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RMD & Decode #2 Transcripts

Updated: Aug 3, 2023


Speaker 1 [00:00:02] Okay. So for this royal mediumship demonstration, number two, we have Linda here, and Linda is aware of the whole process. I'm going to give her and you, whoever is listening, the speech. And before we begin, Linda, is your camera turned off?

Speaker 2 [00:00:20] Yes.

Speaker 1 [00:00:21] Okay. And do you give it and do you give me permission to.

Speaker 2 [00:00:27] Yes.

Speaker 1 [00:00:28] Okay, cool. And obviously, it's something very sensitive to. I could edit it out. Okay, 2 to 2. Okay, so when I give you my speech, people that are coming in through my left would be through Mom's side. So like mom, grandma, cousin or mom and so on and so forth. And I could also be picking up on people not from your mom, but possibly someone you know, his mother. And then the right would be the same, but for dad. And then the middle would be like your peer level non-family as well as people younger than you. And all that they are going to be doing is identifying themselves in some way. And then they could be talking about anything. It could be talking about things that they did, things that you're doing things in their past, your past things going on, not with you, but others around you that you're just aware of. And they could also be bring up things that you may need to do research on. You could be forgetting or it has not come into your experience yet because sometimes they like to give a little forecast for you. So how it works, I'm singing songs to you and you're like, Okay, I know what that is. I know what this is. Other times I'm saying something to you and you sometimes might not be able to place it right away until either halfway through the reading or after the reading, and then some things you may need to do research on or it has not come to me. The big thing too, is that I don't see time. So when they show me like a literal thing, So let's say I'm looking at like a lawn tractor, like on a on a farm land, and I'm describing that to you, and then I'm interpreting as, okay, well, did he or she live on a farm land use lawn mowers or something like that? And then you're like, No, no, no, no, they didn't. But I'm actually doing something right now with the lawn on a farm, so something like that. And sometimes to it doesn't necessarily come in with a label. So another example would be that I'm looking at a bunch of pottery and I have a wheel that I'm about to create some sort of bowl or something, and I'm sharing what I'm seeing and I'm interpreting as, okay, are you doing something with a ceramic wheel? And then you're like, No, no, no, no. They that was a memory that we have together of you and this person doing some sort of art ceramic pottery thing. It also comes into my frame of reference so I can't be shoved into my head. A medical diagnosis with 17 characters long, but I could be seeing, hearing and feeling something in the way that I'm describing it to you. You're able to be like, I know what that is. It's homologous or something like that. And another thing too, with mediumship is that sometimes they may come in at once. So think of me like a little crystal prism and white lights coming into my crown chakra. And I'm thinking that just a blue light rays coming out. But you're like, No, no, no, no. There's blue and yellow there, and then they will sort themselves out. But if they are Rowdy Bunch and they were like that in life, they will talk over one another. And please validate if you can, especially for the people listening. If something is too sensitive, you can always just be like, Yes, no. And like I said before, I can edit that out. It doesn't really matter. And before we begin, you know, I find, especially with mediumship too, that I learn is that this energy is going to also transcend this reading. So it could. Make more sense to you tomorrow, a week, a month from now. And also to because this is the bazaar and I expect to show all the facets of mediumship. Sometimes we might have somebody come on in that you can't claim, and that's okay. And you also can tell me no. And that really is it. Do you have any questions?

Speaker 2 [00:04:38] No.

Speaker 1 [00:04:39] Okay. Oh, make sure to include volume. People listening. I had a ruckus with my microphone this weekend, but. We shall see. Okay. So I'm just going to start and then I'm going to pull in some details as much as I can. And I'm going to check in with you if you can claim him or her or even a friend, you know, animals to come in. Okay. I feel like I have a male joining me. I want to say that he does come in through my right. So I feel like this could be through Father's side or like a father figure. I want to say to that he does show me a name. And I do know that your last name begins with them. So if it's that, it's that. If it's not, it's not. I always like to give a little disclaimer. I feel like with him, he shows himself as he looks very he looks thin to me. I feel like he also shows himself in a presentable way, Like I feel like he wasn't disheveled. I feel like he was put together. I feel like with him, I feel like he was pretty quiet in life. I feel like with him. He is just. I just I get a lot of feeling from him versus speaking. And I feel like with him, I want to say that he passed when he was older. I feel like it could be seventies eighties around that time frame. And I also feel like before I bring it over to you, I do feel like towards the end of his life, he I feel like he was losing weight. He does show me my abdomen area, his abdomen area. I feel like he's also talking to me about food and either not be able to keep it down or eating might have been difficult. I just. I feel like, um. Yeah. Towards the end of his life, he had difficulty either keeping weight on or he just was rapidly losing weight. And it feels I feel like there's an illness involved with this as well. Are you able to places who this gentleman might be?

