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RMD & Decode #6 Transcripts

Updated: Aug 3, 2023


Speaker 1 [00:00:03] Hello white Wizards and welcome back to the Light Wizards Bazaar. So today we're here for a sixth round mediumship demonstration with Anne. And you know how this goes by. Now, if you've been listening, I'm going to give my opening speech, and then we're going to go right into a normal mediumship reading as if you were in my kitchen right beside me, which you cannot see right now because I don't know video. And yeah, it's just I can't believe my number six or any. So. N Do you have your camera turned off?

Speaker 2 [00:00:33] I do.

Speaker 1 [00:00:34] And you give me permission. Upload.

Speaker 2 [00:00:37] I do.

Speaker 1 [00:00:37] Okay. Wonderful. Thank you so much. Okay, so what's going to happen? I'm going to give my speech and we're going to go right into it. This will be about 20, 25 minutes. Spirits have been doing a really good job at. Really stealing the show, which is the point is to show evidence of consciousness existing outside the body. So mediumship, if they're good, normally they listen to my rubric, other times they like to. Anyhow, through my left would be mankind. So they would be like mom, uncle, Mom's friend, grandma, or some of that, you know, is mother's side like either mother in law or your best friend's mom, something like that. The right would be the same, but for dad. And then the middle would be somebody, your peer level or age bracket, non-family sometimes and people younger. So all that they're going to be doing is identifying themselves in some way. And then they could be talking about anything. They could be talking about things that they did, things that you're doing, things from their past, things from your past, things not going on with you, but others around you and the present moment just to say like, Hey, I'm here. Especially with family, they usually do that too. Sometimes they may bring through things that you could be forgetting or you may need to ask around, do some research, and or possibly it has not come into your experience just yet. And this is why we do the decoding. If you find anything out after this reading that you can validate, but you can after shoot me message and let the listening audience know. And that really is that part. So big thing, I do not see time. Meaning. So let's say that I'm looking at a layout of a home. I'm describing this layout of a home to you, and you're thinking to yourself, Well, I don't live there now. And the spirit coming on in that was in that person's home. But that was your childhood home. Or maybe it was their home ten years prior to them passing. And sometimes the visions don't come on end with labels. So let's say I'm looking at ooh, let's say I'm looking at a surgical procedure. They're working on the kidneys. And that's just the scenario in my head. I'm sharing it to you, and then I'm interpreting as, okay, well, did this person have a kidney operation? And then you're like, No, no, no, no. Actually, that's somebody very close to me right now who is having a an operation on their kidney. So spirits just coming on and saying, hey, I see what's going on now. And also, too, sometimes they do give me a flavor of time. And or. They're really good at describing. I get surprised, which is why we had the library of these demonstrations anyhow. It comes in through my friend reference so I can't be shoved into my mind to all a medical diagnosis with 17 characters long. However, the way that I describing to you what I'm seeing here and feeling and I'm sharing it as, okay, do you know what this is? And you're like, I know what it is. It's home alone with guests or something. Excuse me. And also to before we begin, sometimes they get quite chatty, especially in the introduction, linking face and beginning. They may all come in at once. So look at me like this crystal clear quartz. Then I'm holding my hand, the white lights coming into my crown chakra and out of my throat chakra. I think it's just blue. And then you're like, Oh, no, no, no, no. There's also blue and green there, but usually they sort themselves out. But you know, if they were a chatty bunch, they're probably going to be do like that in life. I mean, in some wordings it's hard to describe. Right? So that really is it sometimes also too, you may have somebody come on in that you could be forgetting or don't know. Right and right away. But you know, just follow up with us and I'm ready to begin. Are you?

Speaker 2 [00:04:30] I am.

