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Carnies, Social Media Trash, & Ms. Cleo

July marks 7 months of me not having any presence nor interaction with Social Media...and let me tell has been such a GIFT to free myself from that mental prison. Healing my attention span, furthering myself away from comparison traps, and an immersion into more of my ideal state concerning my practice to become the Grandmother who reads you in her kitchen.

The state of the "Psychic" field has taken a Severe decline into a sea of perverted madness. People identifying with some star-galaxy-69 system so they can create this "spiritual identity" which divorces themselves from their humanness. People resorting to the "old world carnie tricks" that took advantage of innocent people who sought after intuitive services. Ungrounded, foolish depictions of Psychism while further cementing the Sacred Intuitive Arts into a carnival booth's side show.

I honestly don't blame people for their ignorance toward genuine Psychism. It is difficult to navigate this work if you're unaware of the actual, true psychic and mediumistic skills - how they operate and express within the human species.

People are smacked with exaggerated depictions of the Psychic Arts while also tricked by the Social Media hex to cripple the Sacred Intuitive Arts into a new form of "Ms. Cleo".

The "Pick-A-Card Carnies" and the resulting deliverance of "Fast Food" Psychism.

I recently had a client who thought about going on Tik Tok to do tarot card "readings" and I informed her that no one who has a genuine practice or is actually of Psychism respects nor pays attention to the "Pick-A-Card Carnies".

Psychic and Mediumistic Skills are as intricate, complex, and artistic as playing a musical instrument and creating a magnificent piece of art. It is a system of Spirit Math. It is an incredible and realistic expression of Humans' Intuitive Instruments.

Accurate information delivered that, in some instances, even can be perceived as someone being too accurate for it to be possible...but it absolutely is.

I've been around the block in my almost 33 years of this incarnation. I've worked at psychic fairs, restaurant readings, and I have been exposed to all of the "Carnies".

It is a Constant Battle to Fight the Misperceptions, Inaccuracies, Delusions, and Fast Food delivered to the masses concerning Psychism.

7 months off of social media makes me even more concerned about my Practice and those that I help with my skills because those who come to me had to find me somewhere and it wasn't nor isn't from social media.

My clients often tell me how they share their experience with me in their reading and those they share it with mock them. I realize that it is because the masses of people are continuously exposed, almost very propaganda-like, to the absolute trash that are bombarding social media.

Now I did podcasting for a bit, but my audience was incredibly small. Now that I'm done with podcasting I find myself basking in the sweetness of my Grandma-who-reads-you-in-her-kitchen Practice.

I never discuss my work with strangers. You would never know that I am a psychic medium. You may see my chakra tattoo on my right inner forearm, but many either think that is a gay-flag-symbol or just some strange symbolic language.

And yet...despite all of the social media trash and "Ms. Cleos" and "Pick-A-Card Carnies"...I find myself reflecting on how important it is to do this work with those who request my services even if the world is enveloped by the trash's propaganda.

Now don't get me started on the cynics, ass holes, and witch hunters who are hellbent on destroying the Sacred Intuitive Arts. I never realized when I started this work professionally that there are people who make it their lives to enact Darkness on the authentic practitioners of Psychism. "Trust the Science" ;) Oh lord.


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