Speaker 2 [00:07:13] Um, yeah, actually. Sounds like it could have been my father.

Speaker 1 [00:07:18] Okay. And he passed when he was elderly or in his later years. He was.

Speaker 2 [00:07:24] Much older. Yeah.

Speaker 1 [00:07:26] Okay. And also to just to double check, to make sure. Losing weight towards the end. Maybe not be able to keep weight on that.

Speaker 2 [00:07:35] I don't remember. Because when he passed I was only six. Okay. But there was a lot of illness going on at the very end and unable to communicate very well because of what was going on.

Speaker 1 [00:07:46] Gotcha. Okay. All right. So I think this is Pop and this is interesting. This is the second bizarre episode where a father came on in. And, yes, she actually lost her father when she was also young. And I lost my mom when I was young. So I know what it's like. I feel like with him, he's telling me that he wishes he would have had or would have taken the time to write more journals or letters to you. I feel like from where he is now, he wishes that he could have passed down more knowledge on to you because he just shows me writing in journals and wishing he could give it to you. So for him right now, I feel like the best way for him to get to you and for you, for you to be able to perceive him. He shows me. You just in the morning either watching the sunrise and maybe having some morning cup of coffee, tea, lemon water. I feel like he wants to come speak to you during those quiet moments of the morning.

Speaker 2 [00:08:52] Hmm.

Speaker 1 [00:08:57] It does. Show me. I feel like it's a white car or a lighter color car. It's definitely not a black, dark green, dark gray. I feel like it's also a sedan. And I'm also about cars who? Just forgive me. It looks older to me like I feel like this is in yesteryear. And I feel like there may have been a longer hood, like the front of the car might have been longer. And I feel like this has years on it. Do you know if maybe he drove a car like that?

Speaker 2 [00:09:32] I can almost swear. I remember as a child that he had we had a white Thunderbird.

Speaker 1 [00:09:38] Oh, okay. So I feel like.

Speaker 2 [00:09:41] That's what it was, because that's kind of stuck in my memory.

Speaker 1 [00:09:44] Oh, yeah? Then he'd totally bring that up, then, for sure. And I also feel like that's to confirm the message. So even if you're not a morning person any time, you could just get outside when either the sun is rising or when it's setting. If you like that in between, I think they call it like the twilight. So be open to that if you feel like it. I feel like with him too, he's showing me his eyes and then he puts them on your eyes. So I feel like he's saying that you have a similar looks to him. I feel like with him too is. Towards the end when he passed. I feel like he's showing me. I feel like he's showing me. His either funeral or wake, and he makes me feel like in spirit form. He was with you and he makes me feel like he was trying to protect you, to either prevent you from seeing him when he wasn't in that space in that body, because he just he I see. As soon as he zapped out of his body. He tells me that he was right on you and he wanted to help ease you into this new life that you're going to be living. Because it almost makes me feel like I mean, especially as a child. But seeing either his body when he's not in there or even just a funeral time, he knew that that was a it was a tough time, as it naturally would be. He makes me want to talk about. I think this would be your mother. He makes me feel like. Like he was more of a feeler or maybe less of words, and your mom might have dominated the conversation more. She makes me feel like she would be the one either speaking or directing people, and he sort of just was an observer. Is your mom more of a chatterbox than him?

Speaker 2 [00:11:52] Well, that makes sense, because my mom did have a presence. Her nickname was Sergeant Major. Oh, okay. Because she was tall and, you know. Was kind of the center of attention.

Speaker 1 [00:12:07] Gotcha. Okay. Yeah, Because I was like, he keeps showing me more of just the feeling with him. And it's it's not distant because that might imply, like, he's not here. He's just he's more in the background, let's say. I feel like with him for you. I think he's talking about you. He shows me like a potted plant, and I feel like he's giving me the urge to report a plant because he just shows me an image of. Like I said, yes, I have a plan here and I'm almost preparing to move that plant into another either bigger container. Have you ever done anything recently about that?

