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Exercise & The Auric Field

While at the gym this morning, I received insights on how Exercise strengthens the Auric Field. A Synergy.

My lived experience and observations alerted me to the concept that moving the body regularly/healthily and building muscle directly reflects an Auric Field that becomes a fortress. This grounds the energy from the Mental Body and into Physicality which relieves anxiety-prone tendencies.

I feel relaxed after a healthy exercise routine. My thoughts are Clear and my emotions are Regulated. I'm not stuck in the Mind nor am I at the mercy of hyper-fluctuating Feelings. It is a Calmness and of Serenity that surrounds my Auric Field.

The Auric Field is an extension of the Body. It is a barrier to shield oneself from absorbing the energies of the external. Exercise charges the Auric FIeld to synergize the external energies to ground through the feet and into Earth. The Auric Field is also designed to prevent the human from being at the mercy of energy streams that influence the thought-emotion-action loops.

Charging one's Ki/Ka/Chi/Prana/Life Force is crucial for navigating this realm as a Clear-Being. Cardio and Strength Training fortifies the Auric Field as a transducer and enables a human to have a stronger connection to Higher Mind by releasing physical, mental, and emotional toxins. Sweating out the physical toxins mirrors the purging of the toxic currents within the Unconscious Psychic Wiring.

I know that a regular, healthy exercise routine provides more benefits to the Mind/Body/Spirit Complex than what is understood by the current paradigm plaguing humanity.


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