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10/8/23 Newsletter: Symbology of Wedding

Good morning, Newsletter Light Wizards! Happy Sunday! Today is my boyfriend's brother's wedding so I'm eagerly anticipating being a mushy Pisces Rising since I can't help myself from tearing up during a wedding ceremony.

What does Wedding mean Symbolically? A commitment. A contract. Devotion. An agreement bound by Love.

I'm not married and I'm not saying that everyone needs to get married to Decode the Symbology of Wedding.

I feel like this is a great opportunity to examine all of your commitments, contracts, devotion, and agreements. Those with other people and with yourself.

Are you fully committed to your word? Have you gifted the other with your full attention? Have you allowed yourself to be fully committed to your LIGHT?

Let's also flip this around. What happens when the passion, fire, and energy fizzles out from an agreement? Would you not being honest with yourself be upholding the contract? Are you blindly moving through your day with a post-it-note on your refrigerator stating XYZ commitment with yourself, but you actually haven't put in the Love and Effort to uphold your agreement with you and you?

I hate the process of realizing that I'm using all words and no actions when it pertains to an agreement that I make with myself. When I blindly move through my day while there is XYZ that isn't receiving my attention. But! I then gift myself with the time to contemplate and be fully honest with myself.

Contracts do expire. There are new Contracts to be signed. Maybe this week there is a new Agreement waiting to be made and bound with Love.

Partnerships in business! We are actually about to have the Eclipse on the 14th of October which is actually conjuncting my Natal Libra Moon...oh lawwwd. This is the time of Endings and Beginnings. People get married during this time and people get divorced. People create new commitments with Self and people end commitments with Self when XYZ is not doing so well.

My August surge of cold emails resulted in a new agreement with a Center on Long Island that actually is where I met Laura Lynne Jackson! I didn't receive a response to my August email until Late September. So! You may not receive the rewards of your commitments right now, but they will show up down the road.

This week is a reality check and also a Magical Check. The Ebbs and Flows of Life. Things Dissolve and Things Manifest.

Where are you not fully Devoted to XYZ and where are you being drawn to fully Devote your time and energy?

Have a lovely week, Newsletter Light Wizards!

Sincerely, Jake


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