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Arrival, Jung, & Catching Fire

11/6/23 5:40am

I thought it'd be interesting to see the Transit Chart for the time I arrived in Yachats, OR. It was on 11/4/23 at 3:32pm which...the Transit Houses are just 1 degree forward compared to my Natal Houses.

I'd say that is something of significance!

My intention for this stay is To Augment, To Anchor, & To Understand.

Yesterday, and especially last night, was To Understand. I felt the Roaring, Crashing Ocean Waves gift me with a new Depth of Understanding. It was very Scorpionic. It was the Underworld without the cultural dictation that the Underworld and the Shadow are negative. The Deep Mysteries of our Reality and the Psychic Wiring woven throughout the Collective Experience and my Personal Experience.

Jung is tied to this stay. I brought one of his books (I forgot the name and it is on a table that I'm too lazy to get as I'm cooling down from my morning exercise) and I also brought Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss. Myss refers to Jung and Archetypes - Psychic Wiring. I was also gifted a handwriting analysis book that begins with a quote by Jung. Synchronicity.

Last night, I was watching Hunger Game's Catching Fire as I was bubbling in the jacuzzi. For some reason...I was drawn to watch the 1st Hunger Games movie a day or so before I left for this trip. Then, while eating a delicious burger from The Drift Inn, I was drawn to watch Catching Fire. I actually remember reading Catching Fire during the Winter Break in my Junior Year at college in 2011. I loved it and I see a new layer 12 years later.

I was journaling about my Catching Fire experience this morning at 4am. It was a Mirror and a tool to illustrate a lot of the To Understand insights that revealed itself yesterday. I won't go into everything that Reflected back to me, but I will share some insights.

I saw the Psychic Wiring of the characters in the Districts and the Capitol. I was actually surprised at some perceptions I had about the people who dwell in the Capitol. You'd automatically think of them as "bad" since they have all of the resources and do not have to participate in the Hunger Games. I initially thought that when I read the books (I didn't finish the third book) and watched the movies. But...To Understand provided a new lens of perception.

The Psychic Wiring of the people who dwell in the Capitol. I saw them as hyper-fixated on materialistic expressions. Hyper Make-Up and Clothing. I saw them as having to completely remove themselves from their Individuality to conform to the Capitol Mold. They couldn't emotionally process the state of their world and they had to divorce themselves from their Essence so they would not fully see the Evil of the Hunger Games and the System. They were to Cheer and to Mold to One State of Existence.

I realized many things and overlayed Catching Fire onto our world. I saw those who have more physical resources in our world differently. How...even though people may have an abundance of physical resources...that doesn't mean they are divorced from their Pain Body. That their Pain is invoked through other means rather than lack of resources. You could equate the Pain the same across all people, but the causes of the pain are different.

It was truly humanizing and intimately tied to an Empathic Connection to our Collective Species.

This then led to Psychic Wiring and to Jung. How it is our Subconscious and what is lurking in our Underworld that drives our Conscious Mind to influence our Emotions and Actions.

How the Great Inner Work is paramount at this time since the external theatre is a Mirror to our Personal and Collective Psychic Wiring.

Projections of our Internal Environment and a Call to the Great Inner Work.

This Arrival for this November stay is...a new Emergence of Self.

To Augment. To Anchor. To Understand.


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