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Pennywise! Your Relationship To FEAR.

4:05pm 8-2-22

Pennywise The Dancing Clown!


Your Relationship to FEAR.

The encapsulation of what FEAR can be best displayed and honored for its threat over our existence…is Pennywise The Dancing Clown. IT is the morphological, interdimensional, transient Totem for a better understanding of our relationship to FEAR.

If you’re not familiar with IT then I would truly plop yourself in front of your tell-a-vision and kick back with a wonderful translation of the novel into a brilliant mini series. The remake is alright, but I’d save that two part movie until you finish the novel. The novel is my favorite book! You would have a complete mirror engraved with every detail of your facial expressions when you are greeted by FEAR.

I’ll save the plot analysis, my opinions, and XYZ about the entirety of IT forms expressed through art. Although, reading the book was one of the most frightening months of my life in the dream realm back in 2011. I do find it prudent to mention the remake movies’ appearances in the late 2010s because it was an Omen.

I’ll cut out the chit chat and give you the guts of this post. Pennywise is your fear tormenting you. Pennywise knows every horror in the rolodex of memories from this incarnation and every incarnation. Pennywise is super Psychic, Telepathic, Telekinetic, a Shape-Shifter, and twists everything into the best representation of your relationship to FEAR.

Pennywise is our greatest adversary and our greatest teacher. We don’t have to like Pennywise, but wisdom extracted from previous experiences lead us to conclude that the trial by the dancing clown and overcoming the dancing clown was the opportunity to evolve, transcend, and conquer a negative timeline potential.

I think you should go back and watch the movie if you haven’t recently. It’ll exemplify You and your Relationship to FEAR. You are the protagonist. Your relationship to FEAR is your antagonist.

Remember that IT can be seen as a form of your wounding and trauma responses translated into physical form in your experience as situations where you are meant to reflect and to transcend. IT has everything at its disposal to devour you if you’re not aware.

FEAR is terrifying and we all know that. We have great masters and teachers who conquered Pennywise The Dancing Clown. Pennywise will always be in our life, but we can have a healthy relationship with IT. We can understand our POWER and our ABILITY to anchor our LIGHT to adapt to every encounter with IT.

Dialing this written transmission into Psychic and Mediumistic work…you’ll realize that the form IT takes is the FEAR of the UNKNOWN. You are protecting yourself and then embarking into the unknown to retrieve information and relay it without tainting the data. IT also takes form of the FEAR of the Low Frequency Control Program – a defense system activated when you are evolving and opening your awareness further. You are realizing how the trauma-based mind control influenced your life and how it interferes with psychic work.

The biggest thing is to just realize that our relationship to FEAR is unhealthy and out of control. We must learn what our relationship to FEAR is, how it operates, how we succumb to the delusions, how we destroy beautiful opportunities, and XYZ.

Remember your ability to do things that you are fearful of and to look Pennywise right in the eyes.

FEAR will never leave our experience…at least I don’t think. We just need to have a healthy relationship to tame IT.



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