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RMD & Decode #7 Transcripts

Updated: Aug 3, 2023


Speaker 1 [00:00:00] Computer. All right, Light wizards. So we're here for our seventh all mediumship demonstration featuring Janine. So full disclosure, like wizards, I have read Jeanine many times. So I think we're going to do this one a little differently. Already briefed Jeanine on how we're going to we're going to flow with this. And as you know, I always like to let you know when I know something and if I read somebody. So. We're just going to see how this goes. So, Janine, is your camera turned off?

Speaker 2 [00:00:35] Yes, it is.

Speaker 1 [00:00:36] And you give me permission to upload?

Speaker 2 [00:00:39] Yes, I do.

Speaker 1 [00:00:40] Okay. Thank you so much. And welcome to the bazaar.

Speaker 2 [00:00:43] Thank you for having me.

Speaker 1 [00:00:44] Yeah, my pleasure. Our pleasure. So when you get my speech, Janine knows how this goes. But for you listening, my wizards, I'm going to give you the speech, and then we're going to get right into it. So. Well, actually, tell us. I'll let the listeners know what I had in mind. So sometimes, like wizards, I, I, I allow someone I'm reading to give me the first name of somebody just so that in case, you know, we've gone through like the majority of the reading and I check in to see like, okay, is there anybody else in specifics you would like to listen to or hear from? I asked for a first name and then we follow the impressions that come on through me and I check in to see if it's that person that the person wants to connect with. So we're going to have that. So speech coming through. My last would be mom, Mom's dad, brother, Sister X, Y, Z or something. Who knows Mom? The right would be through dad side like mom side. The middle would be like your peer level or younger. All that it will be doing is identifying themselves in some way. Then they could be talking about anything. They could be talking about things that they did, things that you're doing, things not with you, but others around you and your family. Things from your past, their past and future, as well as things you may need to go ask around and do research on some singsong style. You're like, I know what this is. I know what that is. Other times you can't quite place it until either halfway through the reading or after the reading, or it's something that you just don't know and you'll have to check on because they are here to also show that I'm not doing telepathy. Reading your mind. And I don't see time. So why wizards When I see something like a layout of a home, I'm describing a home to you. And I'm like, okay, well, is that your home right now? And then the person I'm reading for is like, No, actually that's my old childhood home. Or it was the spirits home that was from deep in yesteryear. And sometimes it doesn't come in with a label. So let's say that I'm looking at somebody sharpening knives and I'm saying what I'm seeing, and then I'm like, okay, well, did that person have a strong knife collection that they sharpened often? And then you're like, No, actually, I was just sharpening my knives 5 minutes ago or something like that. And it uses my frame of reference so it can't be shoved into my mind. All medical diagnosis with 17 characters long. But the way that I'm describing what I'm seeing here and feeling, you're like, I know what that is. It's it's homologous. I mean, that really is it? Gearty know how this works. Jeanine was there. Yes, this is our seventh one. So hopefully you listen to the other six. So what we're going to be doing is I'm going to ask you, Janine, to give me the first name of somebody that you would like or hopefully I can get in contact with, and then I'll I'll get some introductory details and I'll check on in with you to see if it's that person or somebody wants to hijack and pop in and said, Oh, so who's ready? Yeah, give it to me.

Speaker 2 [00:04:00] My grandmother. Narcissist.

Speaker 1 [00:04:02] Narcissus. Okay, So we're going to see what I'm picking up on, and then we'll go from there immediately that I'm getting this energy. I do feel a female presence coming on in at the moment. She's just smiling at me. She makes me feel very comfortable. I feel like I am able to talk with her about anything. She won't judge me. I'm just getting a sweet, sweet, serene feeling from her. I do feel like two. Well, there's a couple of things. One, I'm looking at a woman that feels she's definitely shorter than me. I'm six one, but I feel like she would be like five, seven or shorter. I don't feel like she's super tall. And as I was saying that, I also got like a really sharp pain in my head. And that means to me that she's either telling me with her, she may have had some issues with her head, like a migraine or Alzheimer's or a stroke, or she wants to reference someone else who had issues with their head. So with what I said so far, does this seem like I'm describing your grandmother.

Speaker 2 [00:05:23] My grandma, my sure. But she didn't have pain in her hair. I've been having migraines for the past couple of days, but my mother also had a stroke, so.

Speaker 1 [00:05:33] Okay. This was like a super sharp pain to me. I I'm going to go with that. Meaning you right now. Okay. With the migraine. Okay. And then if your mom wants to pop on in. Sure. But I'm feeling like right now that I think she's probably talking about you. Would you also be able to place the month of April?

Speaker 2 [00:05:57] Okay, April. Okay. For what? The migraines.

Speaker 1 [00:06:01] I know that the energy of grandmothers. Just give me an April. So that's going to be some of these birthday anniversary when somebody has my.

Speaker 2 [00:06:10] My ex has.

Speaker 1 [00:06:12] Okay. And I feel like she wants to talk about him. She's telling me about. Okay. Cause she shows me a home and I'm looking at, like, a document that I need to fill out with this home. And I'm looking at, like, mortgage. And I'm feeling like I'm either having I feel like I'm having issues or concerns about applying for a mortgage. So would you know if your ex ever had issues with having to apply for a mortgage?

