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Psychic Development

90 Minutes | $250 | Zoom 
Recording & Transcript


     Psychic development is a crucial component to fully realizing our potential as a human being. The mysterious undertones of this taboo subject is gaining momentum in the awareness of the human species for it is time to remember our natural expressions of this experience. Regaining the knowledge of the psychic and mediumistic arts will evolve the individual and collective consciousness so that there is a baseline harmony as we all interact with the world and one another. 

     This service is for the individual wishing to expand into an awareness of the subtle senses interacting through our imaginative faculties. A desire for engaging with professional psychic work is not necessary for these basic tenancies will ignite greater innovation, creativity, and adaptiveness. Exercising the psychic muscle is as delicate and strong as with physical muscle training. Discipline, joy, and compassion will be the catalyst for activating these abilities more within the conscious minds of the individual and collective experience.

"The psychic development session with Jake Vanek is like having a mentor that the inner intuitive child always needed but didn't have the support for growing up. Vanek created a safe space to "play" with psychic reading. My inner child couldn't help but peek-- beaming with joy at the opportunity to discover "magic" with someone there that truly sees her and can pull her out of her hiding. I was in total shock and awe that my "psychic antennas" are indeed working and verifiable. Each confirmation kept building up my confidence. I never knew I had mediumship abilities... Although this not the first time I explored psychic development, this is the first time (and first session with Jake) where self-evident capabilities came to the forefront with such little resistance. It feels symbolic of a lot of healing progress I made (and received help with) over the years that allowed this session to flow with ease. Plus Jake was such a fantastic guide providing enough clarity and encouragement along the way that it made the whole session fun and enjoyable. I am thrilled and excited to continue practicing."


     Psychic development will infuse strategies to self-hypnotize so a person can adapt to a challenge with a higher perspective to extract wisdom and regain reactionary control. These senses will also signal impulses within neutral emotion for a data package of intuitive information that whispers against the loudness of the ego mind. 

     A person wishing to book this service should have a clear intention for their purpose of sharing our time together. Spirit will guide this session to activate the human's true, full potential. An eagerness and willingness to engage with psychic play is a must along with me sharing how I believe you may activate a higher expression of your abilities. This is to install the foundation for regular practice.

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     The time spent together is intended to assist you with familiarizing with how these abilities function and express through your unique soul-avatar matrix. I will share everything I receive throughout the session. Psychic play and engaging with your abilities are a part of the session! I will share my perceptions and impressions of your skills to help you understand why information may come through a specific way as well as applying my knowledge of psychic/mediumistic mechanics to your sensing. 

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