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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Psychic and Mediumistic readings?


Psychic readings focus on your life’s path, the momentum of energy you are generating, and information stored within energetic data comprised of your Past, Present, and Future. Information received then relayed to you will mirror my intention to connect with the highest truth and wisdom of the Universe.


Mediumistic readings are to establish evidence of consciousness existing outside of the body. To create a new form of a connection between you and those who are no longer encased in physicality.


2. Are you a real Psychic Medium?


My life’s experiences informed me that I can receive impressions which are energetic data surrounding a person, place, object, and question as well as holding space for consciousness outside of the physical body to use me as a microphone to provide evidence that those in spirit are very much alive and aware.


In 2020, my mediumistic skills were tested through five double-blind readings that were scored with a rubric through Mark Ireland's Find A Certified Medium.

I launched a series on my podcast, The Light Wizards’ Bazaar, to demonstrate genuine, developed mediumistic abilities which are unedited compared to the computerized mediumship and false "mediumship" presented to you throughout all forms of media. I also record a separate episode to review the transcripts of the demonstrations to educate you on the mechanics of mediumship. I recommend listening to a few of the demonstrations especially if you did not come to my website based upon a referral.


3. How long of a reading would you recommend to book?


On October 28th 2023, I was guided to only offer 1 hour long readings. I feel like I do my best work in longer readings and you will have the opportunity to fully use the time to move through your questions and/or allow spirit to provide evidence. I find that clients who book shorter sessions desire more information than what can be given in only a half hour. 

I sincerely desire for my practice to help everyone who desires to work with me. Readings for 1 hour allow me the time to optimize the potential for readings to help my clients' lives. 


4. Will you be 100% accurate?


Any psychic and/or medium who claims to be 100% accurate is lying. I try my very best to explain the process on The Experience page of my website so you are aware of what you are purchasing. I will receive psychic information that are categorized as something you are consciously aware or it is unconsciously known. Just because I bring through information that is not understood during the session does not mean it is wrong. Many times the information could be forgotten, you may need to do research, and/or it has not come into your experience. The future is written in pencil so predictions made are based upon the current energy’s momentum. Sometimes I can misinterpret an impression, but there will be accurate and validated information received/relayed which will outweigh the misinterpretation. I am not a computer. My role is to bring through the information and you are to formulate and chronologically order the data into linear time.


5. Why should I read The Experience page on your website?


Readings are like a board game and you read the instruction manual before playing a new board game. I want you to get the most out of your reading and it took me many years to learn how/why information is received and its meaning. I guarantee that many of your perceptions of this work are contorted by myths, misrepresentations, and lies propelled by all forms of mainstream (and some alternative) media which are designed to blind you from the truth and reality of psychic and mediumistic abilities.


6. Why shouldn't I be afraid of a reading?


Information received and relayed to you will be psychologically comfortable for you. Readings are to marry my intention to help you on your life’s path. You should never be afraid of getting a reading by me or another developed psychic and/or medium. I do not sugarcoat the information I receive, but I will share in a compassionate and respectful manner. You will not be reliving your trauma nor receive information to disempower you. “Omens” (something “bad”) are something to prepare you for a challenging time and to assist you with navigating that terrain. I do find that when I receive information from your past regarding trials and tribulations it can be to assist you with perceiving the experience in a new way to help empower you. I would only receive information about a traumatic event in your past if you are ready and able to work through that energy. Please keep in mind that you have the power to shape your path and to act on the guidance relayed to you with evidential information alerting you that I am in your energy field. There are unavoidable circumstances in life, however, I will never receive a catastrophic event if that information will not help you. Sometimes I may receive glimpses of unavoidable events, but they'll come with instructions and strategies on how to traverse the dark night. Remember that you hold the keys to your destiny and you have the power to transmogrify all energy into a new form.


7. I'm skeptical. Is that an issue?

Healthy skepticism is encouraged! I wish for you to be skeptical and not just concerning psychic and mediumistic work - be skeptical about everything. Keep an open mind. The years I've been doing this work exposed me to the vast amount of fake "psychics" and "mediums" who are predatory and who wish to capitalize on your ignorance. I take my work very seriously and the loss of my mother educated me on the grieving process as well as the importance of demonstrating genuine spirit communication. 

I want to help you and skepticism will not destroy the potential for a reading to assist you on your life's path. However, Arrogance will diminish, even eradicate, the healing opportunities woven throughout a reading. Skepticism married with Arrogance and a severely Closed Mind will sever the energetics involved in a reading. I'm not here to waste your time nor my time. 

Just because you believe that you never experienced Psychism in your life doesn't mean that it isn't real. I know that you have experienced Psychism and it is just waiting to evolve and to enhance your life. Embody bravery to push through any cognitive dissonance and conditioning still actively lingering in your conscious and subconscious minds. 

Please allow a reading to reintroduce you to your Psychic & Art Mind. To illuminate your own intuitive potential and mechanism. To help you calm the over-emphasized, cancerous logic mind so that it can return to its natural state while allowing yourself to become whole-minded which is a balanced logic and art mind. 

Mediumship: Harmonize Expectations
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