Speaker 2 [00:06:52] No, I wouldn't now. Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:06:55] Mm hmm. Okay, So I guess we're going to hold on to that because that's just what I'm going with with that. As soon as we pull to him and nothing in the past as well, when you guys were married, there was no issue.

Speaker 2 [00:07:13] No, we have actually, he just bought a home, so. Oh, a year now. He bought it. And I think he's been there for a year.

Speaker 1 [00:07:21] Okay. I would take that because that's something recent within a year. And it was she gave me a grandmother, gave me April pushing right into him with that. So I will take that.

Speaker 2 [00:07:34] Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:07:35] Yeah. And your grandmother's giving me. I mean, I know you have a name, but is there anybody else that has a J name in the family? I feel like she's joining up with her, though, like somebody in spirit that has a J name.

Speaker 2 [00:07:58] Joe since my grandpa Joseph, my grandfather, the Jack.

Speaker 1 [00:08:02] Okay. And would that be her husband?

Speaker 2 [00:08:05] No, that would be my father's.

Speaker 1 [00:08:07] Okay, I I'm going to take that because. Okay, she's given me a name and she gave a little more description of that in spirit. We're going to go with that for a second. And she's also giving me the month of November. Okay. As being some of his birthday anniversary when they passed.

Speaker 2 [00:08:32] When did they occur? I don't remember. Whatever. I don't remember who passed in November and might have been my uncle or I know I think it was January. I don't remember who it was in November.

Speaker 1 [00:08:45] Okay. Yeah, hold on to that. Okay. Because the number November and I'm looking at the number 11. So I think that there's definitely a November or the month or the number 11 being important.

Speaker 2 [00:08:57] Mm hmm.

Speaker 1 [00:09:01] So she shows me your grandmother. I feel like I'm still with her right now. She's just very dominant with this. Um. Okay, This is interesting. So she shows me like passing cards out and it could be maybe fliers. And then now I'm going to like community and I'm also attached to a church. So with what I'm seeing. Did your grandmother ever, like, work or be involved with events at a church? Um.

Speaker 2 [00:09:38] My, my grandmother, she used to my, my aunt used to be involved with church a lot now. That's the only thing that I could see. My wife, my. I took our water to the event at church.

Speaker 1 [00:09:56] Oh, okay.

Speaker 2 [00:09:57] That was my aunt used to have all these cause like, you have the pre then to everybody and have them pray over and she them my mom cards and stuff like that. So that might be it.

Speaker 1 [00:10:07] Okay. And then with this. And would this be your grandmother's daughter?

Speaker 2 [00:10:12] Yes.

Speaker 1 [00:10:13] That would make sense to me. Why she's bringing that up and around your aunt's. Um, your grandmother is giving me, um, a d name around your aunt.

Speaker 2 [00:10:26] Yeah. Danielle.

Speaker 1 [00:10:28] Okay. That's her daughter.

Speaker 2 [00:10:30] No. Pardon me.

Speaker 1 [00:10:32] Oh, her niece. Okay. Oh, Danielle. Mm hmm.

Speaker 2 [00:10:37] Yes.

Speaker 1 [00:10:38] Okay. I've read Danielle before, like, wizards, so I feel like she's just bringing her up, talking about the things that I know about. You know, about, like, wizards. We're going to keep that between Janine and I. And she also was showing me, I feel like still around your aunt, though she was your grandmother wants me to talk about. She shows me like a front yard of a home. And it looks like a nice, green manicured lawn. Um, and she also plops a bird bath, I feel like. Yeah. So does your. And have a birdbath.

Speaker 2 [00:11:25] Well, I think they used to, but they were trying to get the steps redone in the front of the house. So I don't know if they happened or not yet. But you, they pay prices for having the steps redone in front of the house.

Speaker 1 [00:11:37] Oh, and that's going on now.

Speaker 2 [00:11:39] Yes.

Speaker 1 [00:11:40] Okay. So as you already know, Janine, but like wizard's grandmother is coming on in spring up a current event talking about her daughter, Janine's and bringing me the front yard. And Janine just validated for that. So awesome. So your grandmother's just starting to make me feel tired. She's just. And she's being really cute with this. You just tell me, like, my bones are feeling more tired, So I'm feeling like as your grandmother got older, she was just feeling more and more tired. I'm not getting any anything sudden at the moment. She just is, like, slowing down.

Speaker 2 [00:12:20] Yes.

Speaker 1 [00:12:20] Okay. And she makes me feel like two. Her mind was still there. Like she was so quick. She was still witty. She makes me feel like she was sharp, but her body wasn't keeping up with her mind.

Speaker 2 [00:12:36] Okay. And her arm. But she had dementia, so she would come in and out of. So sometimes she'd be there and then you'd be like, Oh, you know, we are. And then someday she wouldn't know who we were. So but she could talk about the past and she would definitely know all about the past when she was younger.

Speaker 1 [00:12:55] Gotcha. Okay. Oh, and now she said she had dementia because that could also tie in to the short payment.

Speaker 2 [00:13:01] Oh yea. Yea, I forgot about that. Yeah.

Speaker 1 [00:13:04] Yeah, I think that's true. I think that was dual layer. Sometimes they do that. I think she was also bringing up your migraine and also talking about her AM better.

