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Energies: You Are In Control

I observe that the moment a person schedules a reading, or if I commit to an event, that the Spirits greet my energy field so they can learn how to use me as a mediumistic instrument. They form a "cloud" and gather together with my life stream. I experience what could be labeled as "anxiety", however, my work taught me that this is just my energy field sensing energies.

It can be bothersome. Pressure on my chest. My thoughts are blanketed with beginning impressions. It feels like I cannot ground myself. You can check out the episode titled "Psychic Dojo #1 | Shaweij" at The Light Wizards' Bazaar for more details about this experience which I call Shaweij.

Yesterday, I committed to doing restaurant readings again just to expand the streams for people to find me and my work. As soon as I agreed to the event...Shaweij turned online at full force! I couldn't ground myself until I told them to leave me alone. That I am not available to work. That they must back off otherwise I won't be able to do my job properly if I don't get enough rest at night.

They listened.

I was firm. I declared that I am in control of the situation and that I do not give my consent to have my energy field impressed upon outside of work.

You can also apply this to those who are sensitive to Energies. Humans are more than meets the physical eyes. We are structured by an Energy Field that is comprised of information. You know exactly what I am talking about. When you enter a room and can feel the texture of a person who is in despair as well as a person who lights up a room. You can also experience this when you enter a home that is littered with the energy of an alcoholic or even a terrible fight between family members.

If you perceive and know yourself to be an Empath, or just sensitive to Energies, then you must create a Boundary. I recommend you move inward and declare that you do not consent to tune into these information fields. You can even create a ritual where you light a white candle and fold your hands over your heart to remember your Sovereignty and your ability to control the energetic situation.

The key is to know that you're able to enforce your Boundaries and your Intention will translate into an experience. You can even visualize a shield around your energy field or a dimming of your chakra system. You can even broadcast your awareness to Higher Mind / Team Light / GodForce to request assistance with establishing your Sovereign Boundary.

Once you experience your Control then you can apply it everyday of your life. You are not meant to be plagued by the energy of others, a space, or spirits. This is why psychic development is crucial for traversing this world as a whole-minded human. These experiences will continue to happen unless you ground your awareness into a boundary.

This knowledge assists you with anchoring in a feeling of empowerment. You will not need to search for answers outside of yourself as to why you are unable to function in a group setting.

Remember that you are built to be highly sensitive so that you can align with your Optimal Path to restore Life back to Earth. It isn't a blessing or a curse - it is what is. Regaining control of your energy and your psychic antenna gifts you with an opportunity to channel your sensitivity into productivity.

It can be difficult to begin this practice if you never consciously chose to establish this boundary. However, continuous practice strengthens your intuitive muscle and fortifies your being. As I always say, you don't wake up one morning deciding to run a marathon and then run a marathon. You train.


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