Speaker 1 [00:04:31] Okay, cool. Okay, so let's see. Um. And everything's recording. Okay, good. I do feel a female energy coming in with me right now. I do feel, though, that she is coming in through my left. So I do want to say that this is through mom's side of the family. And Lisa's now, you know, she's presenting herself to me for some reason. I'm looking at like the number 49. So I don't know if she's trying to tell me just yet that she may have passed around 49, give or take a couple of years. But that's just she just gives me that. And she even appears to me in my mind scape as somebody who is middle aged, not elderly. I feel like with her she feels I feel like a spunky energy from her. I feel excitement. I feel like she would be down for anything. I feel like with her, I don't want to stand too still. Like I like to keep busy. I feel like even she shows me like cleaning the counters. So she I feel like she's trying to tell me that she may have just been a busybody. And for some reason, I'm even smelling cleaning chemicals. Like I feel like I have a woman who likes to clean here. And I feel like with her to. She's showing me her face and I'm looking at her eyes and I feel like such a deep level of soul in her when I'm looking at herself. She just is very caring to me. I feel like she is very encouraging to people as well, but just spunky energy on the go. And I'm just excited. Would you like to play Sue? The Spirit? Could be.

Speaker 2 [00:06:26] I believe it's either my grandmother or my great grandmother.

Speaker 1 [00:06:30] Oh. Okay. So we'll get some more details in for you. I do feel like with her. I feel at one point. That I am. I feel like I'm just getting tired all of a sudden. I feel like, oh, she shows me having to, like, sit down. It's almost like I'm just getting a rush of tiredness. I feel like with her. It's almost as if I'm getting bouts of tiredness. But I also feel like with her, she didn't want to burden anybody with telling people. So it feels like she may have kept it to herself. And then it sort of. Progressed where it was more noticeable. I do feel like with her to like because she shows me going in and out of a medical facility and I do feel like there was a diagnosis as well. And for some reason to frame of reference alert, she's showing me the bloodstream and I almost feel like I have an illness moving through my body. And then it kind of took hold of her. Would that make sense with either of those two?

Speaker 2 [00:07:44] Probably more my great grandmother.

Speaker 1 [00:07:48] Okay.

Speaker 2 [00:07:50] And the question.

Speaker 1 [00:07:52] Oh, I'm sorry. Go on.

Speaker 2 [00:07:53] Can I ask a question?

Speaker 1 [00:07:54] Yeah, sure. Why not?

Speaker 2 [00:07:56] Is there anything around children?

Speaker 1 [00:08:00] Oh, okay. Um, let's see. Well, the first thing that I'm getting is the number two. So what numbers? It's like a game of age. So that's either going to mean to children or. And maybe even, like, February being important in the family, whether it's somebody's birthday anniversary when they passed.

Speaker 2 [00:08:23] Okay. I believe that my great grandmother lost two children.

Speaker 1 [00:08:27] Oh, okay. So.

Speaker 2 [00:08:29] Yeah.

Speaker 1 [00:08:29] Right. Okay. This makes more sense to me, too. But I really get a She's coming on in, though, and I feel like I have a lot of energy and I'm spunky. Like, I just want to move around and. And also just to make sure to clarify with what I said previously about the lethargy. Almost like it was. It was slow, subtle. And then she couldn't hide it anymore. Okay. Yeah. And then I definitely feel illness moving through my body like it sort of. Unfortunately, I feel like it just kind of took hold of her, and she makes me feel like too. She just shows me writing letters and I feel like I'm looking at somebody who had really nice handwriting. Okay. I don't know if she had or wrote letters a lot.

Speaker 2 [00:09:16] Not that I'm aware of, but I think they lost a lot of stuff at some point.

Speaker 1 [00:09:21] Yeah. Okay. And she's also giving me she's giving me a D name, but I'm going more like, like a deb Deborah or something along those lines.

Speaker 2 [00:09:35] Really? Okay. I'm writing down her children's name, so.

Speaker 1 [00:09:38] Yeah. So this would be somebody, either her first or last name or somebody down on earth with her or even up there. And that which my human mind has a hard time comprehending. Yeah, I'm Fidelis, so.

Speaker 2 [00:09:53] I know her. So. Of the people who were immediately around her. I don't know of the women. Okay. So one of her daughters was named Delores.

