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Group Mediumship Readings

"So amazing Jake's talent is and that he is willing to share it with us. The group and I were so grateful to have Jake's patience with 8 of us and he took his time and didn’t brush anyone off. I am so very grateful that Jake is here for us and the connection to our loved ones."



Group mediumship readings are intended to connect the hearts and minds of those in physical form with those living in the higher realms. This offering allows for family and friends to share the experience of using me as a bridge to communicate messages and evidential information relayed from those in spirit. May you take this opportunity to create a new memory with loved ones who live on either side of the veil.

  • 3 - 6 People

  • Up to 1.5 Hours

  • Zoom or Your Location (Nassau/Suffolk Counties, NY)

  • Saturdays: 11am - 9pm

  • $50 per person


*Please note that not everyone is guaranteed to have a spirit come through for him/her during the group reading. I do not control which spirits present themselves. 

Please complete the form below and I will email you to schedule your reading. I will send you a confirmation and an invoice. Payment is required one week prior to the group reading. There is a no alcohol policy to respect those who suffered from substance abuse in their physical life as well as for their loved ones affected. The refund policy and disclaimer will also be included.

Your purchase of a reading includes an audio recording.


In-Person: I will bring a table for my laptop and microphone. I will arrive 30 minutes before the start of the reading so I may set up and to explain what mediumship is in order for the group to perceive this art accurately to get the most out of the reading.

Thank you!

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