Speaker 2 [00:13:14] You did mention all time round what I was thinking about. Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:13:18] It's okay. Don't worry about it. I've been through it all. So your grandmother makes me feel like. She makes me feel like she didn't really want anybody to have to, like, bathe her or have to do any of that stuff. She makes me feel like she was really reserved. She tried to be as independent as possible because she just makes me feel like I don't want any of that. And as as she is now, she's just like, you know, she didn't want to be a burden for anybody. So she tells me.

Speaker 2 [00:13:55] Right.

Speaker 1 [00:14:00] Okay. I feel like she keeps wanting to bring a gentleman in. Um. Hmm. And I feel like this is because it was just before we came on, Jeanine talked about two people she wanted to bring on in. And so your uncle, right. The next person you want. And what was his name? Ervin Ervin. How do you spell that?

Speaker 2 [00:14:26] Irvin0.

Speaker 1 [00:14:29] We love it. Oh, two beautiful names. Okay, let's get him. Because I think this is probably who she's bringing on in because she heard your call. One 800 spirit. I'm getting from him, this energy, I just feel like soundly built. Like I feel like I'm solid, I'm strong. He is making me feel like I'm not a wimp. And so I have to say this exactly. I'm feeling from him, too. I feel like he had a really lovely voice, like just the way he spoke. It was I feel very charismatic energy from him. Mm hmm. Like, I just want to listen to him voice. His speaking voice is is it's a nice low tone. It's not going up or down. It's just, like, solid.

Speaker 2 [00:15:22] Mm hmm. Exactly.

Speaker 1 [00:15:26] He gives me the month of May.

Speaker 2 [00:15:29] That.

Speaker 1 [00:15:31] So if you're able to place the month of May.

Speaker 2 [00:15:34] You know, we have a large family, so I wouldn't.

Speaker 1 [00:15:38] Mind, but.

Speaker 2 [00:15:39] I would have to look in a calendar year.

Speaker 1 [00:15:43] Okay, That's okay. I keep hearing. Oh.

Speaker 2 [00:15:50] Go ahead.

Speaker 1 [00:15:52] Oh, he keeps I keep hearing sister. And I know that you have a sister. But I don't. I don't think he's wanting to talk about that.

Speaker 2 [00:16:03] Maybe we should talk about her system.

Speaker 1 [00:16:05] Yeah. Okay.

Speaker 2 [00:16:06] Oh, bunch of them. Oh, Maybe this is when I. Maybe it was the anniversary. I don't remember. They got married at the same time, and they had a double. Where? Oh, about their sister.

Speaker 1 [00:16:19] Let's see if we could get some more details from him. He wants me to talk about. Well, he gives me a strong ass name. Would you know if anybody has an yes?

Speaker 2 [00:16:29] Yes, that's her, Susan. Oh, and then her got married at the same time. They had a double way.

Speaker 1 [00:16:34] Oh, so that's cool. As you're sharing that, he just shows me the letter s to confirm what you were talking about. You know, he makes me feel like, too. If he was here right now, he would be just sitting with you, like, outside in the porch, talking about life. Like, I feel like he was really wise, and yet he makes me feel like especially where he is now, he's like a philosopher, where you could just talk about all these things. And I just am getting such a wise feeling from him, and it's actually very comforting for me. I feel very comfortable.

Speaker 2 [00:17:14] Yeah, he knew a lot of stuff.

Speaker 1 [00:17:16] Yeah.

Speaker 2 [00:17:17] And I would always call on him for info if I need to help with something.

Speaker 1 [00:17:21] Oh, okay. Yeah, because he's like, I'm just at ease is how I write. And I've never actually to be honest, I've never felt this way before when I did a reading. Oh, it's very lovely. It's almost distracting. How nice it is. Okay. Um. Oh, what is he trying to show me? So he shows me. I feel like I'm looking at. Little figurines like. I don't know. Well, he does show me them as planes, but I don't think they're just solid planes. So do you know if you ever had, like, a figurine collection or a little trinkets?

Speaker 2 [00:18:03] I wouldn't know. Not that I recall. But maybe his wife might add them. Okay. I wouldn't know, because I had when they moved down south and I hadn't been able to go with it because of my man.

Speaker 1 [00:18:16] Okay, hold on to that. Maybe check around. Get back to us. There's just something with these little trinkets. They almost look like tiny little toys, but they're not. It's So I'll just leave that with you.

Speaker 2 [00:18:30] Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:18:33] Okay. And he he talks about his wife, which you just mentioned, but he shoots the letter E at her and he's telling me that there's somebody connected to her and like her immediate family that has an E name.

Speaker 2 [00:18:46] Okay. That was his sister we would talk about. But the E is Everett. That's her son. My son.

Speaker 1 [00:18:52] Okay.

Speaker 2 [00:18:53] That's his nephew.

Speaker 1 [00:18:54] Mm hmm.

Speaker 2 [00:18:55] So Susan's son is Everett, and Susan is his sister. Oh.

Speaker 1 [00:19:01] Okay. Um. Okay. And with him. I. He's telling me that right now. There's like a fork in the road where he's either going to go for more schooling or, like, take time to find himself. Mm hmm. So would you know if he's, like, right now thinking about whether to do school or not?