Speaker 2 [00:12:53] No, but I think I know what this is in reference to, because I can't grow plants to save my life. I do not have a green thumb. I kill plants. But. Funny thing. I work in the cannabis industry. And I just got a major promotion and I'm moving back to a flagship store. So that would tie in a simplistic kind of way that would make sense to me.

Speaker 1 [00:13:19] Okay. Yeah, I think I would go with that and be on the lookout, though. I don't know if you may have to direct people to report the plant or something like that.

Speaker 2 [00:13:30] So it's almost like repotting the pot. I'm.

Speaker 1 [00:13:33] Oh, right.

Speaker 2 [00:13:35] Because I'm moving within the industry to a bigger position.

Speaker 1 [00:13:40] Oh, cool. Congratulations.

Speaker 2 [00:13:42] Thank you. I appreciate it.

Speaker 1 [00:13:44] Um. He's giving me a mail. I feel like it could be a mail with a team name, like either Tyler, Taylor or God.

Speaker 2 [00:13:55] But my older son's name is Tyler.

Speaker 1 [00:13:58] Oh, okay. So he's shining light on him. He makes me feel like, What's with him? I'm hearing job situation. And your father's trying to help his grandson almost move pieces around so he could have more of a peace of mind. He's almost wishing for him to either take a step back and assess where his life is going. Because he's telling me that your son has been. Oh, he makes me feel like he's been a go getter. And he he's sort of. You're your father? Father's telling me to tell your son to stop and smell the roses. I was going to say this. And I think. This because. Well, I always like to say to when I know something and I've people listening. I never met Linda before, but we have communicated. And she I've also seen the stuff that she posts on knishes Keybase. But is this a son that's in Manhattan?

Speaker 2 [00:14:58] Yes.

Speaker 1 [00:14:59] Okay. I knew that. I just want to make sure. And he shows me around like he puts him around Penn Station and I'm seeing like either a skyscraper or an office building associated around that area. Give or take a few blocks.

Speaker 2 [00:15:17] Mm hmm. That would make sense in an area where he works.

Speaker 1 [00:15:21] Okay, cool. I don't know too much of Manhattan other than, like, Penn Station in Times Square. And that's it? Yeah, he's really around him, too. And he makes me feel like. Your son's middle name. It may have been. He makes me feel like it could have been passed down. Or like the name changed a little bit. If he has a little name.

Speaker 2 [00:15:45] He does have a middle name, But it was something that his father picked and it just represented the stars.

Speaker 1 [00:15:51] Oh, cool. Okay.

Speaker 2 [00:15:53] But also, he has a hyphenated name between me and my ex-husband. And I think he dropped my last name in just favor of his father's last name because it was really long ago. So you want to write or apologize for that?

Speaker 1 [00:16:09] Oh, okay. So I feel like that's most likely why he's probably bringing that out just to, you know, say some personal details, especially since, you know, he wasn't here for this type of event and he's just being like, I'm around him and he's around you, too. Okay, So he. He's sort of towards the end of his life. He shows me him sweating and he makes me feel like that. He knew he was pretty frail and he makes me feel like he started to see his mom come around and he shows me him being in a hospital bed. But he also makes me feel like he wants to leave the hospital bed like I like. I almost feel like he didn't pass away at the hospital. Does that make sense? Um.

Speaker 2 [00:17:07] As I said, I was so young. I'm pretty sure he did pass in the hospital, but. And I remember seeing him briefly at the hospital. But yeah, I because he was so much older, I didn't even know his parents at all.

Speaker 1 [00:17:23] Right. Right. So that's going to be, I guess, for you to meditate on explaining to come on in for validation. But it does make me feel like, though even if he didn't pass in high school, he even if he did, I'm sorry that like he wanted to get out. And it's just it feels like it was rapid. And he makes me feel like he wants to apologize for because he he gives me a feeling of sorry. But then he attaches it to his mouth and his teeth. I feel like he's trying to tell me that he's sorry for either any genetics involving either bad teeth or gums.

Speaker 2 [00:18:10] Yeah, I'm having issues with my teeth right now, so that could be passed on down.

Speaker 1 [00:18:14] Okay. Um. He does make me feel like. He shows me a frame of reference alert. This is totally from my friend reference. He shows me the mouth and I'm looking at like a nerve or roots. And he makes me feel like it's almost either inflamed or because he just shows me that it's inflamed. And I feel like I just need to soothe it with either maybe something you could put on the gum or the teeth. And it's almost like a help to alleviate any discomfort.

