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Psyche's Protector: Self-Sabotaging Tendencies

Saturn's Retrograde illuminates a layer of my Psychic Wiring (subconscious) that is a part of my psyche to destruct potential avenues of exposure which would leave me in the perceived line of fire.

I'm familiar with Internal Family Systems and Parts Work. I'm by no means well versed in these modalities, but I can perceive the factors that operate in my Psychic Wiring. Aspects of my Psyche which are Protecting me from illusionary experiences which were catastrophic in nature.


2024 was a whirlwind of change. Personal experiences within my life which I won't share in a Blog entry, but they were dynamic and life changing. 2024 began with me following Higher Mind's instructions to remove myself from social media then a breadcrumb to find a new apartment shortly after deleting instagram. A new apartment which is exactly what I envisioned for myself and I'm incredibly grateful for the move!

But...2024 also was a GIFT in a package that I couldn't see the present without moving through 2024 and putting on my Retrospection Glasses.

Self-Destruction. Not through abusing substances nor being unkind, malicious, and an ass hole. Self-Destruction to destroy potentials where I would be exposed to experiences which my inner wounded child would be immersed in a series of pain-events.

If you're reading this then I recommend you sit with yourself to reflect on the last 7 months and how your Psychic Wiring operated, drove, and piloted your behaviors.

Do you Sabotage potentials that lay before you? Do you sometimes find yourself scratching your head due to the confusion of why you automatically Sabotage XYZ even though your conscious mind has no reason to do so?

Even though 2024 has been a challenge...I am thankful for this Illumination.

I often discuss and write about the hardships of navigating this world doing this work because this world is clearly, on the surface level, operated by many mechanisms of Darkness. I mean...look around. Every industry and institution are following dictations by some sort of Darker Agenda as evident by the last four years. But...that is what it is.

We are here to create changes through our personal lives and then witness the positive ripple effects ricochet into the outer world. Not a Savior Complex. Just an understanding that we can only control our behavior and hope that we leave this world with more Light than when we incarnated.

Self-Destruction and Self-Sabotage. I even had a nightmare last night concerning my College Years. I definitely discuss my college-monster-years where I cannot believe I became that person...but I did change! That is the key to remember. I did change.

Is there an aspect of your Psyche that Sabotages opportunities and potentials before you to Protect yourself?

It is that Ah-Ha Moment. Clarity. Illumination.


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