Speaker 2 [00:19:35] Well, he's grown, so he's. He's going to retire. Oh, well, he was saying. And he's only like he might be. He's under 60, so he probably like 5859. So he's thinking about retiring. So maybe he's trying to figure out what he's going to do with itself afterwards. I don't know.

Speaker 1 [00:19:53] Oh, okay. That would make sense to me. The fork in the road, trying to figure it out. Um. But the schooling thing, I think. I think I need to talk about this more. Um. I think I need to go with you, though, because your uncle's. I think he's bringing me to your oldest boy.

Speaker 2 [00:20:13] Yep. Ah, you're right.

Speaker 1 [00:20:15] Um. And your uncle's telling me to encourage your oldest son to, I think, go bigger. Go big or go home.

Speaker 2 [00:20:28] Right.

Speaker 1 [00:20:29] It's almost like if you're doing it, why not just go for it all out? Um, and he's telling me that this September is going to be important for connections dealing with networking. So I would say from your uncle to share with your son that either internship or just like going around and seeing who he can, like, shake hands with, pass some cards around, is going to be really important.

Speaker 2 [00:20:59] Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:21:04] Okay. Your uncle's telling me he passed. Quick, like sudden.

Speaker 2 [00:21:08] Yeah.

Speaker 1 [00:21:09] And that he wants to talk about his. His service, his funeral service, and that. And everything was really quite beautiful. He's telling me, too, that he was really. It was nice to see people coming in from all around different states, family coming around that time.

Speaker 2 [00:21:29] Right.

Speaker 1 [00:21:33] And he wants me to talk about the month of August, but more specifically about like a family reunion or a family meet up. I don't know if he's talking about a past August or in this one.

Speaker 2 [00:21:45] Okay. I don't know if they doing something, this or this, but right now, some of his siblings are overseas in Greece. So a couple of them and his niece and nephew, so.

Speaker 1 [00:21:57] Okay, I would. And he gives me the month of August with us. So if it hasn't happened, have there hasn't been a family large meet up in August? I think that might be kind of encouraging something to get.

Speaker 2 [00:22:13] Something going with the mayor.

Speaker 1 [00:22:14] Okay. Yeah. Okay, this is funny. So your uncle shows me like. He shows me a casino, but he doesn't give me the vibe that he was a big gambler. But he makes me feel like he may have gone to a casino before and enjoyed it. But he he's telling me like he would have if he kept going. He he would have really spent all of his money.

Speaker 2 [00:22:44] Right. So. So his sister Suzanne, goes to the casino a lot. Not a whole lot, but enough. And she loved to do that. That's that's something that she loved to do. And her birthday is in August, so.

Speaker 1 [00:22:59] Oh.

Speaker 2 [00:23:00] Maybe they.

Speaker 1 [00:23:03] Okay. So he's it's funny, too. A lot of the information we're getting is about Susan.

Speaker 2 [00:23:09] Mhm.

Speaker 1 [00:23:10] So he gave me August. So maybe with Susan if we're connecting the dots with this August connection, that's her birthday. Maybe there's like a casino, something that she may be thinking about.

Speaker 2 [00:23:21] Okay. Maybe they all get together and go to the casino sometime.

Speaker 1 [00:23:26] Oh, okay. But he definitely has been to a casino before, though. Yeah. Okay. Because I was like you. No, he definitely went there to. He makes me feel like the best thing that he loves about about you, Jeanine, the most is your sense of humor. He makes me feel like when you just got a riff, go in, you got some jokes flowing, and he could just sit back and listen to you speak. Oh, my goodness. And he wants you to keep doing that and keep shining that light for sure. Really stoic with me, too. Like, the way he communicates is it's direct. It goes in, it goes out. And he also likes music, too. Mm hmm. Because he makes me feel like, oh, back in the day, it'd probably be a record. But like, just putting on some tunes, hanging out and no windows open ceiling fan going on type of thing.

Speaker 2 [00:24:27] Yeah.

Speaker 1 [00:24:28] And I feel like he's he's showing me. I think this is a test to him. He's telling me that he had a house at one point that had a porch like outside.

Speaker 2 [00:24:38] Yeah.

Speaker 1 [00:24:39] It's he is like he's putting himself there and he's just, like, rocking back and forth and taking in this fresh air.

Speaker 2 [00:24:45] Okay. Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:24:49] And he also shows me a White House connected to him.

Speaker 2 [00:24:53] I know what color it could be. One of his kids houses isn't.

Speaker 1 [00:25:01] Hmm.

Speaker 2 [00:25:02] I could be a good daughter. My daughter.

Speaker 1 [00:25:06] So let's see what he wants to talk to me about that. Okay. Well, he goes to his daughter. I feel like this is it. And then he shows me a wedding ring and then takes it off. Would you know if she ever broke off an engagement?

Speaker 2 [00:25:23] No, I wouldn't know that. But like her husband, they all on a trip to. Oh, really? His wife. His wife, His daughter. His son's not there. My aunt, my sister is a group of them. Everett.

Speaker 1 [00:25:39] Oh, wow. Okay.

Speaker 2 [00:25:40] Family. Yeah, they all. A lot of them are there.