Speaker 2 [00:18:53] Interesting. Yeah, because I have been having some issues, so I've been flossing very carefully to make sure that there's nothing there to inflame the gum. It's better than it was, but there's still some issues around there.

Speaker 1 [00:19:06] Gotcha. Gotcha. Okay. So I feel like it's almost like because he shows me when I had braces, we had, like, a numbing cream or something, but it could maybe be for you with your botanical knowledge. Maybe something more like natural.

Speaker 2 [00:19:20] Yeah. Some clove oil.

Speaker 1 [00:19:22] Oh, yeah. Yeah. Um. I feel like he wants to pass the microphone over. He came on in. Here he made himself known. Talking about the people in your life. You. But he's. He's passing the mic over to my left side. So this would be through Mom's side of the family. I do feel like I have a female coming in. I want to say with her, she immediately shows me her eyes. I feel like she may have had discomfort with her eyes or vision problems. I feel like with her, she was much more of a chatterbox than your father coming on in. And she makes me feel like just a lot of either pressure on my head or pressure on the eyes. I want to stay with her, too. She wrote out the month of May. So month of May would be a birthday anniversary when so many passed something important in the family. And she comes in very close to me, too. So I feel like this would be a mother figure. And she makes me feel like with her hair that. I can't have it be disheveled like I need to have it neat. Even if I'm like on my deathbed. I feel like I have to joke with her. I feel like I have a jokester with her, that I have to make sure my hair's fine because I feel like I'm playing with my hair and I'm making sure it's out of my face. And she also gives me a C name. So C name would be either her name somebody with her or on Earth that would be connected to the mom's side with a C name. Would you be able to see who this woman is?

Speaker 2 [00:21:15] The C name? Oh, wait a second. I had an aunt whose name was Katherine. So I didn't know that well, because she passed also very early. And I'm remembering when my grandmother passed and I want to say it could have been May or it could have been my Aunt Catherine that passed in May. But the whole hair thing just made me laugh because it was. A weekly thing that my mother went to the beauty parlor and had her hair done. It was a thing. And I remember going every week and sitting there waiting for her to get her hair done.

Speaker 1 [00:21:57] It was your mom in spirit?

Speaker 2 [00:21:59] Yes.

Speaker 1 [00:21:59] Oh, okay. So you know what we may have. You may have them coming in together, but before I dial in more, are you able to also place the vision problems?

Speaker 2 [00:22:12] My mother did wear glasses. I do not remember about my aunt, but my mother also had issues with migraines.

Speaker 1 [00:22:22] Oh, okay. So you know what? I think this is mine. Okay. Yeah, I think this mom coming on and saying we're. We're with grandma or with aunt. Okay. Oh, so she's showing me. I feel like I'm looking at a kitchen. A kitchen? I feel like I have placemats on the table. I feel like I have, like, the warm wind blowing into me. And I almost feel like I have, I don't know, like there's just little touch skews or things around that are kind of like little decorative items. But, yeah, I'm just. She's showing me someone who does a kitchen with these chart skis. And I even want to say too, that there could have been I almost I not that I'm OCD, but like I need to have the kitchen table and the kitchen all nice and organized. Are you with the place that.

Speaker 2 [00:23:30] Well, the kitchen was my mother's domain. She was an amazing cook and that's where I learned my skills to cook, which is why I love the cooking so much. The placemats that always reminded me of. Holiday because holidays were super important and the table was set and the fine silver came out and the fine China came out specifically during those holidays.

Speaker 1 [00:23:58] Okay, cool. And did she have like skis or just holiday décor?

Speaker 2 [00:24:02] A little bit. Not a lot. It was more of like the fine plates and silverware.

Speaker 1 [00:24:09] Gotcha. Okay. All right. So she's bringing that up. Yeah, because Suri were saying that she obviously she's pulling me right down to December and makes me feel like she wants to say. One of the last holiday around either the Christmas season time, I feel like I don't know if this is the last one or maybe two or three before she transitioned. She makes me feel like there was a disagreement. Disagreements in the family. I feel like there may have been maybe some choice words. I feel like she's also coming on and saying that she wants to apologize for moments when she may have been harsh or she kind of makes me feel like she wishes she may have bit her tongue and she just she makes me feel like where she is right now. She makes me feel like she could have chosen words differently or choose it chose different times to maybe speak and express her concerns because I just feel very sorry right now, and especially around the holiday season. Wolf.

Speaker 2 [00:25:37] She could be very critical. And it kind of went both ways sometimes.

Speaker 1 [00:25:41] Mm hmm.

