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Psychic Development Circle

I created my Psychic Development Circle in February 2023 to provide my students with the Foundations and Basics of developing their Psychic Abilities. This is similar to a Psych 101 class - the information throughout the Circle provides you with the strategies and tools to assist you with your development. 

This Circle is designed for personal intuiting as well as beginning the process to read for people. 

To revitalize your Psychic Art Mind and to fine tune your Intuitive Instrument. 

I recorded the PowerPoint Presentation with audio. I read each slide and share more information by relaying what wishes to stream through me to you. The video is uploaded to my YouTube channel.

May you learn about your Intuitive Instrument to regain your birthright as a Psychic Being.

Psychic Development: Manufacturing VS Receiving

This free program will assist you with beginning your psychic training through a four week guide to construct a new mindset comprised of strengthening your discernment for examining the thoughts you manufacture versus receive so you can awaken to your mind tool's ability to receive accurate psychic information. 

Click the PDF button below for the program.


PDC Slides 1 -11
PDC Slides 12 -18
PDC Slides 19 - 30
PDC Slides 31 - 40
PDC Slides 41 - 47
PDC Slides 48 - 58
PDC Slides 59 - 67
PDC Slides 68 - 78
PDC Slides 79 - 86
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