Speaker 1 [00:25:44] Oh, that's awesome. Okay, well. I don't know what he wants to talk to you about that, because he just I think that she may have. Back in yesteryear, it may have had a serious relationship that she broke off.

Speaker 2 [00:26:06] Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:26:07] Because he just showed me that image. And if obviously, she's still married right now. And I also wanted he wants me to talk about a sign that. Played an instrument, whether it's like a saxophone. He just shows me a color, like a brass colored instrument, you know?

Speaker 2 [00:26:29] And she had a song and I don't know and I don't know if his son played any instrument. Not that I know of. No, I wouldn't know.

Speaker 1 [00:26:42] I would check in maybe to see if he spoke about. Or encouraged him to play an instrument at one point. Okay. Or he may be talking about someone else's son that played an instrument.

Speaker 2 [00:26:56] Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:26:59] As you just see, I hear sun and I'm looking at an instrument. Tap a box. Okay. I'm going to give you a weird name. Well, not a weird name, but not a common name. But the name like Reggie or Regina make any sense.

Speaker 2 [00:27:19] No, I don't know that. No, I don't think I know that.

Speaker 1 [00:27:23] Okay.

Speaker 2 [00:27:26] This is from him. Yeah. I will have to hear from his wife when they come off the trip. I wouldn't be able to.

Speaker 1 [00:27:34] Yeah. Ask her. Ask about that. Reggie. Regina. So he's either talking about someone connected to him or someone connected to you.

Speaker 2 [00:27:44] Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:27:48] Yeah. And he makes me feel like, too. Like he was close with his mom. It's how I want to say this. And. And she's in spirit, too, right?

Speaker 2 [00:27:58] Yeah.

Speaker 1 [00:27:59] Because he just made me feel like it was a big reunion when they. And with her, I'm being told she had lung issues or difficulty with breathing and then.

Speaker 2 [00:28:07] Yeah. Coughing up having pneumonia.

Speaker 1 [00:28:11] Okay. You know, also, just to confirm the things that we couldn't place beforehand. And he makes you feel like when when she died, it was it was a tough loss for him. Mm hmm.

Speaker 2 [00:28:23] He went before hard, huh?

Speaker 1 [00:28:25] Oh, really?

Speaker 2 [00:28:27] Yeah. He went before her. Mm hmm.

Speaker 1 [00:28:29] Okay.

Speaker 2 [00:28:31] Now. He went before.

Speaker 1 [00:28:33] He went before an interesting. Well, 5050. Right. But.

Speaker 2 [00:28:39] Yeah.

Speaker 1 [00:28:43] Interesting because I'm getting a tough vibe. So if he passed for her.

Speaker 2 [00:28:53] She came to his funeral. They put her down with dementia and all along.

Speaker 1 [00:28:59] Okay. I bet she was there. Yeah, I guess I could take that. I mean, I definitely am okay with being wrong with that, but, like, I know that around those two, with the transition, it was really tough. Um.

Speaker 2 [00:29:13] It was tough for a lot because nobody expected him to be beaten with either. You know, this happened all of a sudden. So.

Speaker 1 [00:29:22] Yeah, um. And.

Speaker 2 [00:29:31] We're faced with all of a sudden two because she ends up having getting cold and then end up with the pneumonia. Both of them were.

Speaker 1 [00:29:39] And you know what? I just as you keep talking, someone showing me smoking a pipe. Like with tobacco at one point, and I feel like I'm attached to his mom with either her brother or husband. There's some male figure that used to smoke in a pipe attached to it.

Speaker 2 [00:30:00] And it could be because she had a lot of brothers to that.

Speaker 1 [00:30:05] Okay. So there's like a there's a large family around me. Yeah. Yeah. I'm just getting such that chill vibe again from him. So just keep on check with the two things that we couldn't place with the Reggie Regina sound. A son that was encouraged to play a musical instrument. Mhm. But everything else great. It was wonderful talking about everything going on now, especially around Susan, the family August casino that was interesting. And then grandmother putting in all these oodles of things. So I think this was wonderful.

Speaker 2 [00:30:45] Yes, it was. Thank you. Appreciate it.

Speaker 1 [00:30:48] Any time. So, like wizards, this our seventh one. Janine, stay on for a second and I'm going to end the recording. How do I do that? Okay, stop recording.


[00:00:00] Hello Light Wizards and welcome back to the Light Wizards Bazaar. So we're here for seventh round mediumship demonstration Decode of the Arm number seven, starring Janine and her family in spirit, right? Yeah. It's a Friday night. And I actually did the recording. I did the demonstration 2 hours ago or so, and I was like, I have nothing else to do. My boyfriend, I had a lovely take out from the diner, watch some housewives in New York City. And that's my life. Right? And I think that's a good thing that I want to do this because honestly, I find this work super fascinating. This was my hobby before I decided to listen to the call of launching it as a service. Right. Okay. And actually, before we begin, I ran out of computer ink and printer. I'm sorry. So I'm reading this off of my screen, which is different. The transcript, I mean, but let's see what happens. Oh, yeah. So we did it differently this time. And oh, yeah, to remind you, I got to get myself, you know, I am pretty organized, right? And I was listening to the demonstration and I guess I speak too close to the microphone or the microphone settings are too much. I don't know. I am learning as I go. So there's that. And this time we did where I asked her to provide a name. So if you haven't already listened to the recording of the demonstration and then come back here for the Decode, or if you're listening this on YouTube, the demonstration and the decoding are stitched together in one YouTube or an and actually run multiple if anybody actually listened to this number. Well, if you do hello Yes I have my speech to to do 4 minutes Exactly. [00:02:07][127.3]