Speaker 1 [00:10:04] Oh, okay. There we go. Perfect. Yeah. I also feel like with her the reason why she's coming in today to reach out to you, and I feel like she maybe even gave you the download to come into here is that she's making me feel like she's working with your solar plexus chakra, and she's assisting you with developing and cultivating more of that inner strength, that inner will, to make some changes in your life. Concerning, I feel like your environment, even professional environment. She makes me feel like she's trying to whisper to you to look in and explore at other options and to ensure that you are receiving what you're worth. And she even gives me until August for you. So this is she's giving you a nice little forecast for you from now to August. She makes you feel like this is going to be the time where whenever you're feeling inspiration to look here, there, go for it. But it's specifically concerning Getting the value of your hard work is how she wants me to tell you that. Okay. Um. Okay. So I feel like I have another woman coming on, and this could be grandma because she's with her and they're on the same side of the family and they're coming in both to my left. And I know that this woman's connected to somebody that has the second letter with an Elsa like I am Elaine, Ellen or something along those lines. But I know that there's an L in it. Second letter.

Speaker 2 [00:11:44] Second letter?

Speaker 1 [00:11:45] Yeah. I feel like with her. You know, I'm getting more of a reserved energy from her. Not that she was standoffish or not approachable. I feel like with her, I'm just getting a more private, private sense. Like, you know, her business was her business. She really took pride on not gossiping, not telling other people's business to other people. I'm just getting from her like my lips are locked. But in a positive way. Like she's not coming across, like I said, standoffish or anything. She just was a private person. I do feel, though, she had a wonderful smile attributed to her. I feel like, too, with her. I'm going around like five, seven or shorter. Like, I'm not particularly too tall with her. And I also feel like with her. I don't know if she's trying to be funny, but she shows me like a brassiere is the word that I want to use. And I'm, like, getting frustrated with it. I feel like she there may have been a memory of with concerning this woman or something she may have joked about with the brassiere being annoying. But, you know, is that grandma or someone else?

Speaker 2 [00:13:13] Oh, it sounds actually, it sounds more like my other grandmother. My paternal grandmother.

Speaker 1 [00:13:21] On dad's side of it.

Speaker 2 [00:13:22] I don't know about the L.

Speaker 1 [00:13:24] Okay. It would be the second letter. A name of the second letter? Yeah. Hold on to it. Could be like I said. Here, up there or. Well, there's only two places, so.

Speaker 2 [00:13:36] Right.

Speaker 1 [00:13:37] Okay. So coming in together. Not through Mom's side, but through Dad's side. But with the brassiere thing, I feel like I need to talk about that. Was there like, a joke or does she have?

Speaker 2 [00:13:49] Not that I recall.

Speaker 1 [00:13:51] Okay.

Speaker 2 [00:13:51] But yeah, I don't remember everything about her, but she. I could see her having, like. A hard time with. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Making those kinds of frustrated comments.

Speaker 1 [00:14:08] Gotcha. Yeah. Okay. And I feel like with her, she's just showing me her chest. I also feel like I'm just slipping out of the body. Like I feel like I honestly feel a little peaceful with this transition. I just feel like, um. It's something that not many people are gifted by. So to put that in other words, I'm feeling from her like I just flipped out. Either she was sleeping when she passed or it was just a very quiet passing. Yeah. Okay. And she makes me feel like she has a man with her. I feel like this could be her husband. But I have a man with her. That's. It's like a jokester. I feel like a very funny. I feel like with him, he was also hard working. I know that he. I feel like he. What's that analogy or that phrase? I definitely feel like he wasn't born with a silver spoon. Like he. He had a stretch out his pennies. He had to grow and grow and work and work. But I also I just get a good laugh from him. I feel like I just want to I just want to have a good time, but not putting it in a responsible way. He's not coming across as somebody that was like a party or anything. He just it makes me feel very family oriented. I'm a protective energy, too, and he also gives me the month of April. So this is either going to be somebody's birthday anniversary or when they pass. And the family. Oh.

