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Refinement of Identity

Coupled with the Demolition of Identity is the Refinement of Identity. A Destruction and A Creation Cycle.

There is an opportunity afoot within the paths humans walk that calls for an augmentation of the golden talents encoded within the Soul Blueprint. Amidst the crash...lies the gift to rebuild. To use attributes, or labels, as an aspect of the incarnation rather than the entirety of the incarnation. Adapting and Modifying the walk to incorporate the planetary energies and the higher celestial impulses which are requesting a deepening. To travel further down into the Observation and Awareness skills.

It is a call to formulate a costume that is aligned with Essence and the constructs of personality that highlight the golden talents. The destruction of the ties that bind a human to unconscious trauma responses which allows a human to Reclaim Free Will.

It is a time of Reclamation. To dissolve the Darkness that a human absorbed which plague the mind tool with thought patterns to divorce a human from Optimal Path.

A higher volume of these thought patterns that were absorbed so Light can illuminate the shackles maintaining stagnancy and lack of free will.

The Refinement of Identity empowers humans with a kickstart to fine tune Expression. Expressing the golden talents and the golden characteristics that are uniquely imbued within an individual Expression of Holy Nature.

Resisting this Demolition of Identity prevents the Treasures awaiting discovery during the Refinement of Identity.

A castle constructed of legos that fell apart from an external infliction. There is a period of sorrow as the builder looks upon the piles of single pieces of legos. Grace then impresses upon the builder to see the Opportunity for a new construction.

Now is the new Construction. Allowing the emotions of the demolition to synthesize so a new form can produce with an augmented alignment with Essence.


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