[00:02:08] She provides the name the name of her grandmother. All the transcript I don't think captured the name right. I think it's Narcissus. Narcissa is a beautiful name. So I was like, all right. And my wizard. So this is for teaching, right? Um, like I said in the demonstration, I think my desire is to obviously connect the person that I'm reading to their star person. And I would say 90 to 95% of the time their star person does come on in. But I leave time near the end or I check in. I'm like, okay, well, you know, we have X amount of time left. Have we connected with who you wish to connect with? If they say yes, cool. I still Asimo And if they say no, I'll also ask, okay, well, do you want to provide me with the first name? And then we can see if we can connect to the person. And I find that that happens where, let's say and I wrote about this in a blog post, let's say a spirit may be hesitant on coming on in and they can be coming on in hesitantly, maybe due to their own guilt and shame regarding their actions during their life on earth. Right. Or even actually, sometimes I have one actually one memory. Somebody asks for a lady and got her in. And we learned in that reading that the spirit was, you know, just letting everything else come on in first. And she was shy. She needed to be asked to be called. And my client volunteered. Yes, that would be totally be her. So sometimes it happens like that. But mostly it's if if the spirit has shame or guilt. And they may maybe need the client to ask for them to join. [00:04:12][123.5]

[00:04:14] Like I said many times, mediumship gives me a lot of questions and I do not have answers to. Okay, so we're in the reading, right? Grandmother? So I was just I was picking up on a lovely, serene presence. She just kept smiling. It was definitely a woman that was shorter than me, definitely shorter than five, seven. And then I got a sharp pain in my head and I was like, So that's either a migraine, Alzheimer's stroke, because she kept referencing that. So she said, Yes, that's grandma, Grandma, but she didn't have pain in her head, which we do find out later that Janine remembered that her grandmother suffered from dementia. So there was that. But I also said migraine. And then Janine shared with us that she's she has been experiencing a migraine for the last few days. So I think that is a dual meaning of the migraine Janine was experiencing and spirits dementia while on earth. Okay. And then she gave me the month of April and Janine validated that was her ex-husband's. I don't remember. She doesn't say eggs. I think it was his birthday because it doesn't say explicitly on the transcript, at least. And I was like, okay, she wants to talk about him. And then the grandmother started showing me like a document regarding a home for home, and I felt mortgage attached to it and anxieties or issues concerning a mortgage. I was like, okay, did he ever issues having to apply said no. But then she was like, Oh, well, within the last year he just bought a home and he's been there for a year. And I think that's what the spirit was talking about, because April invalidates her ex-husband and then Spirit showed me the mortgage document. [00:06:12][118.3]

[00:06:13] Housing connected to him. So there you go. And also to let was there's I've read Janine many times. So they have to get really good at coming in and bringing in things that, you know, that has not come in during reading. But also I don't really remember too much from readings. But I know Janine's life and I've read her family members as well. So there's that. And yes, like Wizards, I could be doing these much more blindly. However, Janine was gracious enough to come on to the the bazaar for a demonstration when I asked if anybody wanted to participate. And this is where we are right now. As I move forward in life, I do plan on these to be definitely blind readings and then eventually a double blind reading. But this is what it is if you I, I don't know what to say. If anybody just comes on here and has made it to 7 minutes and 11 seconds and they're going to about to be like, oh, he's just been there. Right. So we're not talking to them. I'm talking to you later with her. Okay. So the next thing, um. And then the grandmother would show me a name. But she gave me that letter initial with an impression that it was somebody's name and spirit. And she said that her grandfather's name was Joseph. And I thought my my logic brain that it was her husband, but she was like, no, that's her other grandfather on the paternal side. And, you know, they do that. They're just like, hey, this person's here. You know, it's like we can't overthink it. It's just like, There we go. Um. And I was like, okay, let me see if she can give me more of a description. [00:08:11][118.7]

[00:08:12] And then the grandmother gave me the month of November, and Janine doesn't know. And that's another thing to do with like, dates and shit. I probably shouldn't curse with dates and stuff, you know, especially if they're grandparents. I only know my grandmother and grandfathers birthdays, actually, both of them. But I don't remember their anniversary, so it could have very well been their anniversary or something or the like, but that's where it's up to the client just to go do research on. It'd be wonderful if they knew. But everything so far is aligning with Grandma Janine's life, and we just came to the first note in the song that she can validate the moment. This, this, these. These are. This is an unedited, raw mediumship demonstration. Okay, so this was what the grandmother gave me. Next was pretty cool because I'd never seen it before. So the grandmother started showing me like passing out cards or fliers dealing with the community, and it's attached to a church. So I was like, okay, well, I'm seeing X, Y, Z. Did your grandmother ever she involved with like events at church? And she said that Janine said that her aunts, which is the grandmother's daughter, used to take her grandma to church and do like events with church. And I was like, Oh, okay, well, then you bring that up. And then I was making sure I was like, okay, so this is your grandmother's daughter. It's like, okay, that that would make sense why she's bringing that out. And then the grandmother gave me the letter D around her aunt that we were just talking about and that Janine validated that Danielle is the daughter of the aunts that we were referencing. Grandmother was referencing who? And then Danielle is the granddaughter, the Family tree. [00:10:13][121.0]

