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Nurtured Rising Practice

A nurtured Rising Practice enables you to settle into your new day as you dissolve the emotional and mental threads connected to who you were yesterday.

Every morning, I fill my two Britas with water then open the windows facing the backyard. I move to my two aquariums, a guppy tank and a betta tank, and turn on their lights. I light my two candles that were crafted in jars with specific intentions. An ambience is created to synthesize what is pulling me to maintain the state of being from the prior day. Lastly, I brew coffee and make a large mason jar full of lemon water.

I strive to resist browsing through my phone - to remain off of screens. This is much easier now that I deleted my social media apps. An environment conducive to adjusting to my intentions for the day, prayers I say, and to bless this new day.

A Rising Practice is crucial! I am a morning bird so I thrive when the Moon is saying her farewells. The habitual knee-jerk response to pick up the same emotional and mental patterns from the previous day is clawing at me like a rabid dog. Through patience and practice...the submergence into the previous day subsides easier and easier.

Don't get me wrong. Sometimes, depending on the severity of events from yesterday, it is more difficult to relinquish the chords. Mental discipline and active attention to my behavior in the morning are imperative.

Our Mind Tool must be treated as an extension of us that Serves Us so that we are not Ruled by our habitual patterns of thinking and feeling. Dr. Joe Dispenza's work taught me about the state of being and the construction of the personality. I highly recommend you read 'Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself' by Dr. Joe Dispenza. That book taught me much more about humans than any textbook I read in school. I then applied the knowledge I acquired from that book and I received Evidence of its Teachings as Factual - Truth.

When we Established a Healthy Mind Tool Ecosystem, after continuously engaging with observing our patterns of thinking and feeling, then we open ourselves to Higher Mind's Instructions. Ideas are more easily planted in our Mind Tool as we no longer have the pollution of yesterday.

It is a New Day. I recommend you nurture your Rising Practice and to read Dr. Joe Dispenza's beautiful book.

After I drink my lemon water then coffee...I exercise! I strength train two days a week with only doing one set to failure rather than multiple sets. 5 to 6 days a week I do cardio. This allows my body to release toxins that build up and I swim in my Imagination! New ideas stream through my Mind Tool and the endorphin rush is key to my stability as I traverse this Jungle of Life. This is not a routine tied to the Barbie/Ken Doll Syndrome. It is to ensure that my body is assisted with its purification along with expanding my consciousness via Imagination. And...this increases my Voltage! We are electrical beings.

May you Nurture your Rising Practice.


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