher. I felt welcomed and like it was a safe space to explore something I hadn’t before. I learned a lot. I feel like he has a great depth of knowledge, and I’m grateful he’s willing to share it.

-Julia Scott (Psychic Development Circle)


Jake Vanek is an intuitive healer and psychic medium of the highest integrity. He obviously loves what he does—and it shows! He is a passionate teacher and is completely engaged with the process of sharing his knowledge. Jake is so encouraging to newbies who may feel unsure and anxious—and is 100% present and totally invested in each student’s progress. I love that he condensed more than a decade of his experience into a simple outline for the beginner to explore the process of psychic self-discovery in a safe group setting.

-Pamela Wible (Psychic Development Circle)

Though I was a little hesitant about having a professional psychic/mediumship reading, I feel fortunate to have found Jake to read for me. He shared details about my loved ones that no one could have guessed and confirmed many suspicions about the deaths of these loved ones. Jake also provided invaluable insights for challenges I am facing. Also, he is so very personable, heart-centered, present, engaged and accessible during his reading. I cannot recommend Jake highly enough!!


I highly recommend this circle if you are interested in Psychism. If you are anything like me and want to learn but are doubting your abilities, this is the right person and place for you. This is a super safe setting where you will be lead down the path of learning to trust yourself and your mind tool! I have so much more confidence now and am looking forward to what is next!

-Deb (Psychic Development Circle)


Jake is the real deal. He takes his time and makes connections you may not even be aware of. It is therapeutic and helpful for self-awareness.



So amazing Jake's talent is and that he is willing to share it with us.  The group and I were so grateful to have Jake's patience with 8 of us and he took his time and didn’t brush anyone off.  I am so very grateful that Jake is here for us and the connection to our loved ones.  


Readings with Jake are like a therapy session.  Reviewing lessons and receiving hope for the future.   It’s a reminder to slow down and be still-listen for the messages that spirit and loved ones are trying to share.   Readings with Jake never disappoint.   I replay them often and notice new things that have happened that he mentioned in readings.


Receiving a reading from Jake gave me a sense of confidence and affirmation in my life and my future’s potential. Jake has a gift to help people by guiding them on their life’s journey. Jake and I covered a lot of ground in an hour long phone session. He helped me to gain perspective about big changes occurring in my life. As soon as the reading began, Jake told me things that I knew to be true, and somethings that were difficult to hear, but that I also believe I needed to hear. At no point in the reading did I feel judged by Jake, or that any of his messages were coercive. I felt only lightness and trust from Jake, which is a testament to his talents. I would recommend Jake as a psychic medium for anyone looking for greater insight into themselves and for help figuring out what it you are meant to be doing in the world.

A friend referred me to Jake and I am so glad she did. He hit on so many things I needed validated, but what blew me away was the specifics he picked up on. A few days before my reading my father had gotten into a minor car accident- he picked up in this down to the type of car he was driving. I had also been waiting to hear back from a job opportunity for months. He kept saying there was a "C" name connected to this and the outcome would be positive. The very next day I received a phone call from a woman named Carol offering me a position! Not only was he accurate, but he was sweet and easy to talk to. I'm glad I got to experience his gift.


I reached out to jake because I was generally lacking direction in my life, I was overwhelmed and I wasn't able to find the answers in myself by myself. Throughout the reading, Jake provided me with incredible insights into myself and different relationships and circumstances in my life. Jake validated a number of things for me, and inspired me with a new perspective and sense of direction. Jake is incredibly kind and professional, at no point did I feel judged or misunderstood. Overall it was an incredibly inspiring and positive experience!


I recently had a reading with Jake and I cannot say enough good things about my experience! As soon as Jake started the reading I felt his message was validated. I got messages I needed to hear and I plan on using what we talked about to help better my life. Thank you Jake!


I have had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Jake. Wow! What an experience! He was able to give me my future path and tap into my loving family and friends that have passed. They were specific message that I would only know and so "real". I can't stop thinking about them and all of the details that connected me to them. His gift is amazing, it was an unforgettable and memorable experience!


I cannot thank Jake enough for sharing his precious gift with me and also the world. His reading was spot on and truly beautiful. I am still in awe after reading it several times. I feel he has given me such a wonderful gift. I shared this reading with a few close family members and they too are quite impressed. I look forward to working with Jake in the near future! Thank you so very much!


I have been going to Jake for readings for years and have always left happy. He is so authentic in his readings and in tune with his clients. You can tell that his work is something that he is passionate about but that he also cares deeply about helping others find spiritual guidance. He has been able to provide me with guidance in times of need and even once brought me to tears with how accurate he was. I recently got a Mediumship from him after years of being curious about this kind of experience. My grandmother passed suddenly years ago but he was able to channel her and provided me with names of relatives and references that made me certain that she is still with me. I will continue to seek out Jake for all of my psychic and medium needs for years to come.


Jake was very professional and proficient, as a skeptic of psychic mediums, I was a bit hesitant but Jake definitely made a believer out of me, he was mainly spot on and collective. His information he provided was thorough and genuine. I highly recommend Jake, maybe he too will change those skeptic minds.


Jake's readings have really helped me a lot. He has great insights into seeing clarity in things that would otherwise be chaotic. He not only has a gift reading people, but helping people understand themselves, which in turn leads to a healthier life. Highly recommend!


A beautifully unique experience like no other. Jake takes you on a journey through your own mind and brings to light the most intricate of details. The fluidity of his readings fully immerse you into the unknown world while making sense of it all. I highly recommend this amazing mind for anyone who needs guidance or insight through life, or for those who have had a loved one pass. You will truly appreciate every moment.

I have come to Jake for spiritual guidance a handful of times over the years. I recently got a reading over the phone after a long hiatus and I have to say, I was speechless. It is clear that Jake has a powerful connection to the universe and delivers its messages with knowledge and light. If you are skeptical, believe me, that will change after one reading with him. I can’t wait for my next one!


I would highly recommend Jake’s services to connect with the loved ones from your past. He provided comfort and healing to me, as well as, a validation that those we love who are gone are actually never far away at all


Jakes reading was phenomenal. For someone so young he is so insightful and mature. He delivers the divines messages with ease and confidence in his work. As someone who has experience with spiritual work and spiritual teachers, I think jake is definitely climbing the latter to be one of the best at what he does ! Thanking him so much for all he provided for me and my mother, he's definitely blessed!


I have turned to Jake for spiritual guidance for the over 7 years.  Tarot card readings in person and over the phone have all helped me tremendously.  I was skeptical at first, but Jake has proven repeatedly that he has a special and unique gift.  I use his daily messages as a reminder of the deep connections around us and go back to the personal readings for more intimate guidance.    His connection with the divine spirits and animal kingdom never cease to amaze me.  I highly recommend Jake to close family and friends.
– J

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