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Audio Reads

Audio Reads are intended to provide a service comprised of psychic information which will allow for a quick response to your questions and/or deliver you an energy forecast rather than you waiting for a scheduled reading. 

I added Medical Intuition and Spirit Communication (Mediumship) to the Audio Reads' selections on 4/16/24.

Please review the various types of Audio Reads and complete the questionnaire. You have the option to select and to combine Audio Reads into one complete package.

I provide an opening speech at the beginning of each of the Audio Reads. I highly recommend you read The Experience page to align your expectations and perceptions to the reality of how I can assist you on your life's path.

I will send you an email confirmationand the payment information once I receive the questionnaire. Payment is sent through either Stripe, Venmo, or PayPal. Payment is required prior to me completing the Audio Reads.

I created a Fiverr account for my Audio Reads in April 2024. I will be adding more of the Audio Reads Selections to Fiverr. 

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Lead Time: 2 - 5 Days

Audio Reads Selections

1. 1 Question - $30

-Approximately 5 to 10 Minutes

2. 3 Questions - $6

-Approximately 20 to 25 Minutes

3. Energy Forecast - $75

-General or Specific Intention

-Energy Forecasts are to decode the energy momentum you are building which is comprised of information about your Past, Present, and Future.

-Energy Forecasts are messages and themes which are most important to relay to you and they are encoded with a specific time period while also providing evidential information.

-Approximately 25 to 30 Minutes

4. Medical Intuition - $75

-Intended to review your Chakra System to examine the Imbalances and their Origins.


-Reveal the emotional-mental-spiritual influences which translate into physicality. 

-Past, Present, & Future Information which contribute to your Energy.

-Approximately 25 to 30 Minutes

5. Spirit Communication - $75

-A Mediumship Offering.

-I will relay all of the evidential information I receive from Spirit to provide evidence of consciousness existing outside of the physical body. 

-I cannot control which Spirit(s) joins the Audio Read. This will be aligned with my intention for this service to be for the highest good for all concerned.

-Approximately 25 to 30 Minutes

24 Hours Expedited Fee - $100

Inquiry Form
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Thank you!

Refund Policy

There are no refunds for this service.

By purchasing a reading with Jake James Vanek you agree that it is subject to your own interpretation. You understand that information you receive does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. Do not take the advice given in any reading in lieu of medical, legal, or professional advice. You also agree to not hold Jake James Vanek liable for any information that is received during a session and any action you take as a consequence of this reading is solely your responsibility.

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