[00:10:14] And I also read Danielle as well. If you're listening to this, Danielle, hello. And there are some things going on with Danielle and we need to talk about it here. So I was like, Janine, I know why she's bringing that up, right? Because Spirit wants to come on and mention somebody here might be going through a challenging time. And they're like, Hey, given this energy database and it's used to show that they're around the person on Earth, um, so the grandmother then show me a front yard and it looks like a nice green manicured lawn. There was the front yard I was seeing, and I also saw birdbath as well. So then Janine was saying that the ants reign. It's either the end, which we don't remember or Danielle. I think it's probably the end. But Janine value that she's looking to get the the steps done in the front house. So that's why the grandmother was showing me talking about this family, her family on earth. So and then showing a current event, the house, the lawn front yard. And I double checked with Janine and I was like, okay, well, did you have a birdbath, too? And she said, Yes. So current events, they do that. Um, and then she just made me feel more tired and tired and slowing down. And she felt like she was sick with it quick and her mind was still there. She was sharp, but her body wasn't working. So then Janine validated that she had dementia, so I thought that was really interesting. But Janine said she was she was still able to communicate and talk about everything in the past when she was younger. So the dementia didn't get to the point where she wasn't able the grandmother wasn't able to maintain coherent communication. [00:12:12][118.2]

[00:12:13] Um, so I'm just scrolling down and. Yeah, and then the grandma was saying she, she didn't want anybody to bathe for her or anything like that. She wanted to be as independent as possible. And Janine said, Right, okay. And then she's bringing in a gentleman. Now, before we started recording, Janine, let me know that you want to connect with her grandmother and her uncle. But she didn't tell me anything else after that. And I was like, okay. And then the grandmother was bringing in a gentleman and I was like, okay, Janine, this is happening. My mine. And I know you want us to talk to your uncle, so let's hear his name. And his name is Ervin. And he came on in after we dialed one 800 spirit. He had he has solid build and I really enjoyed his voice. Like, I wasn't hearing it all literally, but I just know his voice was super soothing, charismatic man. And she was like, Yes. And then he gave me the month of May and she wasn't able to validate it because she does have a large family. I mean, and like I said earlier, I don't I mean, I know all my aunts and uncles month of birth maybe, but I definitely don't know their anniversary. So. Okay. And then the uncle was making me his sister, but I didn't know which sister he was talking about because I know that Janine has a sister. Um. And then before I got more information, Janine was saying that it could have been May could have been the anniversary because. The uncle and his sister or Janine and got married on the same date. I was like, okay, Well, then as she was telling me this, the uncle was showing me the letter S, and then I was like, okay, well, as you're saying this, I'm seeing the letter. [00:14:15][121.7]

[00:14:15] So how does this letter connect? You said Susan, that's her name. So that's the aunt. They got married the same month as her uncle. That's like, Oh, okay. Well, then there we go. Right. Okay. Then he just showed me him sitting outside on the porch. And then he was like a philosopher. We could just talk about things and getting a very wise feeling from him, very comforting feeling. He was very comfortable. And she said, yes, he knew a lot. And Janine kept sharing on this. And after we started recording that, she could always talk to him about anything. He always knew a lot of information about a variety of subjects, and he was trying to use me to convey that personality characteristic of him. Um, and then he started showing me like little figurines. They kind of looked like little planes, but I didn't feel like it was just planes, these little figurines after we were talking about, um. What he was saying about his personality. Right. And Janine Cohen, anyways, it sounds like hold on to it. Ask his wife, your aunts, and see, because who knows? But if she gets back to us, I'll put into the show notes. I didn't wait for her to get back to me because I feel like this was good enough and really no need to wait. But if she validates anything further, I'll put into the show notes. Okay. Then as Janine was talking about his wife, the uncle in spirit kept showing me the letter E and connected to her and the immediate family, sometimes in name. And then Janine was like, oh, well, this is you were talking about Susan. Her son is named Everett with an E! I was like, okay. And she said, That's his nephew. [00:16:25][129.1]

[00:16:27] So Susan's son is Everett. So we're talking a lot of we're really going on about Susan right now. Everett, you name, um. Okay. And this is interesting. So around Everett, the young her uncle was saying there's a fork in the road for him either going more schooling or the like or taking the time to find or to take time to find himself. And she was like, well, he's he's grown. He's about to retire. He's in his sixties. So you think about retire and thinking about what to do after that. Um, oh, and this is what I believe Ginny was telling me after. I kind of don't remember. Oh, I said, oh no, this is Oh, yes. So with the fork in the road, um, schooling, that type of vibe or take time for himself. Jeannie was sharing that her uncle and I forgot when I was doing this that he came on in another reading we did. The uncle was sharing a mentioning son to possibly go down the an electrical electrician round and to and to like learn about it. Um and Everett may or there might have been talks or thoughts concerning taking on Janine son as an apprentice. So there's like that teaching school vibe. The fork in the road and it also makes sense. Fork and road retire what he's going to do after that. So and then her uncle made me know that he wanted to talk about Janine's oldest son. And I'm just saying go big or go home. And September is going to be important about networking and pass his cards around and shake his hand. It's going to be really important. And then the uncle told me he passed quick and sudden and jeans and yes, he did. [00:18:41][134.0]

