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Readings are Information: July Reflection

Post Lemon-Jar-House-Cleanse-Act (I wrote it about it on a previous entry) created a surge in swiftness that resulted in me reconstructing my website, rearranging of furniture in my apartment, and a return to loving my craft similar to the winds of 2018.

Yesterday, 7/5/24, I rearranged my desk that is housed in the 'office space' of my apartment. This is where I do my work and I prefer phone/virtual readings compared to traveling to someone's home. I'm in my space where I'm most comfortable and I can just close my eyes and report the orchestration of psychic and mediumistic impressions to my client. Like with any profession, the professional can do his/her best work when he/she is in an environment conducive to creating the optimal conditions to serve. Plus...there is no difference in quality when comparing in-person readings to phone/virtual readings. And! I provide my clients with a recording and transcript so there really is nothing that would benefit a client to have me over for an in-person reading.

The video playing in the picture above is Deadmau5's "I Remember" which is the 2011 live version - my favorite!

As I wrote about previously, July 2024 is blocked off from readings and I can clearly see why Higher Mind gave me the instructions to do that. To Return to my Love of my Craft like when I first innocently began my practice back in 2018. I do have my Summer 2024 Fair scheduled for 7/27/24 so I'm still going to honor those who signed up to provide them with my services. I even scheduled a free group mediumship reading on 8/14/24 right after I launched my updated website. I like to do free events every so often so those who subscribed to my mailing list received the notice of this free event. There is still one spot open and I thought that I would create a new page on my website to advertise the event...but there's no need! 5 out of 6 signed up is great for me! The last free group reading only had 1 person and that was exactly how it was supposed to be.

I recommend you sign up for my mailing list if you'd like to receive notice of these events or fairs or other newsletter-worthy-updates. You can sign up at the bottom of my homepage.

Yesterday, I read one of my sisters. She requested a reading since there are whirlwind of changes surrounding her and I looked forward to reading her. Both of my sisters understand the Board Game of Psychism so reading them is so easy!

My readings are really about the current energy momentum that is brewing/generating around my client. It isn't a therapy session - I'm not striving to move into the deep parts of the psyche. There may be instances where guidance comes in and maybe assistance with changing one's perception...but a reading is not the same as an appointment with a psychologist.

I give Information.

Obviously, reading family is a bit different only because I wouldn't receive information that may be more detailed concerning the Psychic Wiring of a client. But! Reading family and friends is still extremely effective with receiving and relaying Information.

Reading my sister just brought me back to when I first began and the LOVE of my work.

It was a phone reading so I called her exactly at the reading's scheduled time, started recording, closed my eyes, and then just opened up to information.

Visions, names, letters, hearings, and all other forms of psychic impressions flowed into my Mind Tool and even some mediumistic information. A mother in spirit joined briefly as the information moved to discuss my sister's friend at her apartment complex and that friend's mother left the physical world.

Even more obvious...of course I would not be able to mediumistically read for my sister concerning our relatives in Spirit. No no no. I would love to channel our mother, but that just wouldn't happen from an objective spirit communication point of view. But! I've had people not connected to our family pop in when I read both of my sisters.

Information that streamed in during my sister's reading were not originating nor manufacturing from my conscious mind. I had no idea about XYZ. She knew that I had no prior knowledge especially since she lives out of the state. Psychism at it's finest.

The reading ended then I immediately sent the recording to the transcription service so she would have the transcript and audio recording emailed to her - just like with every client I read.

It is just INFORMATION. I'm not your therapist, your coach, your doctor, your lawyer, your XYZ. I am your psychic medium.

The details of her reading fleets me - just evaporates into nothingness because these were not my thoughts. These were psychic and mediumistic impressions....Information.

Yesterday, I also put on my desk a framed representation of my Find A Certified Medium listing. I was so so so proud of completing the testing which led me to print out a portion of the listing since it is like my PhD. Another SYMBOLIC representation of my new energy.

No more podcasting. No more internet chasing energy. Of course no more social media since I deleted my social media accounts (just instagram) in January 2024. God, fuck social media.

It is the returning of just being the Grandma who reads you in her kitchen. office space is adjacent to my kitchen in this apartment so it really is just me, my client, and INFORMATION.


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