Speaker 2 [00:25:43] But December, I want to say, a couple of years before she passed. I had gone to visit and I was pregnant at the time and helped her to move. And it was a really stressful time. And then around those holidays again, I was what, four or five months pregnant with my first child. I got really sick after Christmas dinner, like possibly food poisoning and had to go to hospital, and it was extremely stressful. Luckily, everything was fine, but it was not a fun experience. A lot of stress and tension around that time.

Speaker 1 [00:26:24] Okay, so definitely she's bringing that up and everything like what you were saying. She's giving me a name. It's almost like it's an L name. Like either Louis. Louis? Louise, are you able to place an El Nino? That sounds almost like that.

Speaker 2 [00:26:41] Her first name was Laura, but she hated that name, so she always went by her middle name again. My name is Linda. I'm trying to think if there's any other names in the family.

Speaker 1 [00:26:55] No, I think that. I think she's solely talking about Laura. Then her name. Yeah, but she's good. Just give me the sound of it. And she's also giving me I don't know who she's talking about. It's a female name. I know it's a female name that begins with an E, but I don't feel like it's common, like Emmeline or Emma. I don't know if it's like Ethel. Ethel.

Speaker 2 [00:27:21] I had an apple.

Speaker 1 [00:27:23] Oh. And that's a mom side.

Speaker 2 [00:27:27] Yes.

Speaker 1 [00:27:28] Okay. So that makes sense why I'm getting a name from her. And usually when they do that, they just sort of like, hey, I'm with this person, or just also to get more evidence. She's pointing to her mother. So this would be your grandmother? All my chest hurts and I feel, oh, I feel like I have arms, like I have a rhinoceros on my chest. I just I'm getting so much intense pressure on my chest when she directed me to her mother. Oh, and she makes me feel like with her mom. She makes it feel like she was ripped away. So I feel like this was a sudden passing. Like, I don't feel like we knew that your grandma, her mom, was going to pass when she did. And I feel like there may have been something either with water in the lungs or with just the chest area because it hurts so much right now.

Speaker 2 [00:28:27] Mhm. I my grandmother passed again when I was really young, but I do remember her being in a nursing home. And I don't know what was the initial cause of passing. Okay. Could have been heart related. Could have been. It could have been heart related.

Speaker 1 [00:28:47] Right. Okay. Yeah. Because I'm like, Oh, this is. This hurts. Um. And your mother's giving me the month of January, but she gives me it with the birthday candles. She's telling me that somebody was born in January.

Speaker 2 [00:29:06] My birthday is in January.

Speaker 1 [00:29:08] Oh, okay. So we're giving a happy birthday to you. And your mom makes me feel like this January, this upcoming birthday for you, she puts a lot of green around you. Green meaning abundance. And she makes me feel like she's helping to open up more doors where you be able to breathe in that fresh air, sort of have more of a feeling of grounded in stability. She means she's giving you two thumbs up with that promotion that you talked to me about in the listeners earlier. She makes me feel like she would have had a saying that because she she makes me feel like she wishes that she could tell you now and not through me, but to you directly as she's proud of you and especially for, you know, the route that you took in life where you turned a lot into gold, you adapted, you modified, you allowed yourself to align with integrity and leave when you felt like you needed to leave. So she's very impressed as she gets the macro view of your life trajectory, where you've come and where you're going. Because with her, she makes me feel like she would have been shaking in her boots and she makes me feel like she wouldn't have been able to have the sense of faith that you have. And for saying no when you wanted to say no and really picking yourself up again and again. So she's coming in and saying how appreciative and how much of a learning lesson it is for you as she's watching you past, present, future.

Speaker 2 [00:30:47] Well.

Speaker 1 [00:30:50] Yeah. She just gives me a bunch of gold stars around you. You know, she did a lot of human homework. She did a lot of spirit homework, too, because she makes me feel like she could have really giving you more, more gold star, so to speak, and praise you more about your accomplishments. But she makes me feel like, you know, it is what it is. She learned from it. You can't change the past, but you can certainly change where you're going. And she's with you as you're you're moving about. And navigating this this terrain.

Speaker 2 [00:31:28] That's cool.

Speaker 1 [00:31:30] Yeah. So I do feel like they're starting to pull away again. Oh, we went a little longer, but that's okay with me. Hopefully it was okay with you.

Speaker 2 [00:31:37] That's fine.

