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Readings: Board Game Analogy

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

I often equate the experience of a reading with a board game. An agreed upon list of rules to overlay onto the board, pieces, cards, and all other materials to create an experience in alignment with the intentions of the game's creators.

The above image is of the game "King of Tokyo" which my friends and I used to play regularly on Friday evenings. If you've never read the game's instruction manual...then these pieces and game board would just be bits of plastic and cardboard to you. If you played this game and understood the rules...then you'd be able to organize the set up and guide others through the process of playing the game.

Individual and Group Readings do require participants to have a healthy sense of the structure and the process of the experience. To know your role and the psychic and/or medium's role. To understand what is going to happen and how the psychic and/or medium may assist you as well as grasping the mechanics of psychic and mediumistic abilities. I do feel that group readings may be more challenging to participants if they never had an individual reading.

I find the PSYCHISM board game to be quite easy to play and the instructions are not difficult to comprehend. What makes readings more challenging than a standard board game is the conditioning from the external world influencing the participants' perceptions to expect an experience that is unrealistic to the reality of psychic and mediumistic abilities. This is why I am adamant about educating people on this craft so they can get the most value out of the experience.

As in every board game, there are new players that easily conceptualize the structure and the process so they are able to play a round without handicaps. Some new players need a few rounds to practice then they play the game easily. If a potential client knows the importance of aligning one's perceptions and expectations with the reality of what these services can provide...then the experience is at a favorable potential to make magic happen.

People wishing to hire a genuine, developed medium for a group reading must ensure that the instruction manual is understood so that every participant is in tune with their healthy logic mind working in unison with the medium's capabilities and the spirits. To know that the experience will carry over in moments following the reading. New discoveries and revelations. Realizing identities of spirits and/or information that was forgotten during the session. The instruction manual of the PSYCHISM board game clearly states the dynamics and complexities of psychic and mediumistic mechanics.

There is nothing more frustrating when playing a board game with participants who are unwilling to play according to the rules. Participants who will not shed their projections which overlay onto the experience. Playing with a person who declares that the game should operate based upon his/her desires or even fabricated rules. Especially with psychic and mediumistic work...there's more fuel to add to the fire of a participant's reactivity concerning temper-tantrums, complaining, and lack of respect for others.

The most important part of a reading is that you receive what is needed for your life's path. To enjoy the process. To integrate the healing energy. To restore your ability to ease into your Optimal Path. To receive guidance that is directed to what is asking to be seen so suggestions can be relayed to align with Self. It is also incredibly fun! I don't mean to discredit these sacred arts nor the reality of people's challenges, but the experience can truly be of great joy.

Readings aren't for those who intend to be entertained, but the joy of a reading is through the linking of energy between the psychic/medium, client, and spirit/energy.

You'll notice on board games that they have an age range along with possibly adding a level of difficulty. The PSYCHISM board game is for participants 18 years and older and I believe that I would give this an Intermediate level of difficulty. It isn't tough, but it truly does require your healthy logic mind to work in marriage with the imaginative, psychic, art mind.

A sincere desire to play and a willingness to challenge one's beliefs and perceptions.

The board game analogy is excellent and I intend to expand further on this topic. However, The Experience page is a great resource to understand the structure and the process.

A reading isn't for entertainment purposes, but I believe describing this work like a board game is one of the best strategies presented to conceptualize psychic and mediumistic readings.


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