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College: Energies Devouring Body/Mind

I peer into the past to examine my college years so I can learn from my mistakes and to learn more about myself as an energetic being. My latest entries focused on those years when I allowed myself to be devoured by the unhealed undercurrents of my unconscious. Now is the time to pierce into the energetics housed on the college campus and dormitories while analyzing my energy system through the lens of my psychic and mediumistic career. Diving into studying the accumulation of the swarms of energies, my choice to sour my body/mind, and the descent into my underworld.

If you are a reader of mine or a Light Wizard at The Light Wizards' Bazaar then you know it is the layers of influence that impact the energy of a human. To not blame one layer of influence as the culprit. To resist blaming an "entity" as a guise to divorce oneself from accepting responsibility for one's actions. It is the knowledge of the Craft that isn't reduced to a pre-school children's book. A profession and the work that is on the same level as surgery, cosmetology, astro-physics, and the like.

Binge drinking and consistent consumption of cannabis tore my energy field into a broken window ready for energies to invade. I was not aware of my heightened mediumistic skills - I was just emerging into PSYCHISM. An untrained/unaware encoded medium is at the mercy of energies until the medium stands in his/her Sovereignty to command his/her energy field. Darkness inflicts its ensnarement until the Light is broadcasted with the knowledge of one's Divinity. Understand that mediumship is Sacred and can be a wellspring of Light...but the Act of Mediumship is a consensual form of possession. The medium agrees to allow Spirit to enter the medium's energy field.

My energy field was destroyed. Consistent use of substances decays the shield of a human which allows Darkness to shackle a human with augmented thought/emotional patterns that are housed in the undercurrents of the unconscious until they are transmuted. I was ratchet, a mess, and a lifeless corpse compared to who I am on July 11th 2023.

The fraternities and sororities on campus were not housed in the typical housing you'd see in film or big schools. We just had a floor in a tower. A square of aisles with a bathroom in the middle and hallways for three rooms in the three corners. I lived on the floor from 2010 to 2012. 2013 I moved into an "apartment" that was in another dormitory on campus.

I do have to say that Freshman year was nothing like Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years. I wasn't taken over by Darkness by my acts to sour my potential. There isn't anything about Freshman year that I did not like compared to the other three years. I have to say that Freshman year was my favorite!

The campus was small, but beautiful. Old buildings lined with magnificent trees that I still remember all these years later. It was spectacular especially in the Spring.

With my 2023 eyes, I see that I was at the mercy of energies to augment my descent into what I can really see now as a form of madness. Madness that wove into a culture that accepted behavior that I could not imagine myself engaging with as an almost thirty-two year old man. The thought patterns urging me to divorce myself from my Optimal Path were augmented. Nudges to indulge in abusing substances were glorified. Impressions influencing my Mind Tool that I believed were of my personal desire - my conscious choice - rather than perceiving my unhealed trauma and Darkness as layers encouraging my self-destruction.

Living in small quarters in an old building on an old campus on Staten Island. I am built to be sensitive. I'm not using sensitive as an emotional sensitive person. Sensitive to energies that are physical senses are unable to perceive. The emotions and energy emitted from people's Mind Tools. A sea of energies that gravitate to the Antenna of a Psychic/Medium.

Psychics and Mediums are designed to integrate the energies of a space then alchemize/purify them just through navigating this terrain as a sensitive. However, when the energy field of a sensitive is ripped apart...well the energies create a torrent that swallows the sensitive until he/she is ready to Train.

The energy lingering within the buildings and on the land. The pain hidden away from the conscious mind of those I encountered. Consciousness divorced from Light who gleefully absorbed the frequencies of dazed and confused college kids. An orchestration of sourness tuned to the pitch of a horror film's score.

The Rituals performed by the members of Fraternities and Sororities who did not have the knowledge about the Occult. Rituals I participated in without the awareness of the rituals' implications on the dormitories, land, and the members' energy fields.

I feel like my college years were of me at the mercy of energies, and even malignant spirits, because I did not have the training that life provided me. I did not have the vocabulary nor the experiences to awaken my conscious mind to the seen and unseen theatrics of our world.

This entry is to instruct you further about how we are influenced by the sea of energies surrounding our being. Mediumship provides evidence of consciousness existing outside of the body along with how humans are influenced by the unseen. It is not just the tagline 'Love & Light'. Sensitivities who are unaware of their heightened perceptions are at the mercy of Darkness until they find the Golden Light. Darkness wishes for every human to not align with his/her Optimal Path by tagging into unhealed wounds with a playground of temptation.

Be aware of your energetic space. Be cognizant of your actions/choices. Know that you are in control and that you can command your energy field to align with your power as an expression of the GodForce.


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