Speaker 1 [00:31:39] So what we can do is that I'll stop recording. And then if you want to ask me some questions about life, we can do that.

Speaker 2 [00:31:46] Cool. Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:31:48] All right, So let me just. And.


[00:00:00] Hello Light Wizards and welcome back to the Wizards Bazaar. So this episode is decoding Linda's reading from our second raw mediumship demonstration. Ooh, my throat's a little hoarse, huh? Okay. And I thought I'd be doing this a little later, but I got the inspiration after I journaled. Burned some incense and inspiration. Shot a lightning bolt through me. So remember, I. I really recommend you listen to the first. Well, listen to the second round medium demonstration of Linda. So you know what I'm talking about. And these are to help assist you with learning what mediumship is, what your psychic facilities are, and to also just give you some education so that you can use what you learn here to go to get your own reading, not even just for me, but if you want to get a reading for me, you can just head over to my website and you could even just go to another medium that you are. Oh, excuse me. You can go to another medium and you'll be able to learn who is real and who is not, you know? And, you know, for this, this was an excellent demonstration of mediumship. And there really wasn't anything that you couldn't place other than some things that she would have to do research on because it happened. Some of these spirits that came on in transition when she was a young girl. So I have the transcript printed out. I even have the one message she sent me on Instagram to further validate some information which I'll share with you here. And let's just begin. So, okay, we had my opening speech to to do. Okay, So then the introductory linking phase came on in when a gentleman was joining me through my right, which means father sign. [00:02:01][120.1]

[00:02:01] And it definitely felt like a father figure to me. And he did show me the letter M but I knew that her last name began with an M Um, but I actually didn't. I forgot to ask clarification about the M name, so that will have to be just for her, you know, as she decodes the reading herself and. Okay, he looked then to me, he looked very presentable, not disheveled in any way. Felt like he was put together and he lived a quiet life. I felt very quiet energy from him. And I don't the only felt like he transition when he was older. Um, and then he started to show me towards the end of his life, losing weight and not being able to keep weight on him, either not be able to eat or hold his food down, felt very difficult, just it. And then it came in with a feeling of illness associated with him. And then she was like, okay, this could sound like my father. And he passed and he was much older, she said. And he was losing weight towards the end cause she let me know that he passed when she was six and I was like, Oh, which is interesting because the first real mediumship demonstration, the father came on in and Lynn's father passed away when she was 19. So quite interesting. Right? But Universe, the higher creative intelligence, they orchestrate these for me, the people who signed up are exactly who need to sign up. And then what comes on in is exactly what is supposed to come on in magic, right? So and then I want to just double check with losing the weight and not be able to keep it on because like, you know, these are your loved ones. [00:03:51][109.9]

[00:03:52] And I want to make sure that we're placing the right spirit. And you have to take the majority of what I'm saying because, you know, this is evidential information. This is the act of mediumship, the craft. So then we clarified. It was it was it was dead, definitely dead. And then he came on in with an impression of creating journals for her and want in wishing to gift her with letters he could write to her. So then he also came on in with saying like, you know, during twilight in the morning or afternoon, this would be the time to connect with him during her morning routine. And then later she let me know that she doesn't have an outdoor space where she is, but she likes to go to an outdoor area, sip morning coffee. And she was like, okay, I'll engage with that during that time, which is perfect, because the whole point is that when I'm giving a reading, it is just a glimmer of them communicating through me to you. But they want to talk to you. They don't want to have to go through me. It's corny to say that, but it's true. I may talk about some dark things, but there is also some sunshine and rainbows, so. Okay, So then after that message, she started to show me a white car. It was a lighter colored car and definitely not a dark colored car. And it felt like a sedan car. And I'm really bad with car names and car brands. I really need to read like an encyclopedia or something. And it gave it gave me the impression that it was older from yesteryear and there was a longer hood on it and had years on it. And she was like, I can almost swear. [00:05:40][108.3]

[00:05:41] I remember as a child that he had a white Thunderbird. So I was like, okay, then that definitely is it. And it's to confirm the message that I gave from him about connecting with her during Twilight and wishing he could have wrote journals or letters to her. And then let's see. Two, two, two. Okay. So then I said, I feel like he's showing me his either his funeral or week and he makes me feel like while he was in spirit form, he was with you and he wants me to feel like he was trying to protect you, to either prevent you from seeing him when he wasn't in that space, in that body. And as soon as he zapped out of his body, he tells me he was right with you and he wanted to help you ease into this new life that you're going to be living. But he made me feel like, especially as a child, either seeing his body when he's not there or even just the funeral time. And he knew that it was a tough time and he he didn't want her to see him like that. And then he Oh, yeah. So this is where the clarification came on. And so she sent me a message and I said that I'm going to be including it here. So she said one thing that popped out, you said there you had said there was a feeling of my father protecting me, that he didn't want me to see him as he was. He had surgery for a brain tumor, something you didn't see off in the late sixties. I was taken to him, taken to see him in the hospital as he knew he was dying. I can clearly remember how bad he looked. [00:07:15][94.6]

