Thank you for sharing your time and energy with me as you navigate this portal. It is my mission to share my psychic and mediumistic abilities with others to assist with humanity's organic, spiritual evolution and liberation from the dissolving control mechanisms. Our personal and collective journeys are guided by the Light of the GodForce to illuminate the anchors prohibiting us from accessing our creative potential so we can transform with Divine Love and Divine Strength. 

     My goal is to assist individuals by providing information for clarity, guidance, and healing. To decipher my client's soul energy through my lens of perception and to receive evidential information as a mirror to reflect humanity's intuitive abilities. A bridge from the unseen aspects of reality to be a medium to establish evidence of consciousness existing outside of the body.  




JUNE 21 - AUGUST 21 

20% Off

45 & 60 Minutes
Individual, Couple Readings

20% Off
Psychic Development


30% Off
Group Mediumship Readings


  • 6/22/22 | Added Resources page. 

  • 6/20/22 | Added 15 Minute Psychic Reading option.

  • 6/17/22 | Created the Blog page and posted entries.

     Are you feeling as though there is an untapped creative force housed within you wanting to release? Are you noticing that your awakening consciousness is propelling you to make the necessary changes to relinquish the anchors to your past? Has curiosity piqued your interest to experience a session with an intuitive? Are you ready to meet the GodForce's divine plan for a revolution driven by love, knowledge, and integrity?

     My services are designed to facilitate healing and to deliver accurate information through demonstrating an aspect of the human being that is returning to the collective consciousness. We are meant to transform our lives through extracting the wisdom from our experiences so we can courageously move forward in life knowing that we have the power to respond to the external world. 

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