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Fool's Launch: Stepping Stones

I look back on my Instagram years with an eye to see my evolution. 2018 is when I dedicated my page for my business while continuing to post about my personal life. I would often post a daily message because I felt like that was what I had to do with my PSYCHISM business. 2020 came around and I recorded daily videos. Abiding by the 'standard template' and it was all a stepping stone.

I greatly enjoyed my daily messages and videos! It was fun to witness what would stream through for the day and it was just further practice for my psychic skills. I now laugh at some of the videos I made, but with a laughter of love! I was just beginning and trying something new - stepping on the stepping stones. This evolved into following my download to create my YouTube channel.

Watching some of my earlier YouTube videos...oh lawd. I was "ON" - I spoke a million words a minute! I didn't allow myself to take a pause or catch my breath. I tried to implement the 'standard template' where I'd be like "Drop a comment below!" I may have done this less than five times over the 2 years of uploading to my previous era of videos. It was completely unnatural and that's why I refrained from continuing that stream.

Laughing at myself in a healthy way!

The daily instagram posts for inspiration stopped after I listened to Higher Mind instructing me to cease and desist. I won't go into that here, but it was so that I don't create a dependency on those daily inspirations. To encourage people to develop their own inspiration without relying on social media for the dopamine hit.

My YouTube videos evolved into a more comfortable recording. I got used to being on camera and speaking. I eased into forming more of a channel that reflects who I am. I still enjoy the content I created and I translated some of those videos into a few Bazaar episodes on my podcast.

2023...The Light Wizards' Bazaar was born! The old channel and production died and a new stage of my evolution began!

I reflect on the old stages of my presentation as tools for my work. To feel comfortable speaking on a microphone. To strengthen my communication skills. This led me to the invitation to join The Cosmic Salon and I don't think I would've felt comfortable accepting the invitation without the years of training.

The videos also helped me to gain confidence in myself! Healthy self-esteem building. Cultivating an ability to laugh at myself without instigating self-hatred loops. I believe those years also helped me to feel comfortable with group mediumship readings. Speaking in front of a group of people without a plan. Nothing known! No idea what to expect other than me receiving orchestrations of impressions. Public Speaking on steroids! Literally have no fucking idea what is going to happen, but just having faith in myself and Higher Mind.

If you made it this far reading the post..thank you! For you, what if you just start somewhere? What if you allow yourself to just begin? You'll evolve as you engage with skipping along the stepping stones. You'll learn more about yourself. You'll understand your XYZ field better. You'll learn to not ridicule yourself as you purge the inflictions from experiences that attacked you for who you are. You'll witness your Evolution!

I wiped my Instagram clean of the old days - a wave dissolving a sand castle. A mandala. That was then and this is Now.

You will never know where your actions will lead you until you reflect back on your series of choices and the corresponding manifestations/experiences. You'll never know how the Higher Mind will work with your actions. It is moving you more into a natural human who is following the guidance from the Higher, Creative Intelligence.


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