[00:07:16] He wasn't able to speak, but I knew how important it was for him to see me. I could see it in his eyes. When he passed. I was not allowed to go to the funeral as my mother did not want me to see that parentheses. But that may have been his wishes as well and parentheses. I remember being upset, but understood. So she, you know, took the energy of the reading, pulled her back in and was able to be like, Oh, you know what? Yeah, I wasn't really allowed to see him. So his father was acknowledging that. So, you know, that's makes it even more real. Once again, the issue happens, or when you find out things that are true that you couldn't place during the reading because I'm not a telepath, I'm not reading your mind in there providing evidence of consciousness existing outside of the body. So then he told me he was making me feel like with her mother, which would be his wife, that she was more dominant in the conversation and he was more of the observer. And then she said, That makes sense, because my mom did have a presence and her nickname was Sergeant Major and she was the center of attention. So I was like, okay, because I was like, I kept saying that he I feel I feel him more than him speaking. And he was distant, but not in a way to imply that he's not here. He's just more in the background. Because he do that. They give him impressions of their personality construct as they were in physicality. So the you know who they are. Um, let's see. Okay. And then this is funny. So you show me a plant and then I was repotting the plant into a bigger container. [00:08:52][96.3]

[00:08:53] And she said, You know what? That's what it is. It was a symbolic image because she works at a dispensary and she just got a new job at a different dispensary or something. And I remember what she said, and we went into that during the psychic session with her. And that wasn't recorded for you and I at the bazaar. It was just between me and her for her own use. But she got a major promotion and that's totally what he was talking about, because sometimes he'd talk symbolically and every spirit communicates very differently. But that was interesting. Okay. And then he was. He gave me a name. Tyler. Or Taylor. Something along those lines. Taylor. Taylor. And then she said, Oh, my older son's name is Taylor. So we're shining light on him. And I forgot. I think it was either through Keybase that I saw her communicating that her son lives in Manhattan or she Instagrams me previously. And I said that during the the, the demonstration, because I always want you to know when I know something logically. So he brought it Manhattan. She said, Yes, he's in Manhattan. And then she pulled me to 34th Street around Penn Station and she said, that would make sense. It's an area where he works. So her father, her son's grandfather, was bringing up her son, identifying where he works, which they do. And they bring up things that happened after they transitioned to show that they're still very much aware and involved in her life and then just gave a message to him wishing to, you know, smell the roses and not be so gung ho or have an unhealthy drive. Just he's with him, working with him. And then he brought up the dead. [00:10:52][119.0]

[00:10:53] The spirit brought out a middle name that changed a little bit. And she said that he, the son, had a hyphenated name, but then he dropped Linda's name, last name, and just as his dad's last name. So, you know, clearly dad in spirit was coming on in talking about his grandson, saying like, you know, I clearly never met him in life, but I know him now. And that's that's just magic to me. Hmm. Okay. Um. To do. Then he gave me a feeling of being in a hospital bed. But he made me feel like you want to leave the hospital. So she did say that he. She's more. It's more than likely that he did pass in a hospital. And she did really see him in the hospital, like we mentioned, when she. When I read the Instagram message she sent me. But he really gave me feeling like I wanted to leave. And he just came in with a lot of apologies. Oh, yeah. And then he was starting to. He started to make me feel my mouth and my teeth and my gums. And he was joking about, like, apologizing for passing either bad genes regarding teeth and gums. And she was like, Oh, yeah, well, I'm having issues with my teeth right now. And I said, Okay. And then her dad started to show me like an inflammation, either nerve or roots and to soothe it with something. That can help alleviate any discomfort. And she was. Yeah, she's been having some issues with that. So, you know, bring up once again things going on right now. Clear evidence. Spare communication. I can't really decode it any more than that. Right. Um hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Okay. Then he started to pass the microphone over. [00:12:53][119.8]