Speaker 2 [00:15:45] Hey, wait a minute.

Speaker 1 [00:15:48] Take your time. All right.

Speaker 2 [00:15:49] Yeah. That may be my uncle.

Speaker 1 [00:15:51] Okay. And with this in.

Speaker 2 [00:15:53] April, about five years ago.

Speaker 1 [00:15:55] Gotcha. And that dad side the family, Right? Yes. Okay. Because she was bringing him out. And so that would be her son. Right. Um, I also feel like with him, I'm just smelling wood and I'm looking at. I feel like I'm looking at a saw and. So did he work with his hands or do some sort of construction in his life.

Speaker 2 [00:16:21] Later in life? Mm hmm.

Speaker 1 [00:16:22] Okay. He makes me feel like two. He was quite inquisitive, I feel like with him. Um. I just am getting a sense of wanting to learn. Reading. Just I feel like I'm dipping my hands in a bunch of different things. So yeah, and I just feel like a big message for us right here. Not just you and I and but everybody listening is to strive to learn as much as possible, to take the most out of life that we have here to. I just. He's making me feel like go to a library, pick up a book, and just keep trying and keep trying and trying because he makes me feel like that was his mantra to try pick yourself up when you fail and try again. He shows me you. Oh, okay. With numbers again, this is the very number oriented. Well, actually, there's only a couple of things. He shows me the number 14. We're going to do unpack that for a second. So when I get number like 14, that's definitely not a month. So it's either going to mean. The 14th of a month or. January and April and really got that April connection. But would you know if there's either a 14th of the month that's important in the family or the month of January contributing with that April, we brought it.

Speaker 2 [00:17:52] Yeah, I don't. But honestly, I don't know any of their birthdays, so it's certainly possible. Yeah.

Speaker 1 [00:17:57] Yeah. Hold onto it. Okay. Oh, he just shifted to I feel like I'm wearing a jersey. I feel like I have when I'm really bad at sports, I'm assuming this would be football, but I feel like I have people around. I'm tasting delicious potato chips. I I'm burping with some beer. So he like football Sunday football or was it Monday night?

Speaker 2 [00:18:23] Yes, I believe he did.

Speaker 1 [00:18:24] Okay. Like I feel like I have a dude here, but he's such a nice guy, though.

Speaker 2 [00:18:30] Yeah, he had a hit. I would say that he had a variety of football teams that he rooted for over his life. What you're seeing is probably earlier in life.

Speaker 1 [00:18:39] Gotcha. Okay. Yeah. You know, he can't give me any more specifics cause I don't have that in my lens of perception, so.

Speaker 2 [00:18:48] Sounds like him.

Speaker 1 [00:18:49] Yeah. I also just feel like with him, he. I he's like, puts his hands on my shoulders and your shoulders. And he's just such a good support role and he wants to come in today for you specifically and is to help you on your health journey. He makes me feel like with you. At times you may be like just dipping down with lower energy. It's almost like up and down, up and down. Not so drastic. But there are times where you notice when you how your energy's a little off. You're more tired, need a rest more. And he makes me want to suggest to you the magic of smoothies. Now, smoothies. You can do anything with that. You can put oatmeal on minerals stuff with that. But he he's like handing you a delicious smoothie drink, and he's giving me the impression that it will help you sort of remain at a constant, dependable energy rate. But it's more I feel like the mineral has. He wants to hand you okay? Yeah. Oh, yeah. He just puts a lot of sawdust in my face. He makes me feel like he loves doing that. And you already mentioned that as later in life, but I feel like with him, he would have really continue on with that. I feel like with him, though, he's telling me that. Like he transitioned when he could have had more time. Like he just makes me feel like. He's not giving me an age range, but I know that he would have had either ten, 20, 30 more years of life. And he makes me feel like I'm just like he just clenches his chest and I feel like I'm just unexpected. So was this like, a quick, unexpected loss?

Speaker 2 [00:20:57] It was.

