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Led by Heart: The Service Stage

I like to throw on an episode of Charmed when I'm washing the dishes. Something that I don't need to heavily focus my attention on since...I've seen the show hundreds of times. This morning, I was smacked with the episode 'Ex Libris' and so I followed Higher Mind. My phone was propped up against a mason jar and I began my morning chore.

I was met with another Synchronistic Thread tying together Summer 2023's Molting into The Service Stage with the Golden Girls Grief Recovery entry from the other day.

'Ex Libris' involved the Charmed Ones assisting a father with grieving the loss of his daughter who was seeking testimonies to imprison his daughter's murderer. Also, the Charmed Ones were assisting a woman, now ghost, who recently died due to her working thesis which would expose Darkness. A man mourning his daughter and a ghost mourning her life.

To understand this Synchronistic'd need to dial into the last 10 years of my journey. Specifically, you'd need to grasp how The Apprentice Stage was for me to develop my skills while also engaging in the Great Inner Work. I needed to analyze how my mind tool received psychic and mediumistic impressions. How the energetic information synthesizes through my lens of perception and the variety and dynamics of PSYCHISM. This process coincided with my willingness to accept complete responsibility for my actions, the Light and the Dark, so I can kickstart my Healing Journey.

I admit that I focused a lot of my attention and time on the mechanics of Psychic and Mediumistic Abilities. I was, and am, fascinated! I would create content discussing the mechanics, or the art of Psychism, without detailing the immense therapeutic benefits of this work. It was almost that the beneficial properties of readings were a side effect and the mechanics, art of Psychism, was the main effect. I enjoyed helping people, but I was more interested in understanding the Craft. This is where my 6th House Stellium illuminated the Virgo Energy of my Natal Chart.

Summer 2023's Molting alerted me to the fact that The Apprentice Stage was over and The Service Stage began. This coincided with a deep, intrinsic desire/motivation to help my fellow humans as we all navigate these changing times. To help people with navigating the demolition of identity and assist them with the refinement of identity. To help people grieve the loss of their loved ones along with the loss of other areas of life. To help people receive guidance for the new journey before them along with sharing Evidence that their loved ones are still very much alive while in Energy Form. To help Spirits use me as a microphone to pass messages to their loved ones housed in Physical Form.

Currently, my 6th House is activated by the Transiting Planets in the Sky. Virgo - To be of SERVICE. Today's New Moon is occurring in my 6th House.

(This is chart is casted with the lens of Western Astrology)

Now I hear the calling from Higher Mind / Essence to do more than just live in my fascination of Psychism. I needed The Apprentice Stage to learn, but now I developed enough to the point that I must help as many people as possible.

This Charmed episode mirrored my understanding that I am to help people with my skills. People may not understand them. People may not believe them due to the cultural/societal conditioning. People may believe me to be a fool. However, there is the Whisper from Soul calling for people to seek out my services and others who are authentic, heart-centered, and wise.

I was driven by the Mind during The Apprentice Stage and now The Service Stage is driven by the Heart.

The last 10 years were also a period for me to build healthy self-esteem, confidence, and love. I needed to restore the aspects of Gold within my personality so I am able to go in front of a group of people without a plan. Without an idea of what will happen. To fully trust in the wisdom I gained from my experiences and to trust Spirit. To be willing to look like a fool since Spirit doesn't care if I look like a fool. Meaning that I am to share what I receive and to let the people I read know that Psychic Amnesia is a real experience during readings and that Spirit will bring up things that will require research to ask around other family members and that they can also bring up things that will come to fruition in a future experience.

To be ready to do my work in a world that people are slowly opening their eyes to see the validity of consciousness, Psychism, and all other factors within the umbrella of the Sacred Intuitive Arts.

My Heart is guiding me rather than my Mind. I needed my Mind to encourage me to fully study myself, but now it is not at the forefront of my desire. I am incredibly sincere with my work and the Healing Potential encoded within a Reading. I look back on the last 5 years of doing professional readings and I learned so much about the Craft. But, now I'm reflecting on all the lives I got to meet, I got to help, and the Spirits who needed me to connect with their grieving loved ones on Earth.

The Sacred Intuitive Arts - the Sacred Healing Arts. It is a time that many are in despair and consumed by Darkness. Pain, Addiction, Trauma, and the like. Higher Mind is leading me with my Heart to help all those who desire my services. I can only help those who ask for my help and I will Illuminate the LIGHT to all who request aid from my skills and talents.

To be Charmed.


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