[00:12:53] And when that happens, it's a transition for me. My logic mind to know that another spirit's coming on it. And he passed it over to my left, which is through Mom's side. It was a female coming on in and show me her eyes. Discomfort with her eyes. Vision problems. Introductory linking face. Bring up things that you would be aware of that person's to identify the spirit and. I felt like with her, she's more of a chatterbox. Chatterbox than your father. Her father. And pressure on my head. Pressure in the eyes. And she gave me the month of May. And she really came really close to me. I was like this toy mom. And then she validated that her mom experienced migraines. So what I just described to you are clear examples of migraines. Duh. Um, and she also gave me a C name. And the C name was. Her mom's sister, Katherine, which she didn't really. She also Linda didn't know her because she passed when she was a young girl as well. And. And there she may have thought that her her aunt or her grandmother passed in May, but she couldn't really identify that. And then also to her mama showing me. A hair thing like being involved with the hair and. It was a weekly thing that my mother went to the beauty parlor and had her hair done. It was a thing. And I remember going every week and sitting there waiting for her to get her hair done. So clearly this is mom coming on in identifying see name for her sister and the May. And this is just like clear. Great. This is a great introductory phase. Um. Okay. And I was in the kitchen. I saw placemats on the table, warm wind blowing on me. [00:15:08][134.5]

[00:15:10] I felt like tchotchke is around decorative items and almost like an OCD, kind of like it's all nice and organized kitchen. And then she validated that the kitchen was her mother's domain. She amazing cook and the holidays were super important and the table was set with fine silver and fine China came out and out. So the grandma, I mean, her mother was showing me her kitchen placement evidence. And then she the mother was showing me December and the holiday time, and it felt like it might have been one, two or three before she transitioned this holiday, this holiday time in disagreements, and that her mother was coming on in and apologizing for some of her choice of words and moments. She may have been harsh and she wished she may have bit her tongue more because where she is right now, she's seeing her as a beautiful woman who has navigated life, had courage to leave things that is no longer aligned with her, her path. And it was a really beautiful message after the evidence was established. So if you also notice these two, it's not like I'm saying, Oh, your mom loves you, or all these cliche things that you see on really the broadcast of mainstream media and alternative media. These are clear evidential information. And then the messages come on in later after the evidence is established. And then after the message, I get more evidence to confirm the message that I gave from Spirit and then choose give me an L name, either like Louise or something. And then she, Linda, let me know that her first or mom's first name was Laura, and I was like, okay, so that's all. Is it? Because sometimes a name comes on in where the first letter or the sound of it makes sense. [00:17:14][123.8]

[00:17:14] I may not get the full definite name, but sometimes I do. And the little sound was Laura, which was her mom's name. And then her mom also gave me an E name. It's a female E name. It's not common. It's not like Emma or Emily. Um, and. Linda validated that it was Ethel and it was from her mom's side. So I don't remember how she connected to it or who that was. But, you know, mom comes on in, brings up evidence. Sometimes they talk about or just give bites of energetic data of people that they're with or people on Earth that they're talking about. So it's it's an easy way to provide evidence. And they really do. I mean, they're in a different fucking dimension. Let's be real. So the way that they are using my mind tool to provide bytes of energetic data, that is the evidence that is pure communication. Um. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Oh, yeah. And then I was pulled to her grandma on mom's side, and I felt like a rhinoceros so much as it felt it really. I was feeling pain on my chest, like pressure on my chest. Because sometimes I also feel physical symptoms, like, it really hurt, and I felt like being ripped away. And her. My grandmother also passed when she was really young. So unfortunately, Linda lost a lot of people when she was a young girl, you know, so she couldn't place too much. But she does remember her grandmother being in a nursing home. And then it could have been heart related. So it will be for her to go down into her her rolodex of memories. And then her mom gave me the month of January with the birthday candles. So she was telling me that somebody was born in January. [00:19:15][120.5]

[00:19:16] And Linda confirmed that it was her birthday. So she was her mom's coming on and saying happy birthday, showing me a lot of green for abundance around you, giving two thumbs up at the promotion, being very proud of her. X-Y-Z, which you heard in the raw mediumship demonstration. And that really is it. I mean, clearly this was great spirit communication. And remember, I'm not the only one who does this. There are plenty of genuine encoding mediums out there. These are to teach you about mediumship and so that you're not hoodwinked and fooled by those who wish to capitalize on your ignorance. This is an aspect of you as a human language. Heard. I hope you enjoy your day. [00:19:16][0.0]



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