Speaker 1 [00:20:58] Okay. But he makes me feel like, what a ride. And he wants to joke about it, too, because we all have ideas about what happens after death. I don't claim to have any answers. I just can tell what people they tell me. But he shows me like a cool, trippy polar overlay. Like I'm just going through a jet stream and he's just like, This is better than any thrill ride ever. Just the thrill seeking is how I want to say this. Poof. Then he makes me feel like two. He wants to handle his heart, he tells me. And he makes me feel like he really appreciates you. Not just as a niece, but almost like his own daughter. And. It just I feel like I want to cry with him when I share this with you. He just. He really respected you and does still respect you and cares for you. And he's just really happy that we were able to connect you and I. In. And for him to come on in to. But. Oh, such a flavor of life with him. I love it. I'm going to say something weird, and I don't know how this is going to connect. He shows me a can of Sprite. Did somebody like Sprite or like that kind of soda?

Speaker 2 [00:22:25] Maybe. I'm unsure. I will say it could totally. Seagram's handing me a smoothie. He was a vegan.

Speaker 1 [00:22:34] Oh, he was?

Speaker 2 [00:22:37] Yeah, he. Maybe it was a vegetarian one too. One of the other I can't quite remember. But yeah, he would totally go for the smoothie.

Speaker 1 [00:22:47] Oh, good. Okay, great.

Speaker 2 [00:22:50] So Sprite, he may have had that. And I just. I. I'm just not aware of it.

Speaker 1 [00:23:00] Okay.

Speaker 2 [00:23:00] Sure. Yeah. Yeah. Go visit my aunt so I can ask her.

Speaker 1 [00:23:05] Yeah. Yeah. And, I mean, they could also be talking about somebody having you a chemist by now, but he just shows me this kind of sprite. I'm hearing it's carbonated bubbles bubbling. So they'll be definitely for you to go ask around.

Speaker 2 [00:23:23] Is it do you think it's really Sprite or do you think it's just mineral water?

Speaker 1 [00:23:27] Oh. Oh. Well, now, that would make some sense because would it be carbonated?

Speaker 2 [00:23:34] It it would. You know, like the sparkling water.

Speaker 1 [00:23:37] Oh. Oh, I'll take that then.

Speaker 2 [00:23:39] Okay. Yeah, Because I've been drinking it to help with. I afternoons where I want something that's maybe not as healthy.

Speaker 1 [00:23:50] Sun Oh, okay. I totally. I'm going to take that for sure. Yeah. Ooh, cool. So I definitely feel him pulling back. I think this is an excellent demonstration. We had great grandma. Come on in, Grandma. Or I forgot a great grandma.

Speaker 2 [00:24:11] A grandmother, huh?

Speaker 1 [00:24:12] Oh, yeah. Grandma on either side. And then we had your uncle Come on in. Wonderful. And before we. We start recording and stay on for a second and talk to you for a minute after we able place, because I wrote it down. That number 49 is so passed around 50 years old.

Speaker 2 [00:24:29] It seems a little late for my great grandmother, but I will ask. Okay. Yeah.

Speaker 1 [00:24:35] Yeah. Maybe ask around. I just. There's something with this for nine. I don't feel like I need to separate it, though. Like I'm getting a feeling that this is an age. Not like April. September. Right. So hold on to that. Okay. So wonderful. Like wizards, thank you for joining us. At our sixth row meetings, a demonstration to add to the library of knowledge for all of us to, you know, keep an open mind, expand and explore. So what I like to say and enjoy your daylight wizards.


[00:00:00] Hello, the Wizards. And so we're back with our decoding of our sixth. We're all meeting a demonstration and welcome back to the I was this bizarre Oh I am testing out new audio settings I have a yeti and I was noticing during when I was listening to the the the last episode of ends well means of demonstration. I think I speak too close to the microphone and I have the gain on too much. So we're trying it out now. I hope this works well and honestly, the Zoom audio always sucks. So and as you know, like wizards, I don't edit them. I just stitch together my introduction with the my lower my seat with the with the reading. