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4 Books: Synchronistic Thread

In late August '23, I finished reading two books by Stephen King and I felt drawn to read books written by those who are in my PSYCHISM field. I moved with the impulses which led me to Doreen Molloy, Mark Ireland, Allison DuBois, and Dr. Gary Schwartz. These four books synchronistically tie together and I'm going to unweave this knot.

I was pulled to review the mediums on the Forever Family Foundation's website which led me to Doreen Molloy. After reviewing her website, I saw that she was an author! I quickly purchased her book titled "Proof Positive: Metaphysical Wisdom". I very much enjoyed her book! Her detailing her journey and writing about the nuances and ART of mediumship. Doreen involved herself with organizations to test her mediumistic skills and one of the researchers was Dr. Gary Schwartz. I completely forgot about the Schwartz reference in her book until I began reading his book.

Mark Ireland's book was up next! I listened to his chat on the Skeptiko Podcast and this reminded me that he is an author. "Soul Shift: Finding Where the Dead Go" was a great read! I was unaware of his father's (Richard Ireland) work as a renowned psychic medium so that sparked my interest. More importantly, I found Mark's detailing of his journey moving through grieving his son who transitioned when he was eighteen years old. Mark wrote beautifully, eloquently, and enticingly. He returned to his father's work to learn how to incorporate Richard's teachings as he navigating grief. Synchronicity led him to get a reading by Allison DuBois! this is another key moment in my own Synchronistic Book Web so I bought Allison's first book immediately after reading the chapter she was featured.

Mark is also the creator of Find A Certified Medium so I feel even more appreciative of being tested by his organization and earning a certification.

Allison's first book is titled "Don't Kiss Them Good-bye". Another book detailing a medium's journey into her work. I was fascinated by her movement into profiling criminals since Psychic Investigative work is a huge passion of mine. 'Psychic Detectives' was/is one of my favorite shows! Her book took the reader into the stream that Life brought her to eventually work for Dr. Gary Schwartz. I had no idea that she was a 'lab medium'! I really did not know much of her other than the tv show 'Medium' which was based off of her life as well as her appearance on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I admit that I allowed that reality show to skew my perceptions of her. Before I read her book, I listened to her on a podcast discuss this show and this was important for me to understand the reality television realm's producer manipulation and XYZ. I feel so foolish, but I am a huge supporter of Allison now!

Mainstream Media (and some Alternative Media) is an arm of the machine to discredit authentic psychics and mediums. The MSM is a tool to continue to propagate the out-dated-incorrect paradigm that constricts the human species preventing access to Higher Truths and true Disclosure.

The Witch Burnings of Yesteryear never went away so I'm impressed by Allison's Strength and Courage to face the Fires. I greatly respect her and her contribution to this field.

The last book in this thread is "The Truth About Medium: Extraordinary Experiments with the real Allison DuBois of NBC's Medium and other Remarkable Psychics" which was written by Dr. Gary Schwartz & William Simon. As with the previous three books...I enjoyed it very much! His academic credentials and scientific mind speaks to my inner Mystical Scientist. I was unaware of his connection to Dr. Julie Beischel so that was a pleasant surprise! The book moves through his research, the experiments, and his strength to encounter unhealthy skeptics. His book references his work with Allison as well as Doreen!

Life tied these four books together for me to read. I feel motivated to continue my work. To hopefully join an organization to use me as a "lab medium". To assist humanity with this time of great transition as we all encounter the internal and external Lies, Pain, and Sorrows so we can make lasting, positive changes.

I highly recommend you read all four of these books!


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