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Human Beings are fields of energy, consciousness, projecting into this realm of existence. The energy leaves imprints on a property which requires regular clearing similar to a hygienic routine for the body. The energy residue builds over time and can manifest as physical, mental, and emotional disturbances. The negative energies impress on the emotional and thought processes by those who currently occupy and visit the space. It is imperative for property and business owners to bring forth Divine Love to recycle the energy so the occupants can feel peaceful and think clearly. Consciousness is not tethered to a physical body so there may also be an Earthbound Spirit focusing their attention on the location.

This service is useful for businesses, home owners, and real estate agents/brokers. Clean energy will positively effect the mental, emotional, and physical bodies of those within the space because their consciousness is directly influenced by the energy fields of other people and the physical structures/land. 


-Identify the root cause of a disruption and/or energetic depletion. 

-Sever the energetic chords of the negative attachments and bring forth Divine Love.

-Educate on how to regularly clean their space and to prevent negative energy accrual. 

Potential Needs for Service

-Energies of the past and present occupants will leave a residue on the property that requires severance of the chords latching onto the land.

-Stagnate, negative, and disruptive energy which accrues over time and it may manifest as Poltergeists (collections of thought forms).

-Earthbound Spirits attached to the property. 

-Lower Dimensional/Astral Beings that leech onto a space to feed on the negative charge. 


I will open my psychic and mediumistic abilities to receive information about the property. This will be similar to a personal reading in which the information will flow the same. I will move through the area and detail everything I receive. I may receive information for the client about their life as it pertains to the reasons for the service. A Spirit connected to the property and/or the client may join to provide messages for clarity and healing. I may psychically pick up on the energy of the current occupants and I may also receive information about the past for the location that is not revealed to the client at the time of the clearing. The higher dimensions will direct me and present information for the highest good, truth, and wisdom as done during a personal reading. If there is an Earthbound Spirit and/or Lower Dimensional/Astral Being I will do my best to uncover the reasons why there is an attachment and then bring forth Divine Love and Divine Strength to remove the entity. I will bring tools with me to cut the chords and I will burn sage to assist with removing the energies. The clearing will have an audio recording and a transcript that I will send to the client.


Please email me to inquire about a Clearing. My email is

Fees & Travel

-$250 for up to 90 minutes of the clearing. An additional $50 per 30 minutes will apply past the initial time frame determined. The initial $250 payment is required prior to your appointment.

-I will email a quotation for the service outlining the details followed by a confirmation if the application is accepted.

-Travel: Suffolk & Nassau Counties in New York

-I will email an invoice for payment. 

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