[00:18:43] Uncle was saying his funeral service was beautiful and it was nice seeing family come around from all different states. And then so the uncle was telling me about August being like a family reunion or family meet up. And I didn't know if he was talking about August in the past or possibly this August. And then Janine shared that her family, a bunch of his siblings and spirit and others are currently in Greece. I was like, okay, but I'm seeing maybe a larger family meet up in August. So there may be something, but that talks about it. And who knows? It could even be next year, right. Or and ended up possibly being one in the past. But Janine may or may not be remembering right now, But, um, and then after that little that song that well this year comes I the uncle validated that by showing me a casino and he didn't give me a father is a big gambler but he has been to a casino before and he enjoyed it. And then we go back to Susan. So Janine validated that his sister Susan, who we've been talking about this whole time, um, loved going to the casino. And her birthday's also in August. So there's like a couple dual layers right there. We've been talking about Susan the whole time. Uncle mentioned August and a family reunion, and then Janine was sharing that. Her family's actually a bunch of them are in Greece right now, including Susan. And Susan also loves going to the casino. So we're just like, it's a swarm of attention around Susan. Yeah. Then he was showed a lovely message that he just loved Janine's sense of humor. That's when he loves most about her. An uncle told me that he liked music. [00:20:49][125.7]

[00:20:50] And Gene said yes. And Uncle just likes put on some tunes, hang out windows open ceiling fan type of him. And then he the uncle was telling me that he had a porch that was outside, like a connected to his home. And he said, Yes, okay, Yeah. He's just rocking back and forth there in the fresh air. And then used connecting also a White House. Janine didn't know. So it could be one of his kids, possibly. Maybe her to his daughter. Um, and then he was showing me a wedding ring or engagement room taking it off. And I usually interpret that as somebody that had a significant relationship, maybe even engagement or a marriage that dissolved and. Janine didn't know if that daughter that she was thinking that may have had the White House she was referencing had that broke off like an engagement or anything. And he's she's still married right now. Or the uncle could be possibly referencing another another person here in the White House connected to a serious breakup of a long term relationship. Or, I mean, people get married after or engaged after two months now, so who knows? But yeah, but he brought in so many so many good things, enough information. So did her grandmother that these things, she'll have to go look around, especially because I've read her many times before. So spirits do that, too. Like because they want them to show that I'm not reading their mind or the client's mind. So they're going to bring up things that you'll have to check on later after enough evidence is brought on in where you're like, okay, we get it, Sam. We know what he's talking about X, y, Z. I'm. And then the uncle was showing me a sign connected to a push or encouragement to play like a brass instrument, like I saw a saxophone or could even be a trumpet. [00:23:08][138.3]

[00:23:09] It was definitely a brass colored instrument. So not a flute, not a clarinet, not the percussions percussion instruments, not a guitar. So that and he then gave me the name Reggie. So, I mean, I really don't know. And you need to know. That's just what it is. I, I don't know what to say. It just happens like that sometimes, especially if it requires some research. But I definitely feel good about it because like I said before, we had enough information validated to know it's him. She also has a really large family, so there's that, too. And then let's see. Doo doo doo doo. And then he was telling me that he was very close to his mom and that she had and I was being told that the grandmother, his mom or yeah, Janine's grandmother, his mother, the uncle. And it gets confusing talking about this. Should I ask for his name? Oh, no, I know it. It's, um. I've read wrong. Uncle was saying that his mom had lung issues, and she was. I guess she had pneumonia, and I misinterpreted that. So it was definitely a reunion in spirit when they were when they were together. But I thought the uncle is also talking to the grandmother like he was upset when the grandmother died, but she was like, Gina's like, No, actually she passed after him. So definitely put that in the in the absolute wrong jar. I only get maybe three tokens the most. Um, the other ones are for, you know, psychic amnesia information validated after because, you know, the information in a reading or just the energy of a reading transducers time. So it follows it's not just about that time I read you it's also the moments after I read you that you never see on a computerized mediumship TV medium propaganda. [00:25:28][138.7]

[00:25:32] Um. Let's see. Yes. So. And there is definitely a male figure with the grandmother who liked to smoke a tobacco pipe. So a lot of family members. I've also read Janine, many times the spirit has to do as much as they can for Janine, because ultimately this is for the person I'm reading at the bazaar. And I don't know, that's just what it is like wizards, but that's great. I thought was a lovely demonstration that really was the this coding. Um, I hope you enjoyed it. You learn something from it. But this was a real raw, unedited mediumship demonstration with somebody that I've read many times before. But Spirits still did a great job bringing up things about current events, specific members of the family that are on earth now, and some detective work for Janine to do so that she knows, hey, it was my loved ones in spirit directing me here to find out more validations later. And that's it. Enjoy your day, light wizards. [00:25:32][0.0]



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