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Introductory Linking Phase

A Mediumistic Reading involves what I deem to be the Introductory Linking Phase which is when a spirit impresses upon my energy field to provide me with signifiers for a client to identify the spirit.

Just like with any skill/talent, experiences evolve one's craft over time by engaging with studying and observing the work. I spoke about how my mediumistic abilities came online during the end of 2017 through the beginning of 2018. I had nine years of developing my psychic abilities which led to whispers from my Higher Mind stating "You must begin mediumship."

I allowed myself to explore mediumship and tested my skills on my friends who were gracious enough to let me attempt to be the voice for their loved ones housed in energy form. I created a system using a pentagon that was inspired by reading Laura Lynn Jackson's book "The Light Between Us". I figured...if she could create a system then so could I!

Lights would appear on the upper left of the pentagon to alert me to a spirit entering the session from mother's side. The upper right would be from father's side. The middle would be the peer level, non-family, and/or a spirit that was younger during their incarnation. It worked very well!

Over time, I observed that the spirits would provide a list of signifiers - a series of statements - that assisted with identifying who the spirits were during their incarnation. Not the "Who is the mother figure?" that you see portrayed through various media outlets.

The Introductory Linking Phase evolved so that this craft shows genuine spirit communication rather than "leading" with the questions such as "Is your grandmother passed?" A series of statements so that the client would have more trust in me after I delivered the introductory details.

My problem with the questions of "Who is the mother figure?" is that...well...what does that mean? My experiences taught me that the Mediumship Craft is much more dynamic than the lazy Computerized Mediumship broadcasted to the people.

I bring in the introductory details then check in with a client to ensure that we identified the correct spirit. Spirits will also provide details that are "linking" meaning that they may introduce an energetic data byte that is discussing something occurring in my client's present-day life or within the family.

Spirits enter a reading with a nucleus of energetic data.

The pentagon eventually evolved into spirits coming closer to me without appearing as points of light. Spirits are usually really great at abiding by my rubric as seen through my Raw Mediumship Demonstrations. However, sometimes they disregard my rubric during a 1 on 1 reading. Group readings are a little more challenging for them to abide by my rubric, but they do sometimes. Now spirits appear closer to me - through my right, left, and middle. As if their Presence is more "tactile" and more "human".

Group readings require the Introductory Linking Phase because spirits must download into my Mind Tool what would alert a person to who is entering the group reading. Now...some things are common such as a dying from a heart attack, but spirits provide the exact detail that would separate themselves from one another. Sometimes spirits overlap one another - also called "piggy backing" - because they know that they only have a set amount of time that I agreed upon with my clients to allow spirits to use me as a puppet. They may come through together since they have similarities and then they provide the signifier to separate them from each other.

I do notice that spirits also may use my rubric in a way that is different than how I originally intended. I read for a friend which there was a woman entering through the middle signifying being at my friend's peer level. This spirit was a mother of my friend's friend, but they had a close relationship like friends. I had spirits come in through mother's side who were not blood-related, but they were very motherly toward the clients.

Spirits are also very good establishing introductory details to tell me that they are not of family - not blood related. As seen in the Raw Mediumship Demonstration #4. We had Tory's college professor join and the professor clearly stated that he was not of family.

This work is a Craft. It is at the level of every other profession - not higher nor lower.

A skill.

I could write more about the Introductory Linking Phase (which I believe I will once I am inspired to do so) so you can refer to The Experience page on my website for further details.

Excerpts from The Experience page on my website:

The Introductory Linking Phase

When I first feel a shift from psychic information to mediumistic sensing (or when I make the intention for solely mediumship) I will immediately perceive a transitioned person trying to grab my attention. I will sense the relationship between my client and an age bracket of the transitioned person. Not all spirits abide to this rubric exactly. Some spirits all decide to talk at once during a session while other times the entirety of the reading is a connection to a singular entity.

Spirits want to make themselves known and want to show evidence of the survival of consciousness after bodily death and that consciousness exists outside of the body. They will work with me to the best of their ability to have my client know who joined the session. The transitioned person will establish more evidence of details of who they are in the first streams of information so my client can be consciously aware of who joined the reading. This is when my energy field will blend more strongly with spirit.

The sensations will manifest from this particular set-up:


Older than my client.

Client's Mother’s side of the family.

Very strong Mother Figure.

Connected through Mother’s side of the family of another person known to my client.


Older than my client.

Client's Father’s side of the family.

Very strong Father Figure.

Connected through Father’s side of the family of another person known to my client.

Center Peer level of my client.

Younger than my client.

Mix of non-family and family.

Sometimes older than my client who is unrelated.

Spirits introduces themselves through the above rubric to dictate the age relationship my client. Not every spirit provides their title such as Mother, Aunt, Grandmother, etc... Some may present themselves as their title in the introductory linking phase while others identify if they are older/younger than my client, position in the above rubric, and details that would signify their identity.


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