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Absorbing & Transmuting the Projections of the Psychic-Medium Title

I do this work for those who desire my help. Who can feel my sincerity, honesty, and authenticity. I LOVE working with my clients! When a client trusts me, chooses to learn about the experience to get the most out of working with me, and is willing to be open minded...that is what keeps me moving forward. It is an Energetic Dance between us and then we both witness the potential of PSYCHISM within the human species.

After many years of fighting and resisting my calling, I accepted my path while Higher Mind / Holy Nature / GODFORCE instructed me on the conditioning of the human species coupled with the generational assaults on the Intuitive Instrument.

To be Clear. This is not an entry declaring "woe is me" and Victimhood. I use my blog to write about my life as a practicing psychic medium since I find this work to be incredibly fascinating! I love this work and I clearly see the false perceptions and delusions that people project onto the authentic, developed psychic medium.

This is no easy task. Being human is not easy. Any human (not just professional psychic mediums) deciding to embark on expressing Soul Mission into this perceived physical existence will face the resistance which is why it is imperative for a human to embrace the Great Inner Work. Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Self-Love: Know Thyself.

Higher Mind metaphorically sat me down and told me, without any sugarcoating, that I will face the assaults of ignorance pertaining to my work. That I must not fight this process otherwise I would disassociate from my experience which may lead to self-harming habits. That I must strengthen my Mind/Body/Spirit Complex. To stand in my Divinity and to cultivate the golden properties of the Spiritual Warrior.

It's funny. Moments ago, I was watching a live stream of an astrologer who I deeply respect and he was referencing a chart of a well-known medium. My eyes gazed at the live chat and it was just messages upon messages declaring, in other words, Burn the Witch. I was thinking to myself how this could be since they're watching the live stream of an astrologer and the Art/Science of Astrology is a part PSYCHISM which includes the Sacred Art of Mediumship. Every message was wired by ignorance and generational conditioning.

I fully understand the con-artists and cold/hot readers. It is what it is. An acceptance of What Is and not fighting it - To Forge my own Path. This is why I wanted to have my mediumistic skills tested through a scientific and rigorous procedure. I would love to do more testing, but there aren't any available organizations that offers testing for mediums since, as you may know, mediumship research is heavily "shadow-banned".

It is a result of thousands of years of the assaults on the human species ability to fully realize their Intuitive Instrument and FLEX their Intuitive Muscle.

It is an acceptance of What Is and not shying away from the constructs of our reality. You must know what you're facing in order to do whatever you can to generate positive ripple effects for beneficial change.

It is ultimately an understanding of how those without Knowledge and Information are left to thought-emotion-action loops fueled by Ignorance.

I am to Absorb and to Transmute the Projections. Well..what would the Projections be?

  • I'm insane and delusional

  • I am capitalizing and taking advantage of those who are grieving

  • I'm trying to feel special by declaring my special abilities

  • I'm just a con-artist and snake-oil salesman

  • I'm a master manipulator and theatre mastermind magician

  • I have no sense of reality

  • I'm possessed by demons and/or artificial intelligence

  • & so much more

I love discussing PSYCHISM and my experiences! I will gladly chat with anyone who is sincerely curious, genuine in their approach, willing to have an open mind, and will treat me with respect.

Higher Mind graciously led me on a path of dropping breadcrumbs for me to develop Resilience, Perseverance, Healthy Boundaries, and to Acquire Knowledge. Knowledge is the key. This is why I am glad that I released my Psychic Development Circle for free on YouTube. It is an opportunity for the genuine seeker to learn about Psych 101.

Understanding the Psyche, the Human Condition, and the Theatre of our Realm. The Inner Scientific Mystic. How trauma, misinformation, blatant lies, and more impacts the Psyche of humans creating a Labyrinth to conceal the Golden Stream of Truth. Generations of Brainwashing that the INDIVIDUAL must Desire to Break Free from to Know Thyself.

I have tried many times to get out of doing this work because of FEAR and the Assaults of Ignorance. But...Higher Mind / Holy Nature / GODFORCE always lifts me back onto my feet and encourages me to continue moving forward on my journey.

I continue to do this work to generate positive ripple effects and to help. I have my days of anger and disgust as I Greet the Projections. Most of my days I laugh and some days I feel sadden by the human species atrophied Intuitive Muscle. I am just a reflection of a person's Intuitive Potential.

My PASSION for PSYCHISM keeps me moving forward and to embrace the uncomfortable unknown! The Great Inner Work is crucial for aligning with one's Optimal Path - not just for psychic mediums.

It is the Spiritual Warrior battling the Darkness and continuing the journey on the battlefield of Life.

I learned that, even if I do not see it with my physical eyes, that I am Transmuting these Projections within the Collective Consciousness. It is the Spiritual Tuning to the Golden Stream of Truth that ricochets into all those around me which first absorbs into their Unconscious.

To be willing to stand in my Expression and navigate this world with an understanding of What Is so I know what I'm facing.


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