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Demolition of Identity

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

I peer into the external world with an eye to see the symbolism threaded which heightens our internal world's demolition of identity. The severance to what we thought we were so we can embrace what is wishing to brith through us as we align with our power as an Instrument for the Divine. Using my physical eyes to see the bio-holographic world translate the energy of our species and the influences from architects without the compulsion to shut my eyes exclaiming "Ignorance Is Bliss."

I woke up with an urge to discuss my virtue signaling vegan days. I was vegan for four years and it was clearly a strategy that I unconsciously used to declare my specialness. That I'm for the greater good! That I deserve to receive the praise for my willingness to embark on a journey that is to save the world. My virtue signaling was subtle while occasionally posting images onto my Instagram trying to use the emotional responses of an onlooker to animals caged.

This Identity was fueled by a need to lead by my specialness with the unconscious interference within my emotions to usher in a new way of life on Earth. I was fooled and I accepted my foolishness once I snapped out of the puppet strings. My perceptions have changed and it is none of my business what a person does with his/her body. I learned that Health is so much more than what is laced throughout the broadcasting machines in text, video, audio, XYZ.

I see that I needed to journey down the virtue signaling vegan days so that I can see how easily it is for a person to accept a new idea that uses our emotions against us so we can create an entirely new identity. I was committed. As soon as I saw "Forks Over Knives"... I declared my new identity. Insidious, Subtle, and Blanketed with a Belief that I am better than meat eaters.

Darkness manipulates our emotions. You can akin this to a severe addict toying with the emotions of friends and family to siphon their resources to continue buying and using drugs.

I believe that we are at a point in our Collective Mind that the Divine is prying open our crusty, sleepy eyes to see the theatrics of the world as a Divination Tool so we can Divine the undercurrents in our Psyche. When 2020 began, I received a vision of a chess board with many moving pieces dependent upon the action of each individual. It helped me sigh with relief so I didn't have to think that the weight of the world is on my shoulders.

My psychic and mediumistic career illustrated the circuitry within a person's psyche. I followed the downloads to learn about trauma responses and the construct of the personality. Witnessing impressions birth in my Mind Tool that is validated the moment I speak as well as moments after the reading. Realizing that there is much more than meets the eye. I learned that many humans are just regurgitating the past onto their present which locks them into a defined future experience. The lack of Observation which further enables the Non-Free Will.

We are pressured, with compassion from the Higher Mind, to divine who we are beneath the conditioning. I witnessed how my life changed by my following of an intuitive download that streamed into my mind tool with neutral emotion and little words. Directions. I followed the directive and experienced that which was non-existent to my prior Android State of Being.

I think the remedy is for us to humble ourselves to the Higher Mind to realize that we have an incredibly tiny perspective housed within our tiny human mind. When we are engulfed by exaggerated emotion, we are blocked from the foresight to see through the fog. Recovering our energy to a state of neutrality is key. A neutral state enables us to connect with Higher Guidance and to allow the Higher Mind to lead us onto a new path.

This is the Demolition of Identity. To sincerely ask for guidance and to denounce identities that were constructed by falsities. A process that takes time, but the effort produces rewards that are outside of our known-reality.

The person that we walk by while food shopping could very well hold a piece of the puzzle to download a new invention. The person we hold the door open at 7-11 could very well be the person who is encoded to understand an ancient formula to add to our present calculations. The person we see in the mirror, our reflection, could very well be the person who is able to create positive ripple effects that opens new doors for all who are receptive to the Instrument of the Divine.


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