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Mediumship is not streams of 'love messages'

I am feeling this Scorpio Energy! Sun, Mars, & Mercury are transiting in Scorpio through my 8th house and they are passionately guiding me to speak honestly and directly concerning all matters of PSYCHISM. This brings me to Mediumship - the actual reality of Mediumistic Skills.

I was recently asked a question if I prioritize Evidential Information or Love Messages. These types of questions light me up with Scorpionic Fire!

Mediumship is to provide evidence of consciousness existing outside of the physical body via use of a Human's Intuitive Instrument. I've been offering professional Mediumistic Readings since 2018 and I can tell you that I never was bombarded from spirit with messages and messages and messages stating that spirit loves the client as well as other love bombardment themes. I can't even recall how many times spirits want me to let my clients know they love them. Maybe...less than a dozen?

Mediumship is about providing Glimmers of Loved Ones' Essences via the Intuitive Instrument. Hyper-Focused Clues. Fast, Fleeting, Subtle Impressions. Light also known as Information.

The Healing in Mediumship comes from the Evidential Information that is known and validated during the reading along with the days, weeks, months, years following a reading. Spirits want to let their loved ones know that their consciousness did not obliterate into nothingness and to show their "aliveness" by merging with the medium's energy field to play the Mediumistic Instrument.

I observe very minimal Love Messaging when I am doing a Mediumistic Reading for a client. Maybe...for every 10 Evidential Information Statements there is 1 Love Message. Is it because of my personality? Hmmm, I'm not too sure. I'm a loving person, but The Medium cannot control what he/she receives from Spirit. I schedule readings with other authentic, developed Mediums and they also are not just receiving streams and streams of constant love messages.

Mediumship is like Spirit Mathematics as well as Intuitive Arts. Threads connecting the Hyper-Focused Clues. Categorizing the Evidential Information into Known / Unknown. Having to become a Detective to find what the Hyper-Focused Clues mean that were not known during a session, but given more weight because of the information that was confirmed to be accurate.

The Medium's role is to be a Window of Light to the Unseen Realms as well as a Mirror of Humans' Intuitive Potential.

I recently was invited back to do a group reading at a studio that I love! I had 2 group mediumship readings done there. I bring my White Board named Hilda Spellman. I give a 5 to 10 minute opening speech to the participants and then I just allow Spirits to Impress upon my Field. The Spirit Mathematics and Divine Artistry then flows as I allow it since my day-to-day life is completely closed to spirit communication.

I replied to the owner of the studio how much I appreciate her for asking me back and the space is gorgeous and serene. My Natal Sun is in Cancer so I need to work in a space that makes me feel comfortable and secure especially when doing my work. I wrote her a paragraph using this Scorpionic Energy passionately expressing my need to dissolve the illusions of the fake-mediumship. She replied how she appreciated my ethics and she has listened to countless stories of con-artists and other snake-oil performances. That made me want to offer my services at her studio more! Integrity, Morals, and a Respect for the Sacred Art of Mediumship.

I recorded a video titled "Mediumship: Harmonize Expectations" because I feel like my biggest challenge is confronting the misperceptions and unrealistic expectations which were installed into society because of a laundry list of XYZ.

Mediumship is an Orchestration of Impressions received by the Medium from Spirit. Mediumship is a Tool that provides Light/Information. Knowledge is Healing and specific energetic bytes of data is the Sacred Art of Mediumship rather than endless nonsensical streams of love messages which do not occur during an authentic Mediumistic Reading.


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