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Thank you for sharing your time and energy with me as you navigate this portal. It is my mission to share my psychic and mediumistic abilities with others to assist with humanity's spiritual evolution. Our personal and collective journeys are guided by Spirit to realize our greatest potential.

My goal is to assist individuals by providing information for clarity, guidance, and healing. To decipher my client's soul energy through my lens of perception and to receive evidential information as a mirror to reflect humanity's intuitive abilities. A bridge from the unseen aspects of reality to be a medium to establish evidence of consciousness existing outside of the body.  

Professionally Tested & Certified


"Though I was a little hesitant about having a professional psychic/mediumship reading, I feel fortunate to have found Jake to read for me. He shared details about my loved ones that no one could have guessed and confirmed many suspicions about the deaths of these loved ones. Jake also provided invaluable insights for challenges I am facing. Also, he is so very personable, heart-centered, present, engaged and accessible during his reading. I cannot recommend Jake highly enough!!"


Psychic readings are to assist individuals with their life path by decoding a person's current vibrational output which reveals potentials that are realized in a person's conscious awareness as well as potentials lying within a person's subconscious which are not yet realized. Life path focused sessions are to illuminate your strengths to assist you with aligning with your Optimal Path. An Energy Forecast for a select time period(s) validated by Evidential Information.

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Mediumistic readings are to help people realize their connection with their loved ones who are now housed in energy form - to create a new memory. Mediumship provides glimmers of your loved ones' essences to support you on your journey.

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2024 Comprehensive Psychic Assessment is a thorough Energy Report of the Psychic Wiring woven throughout the upcoming year. A Consultation to provide you with the framework to optimize your potential to align with your Optimal Path so you may create a fulfilling life. An opportunity to fully immerse yourself within 2024's energy so you may take advantage of the opportunities that await your participation.

*Limited Offering* Ends February 29, 2024. Click this link to learn more information about the 2024 Assessment.

Skill Discovery is a service to assist you with diving deep within yourself to realize your latent skills and talents so you may develop them to share with the world. I will relay to you what I am receiving as we submerge within your energy field to retrieve treasures that are waiting for you to cultivate. The blocks that are causing resistance will illuminate so you can examine what is slowing down your ability to hone in on your innate skills and talents. You will emerge from a Skill Discovery session with the strategies to help you dissolve resistance and to act on the insights. Click this link for more information about Skill Discovery.

Psychic Wiring is a service to assist you with Illuminating Archetypes and Patterns housed within your Unconscious that are scripting your Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions within your Conscious Mind as you operate your day to day experience. Shining Light onto the Undercurrents of your Subconscious Mind will shift your perceptions to assist you with creating Positive Changes as you align more with your Optimal Path. A process of revealing your Golden Talents and Harmonious Expressions of Patterns. Click this link for more information about Psychic Wiring: Archetypes & Patterns of the Psyche.

"Readings with Jake are like a therapy session. Reviewing lessons and receiving hope for the future. It’s a reminder to slow down and be still-listen for the messages that spirit and loved ones are trying to share.  Readings with Jake never disappoint. I replay them often and notice new things that have happened that he mentioned in readings."


I created a Psychic Development Circle to provide the Foundations & Basics to develop your Psychic Abilities and to learn about your Intuitive Instrument. I recorded the presentation which is available to view for free.

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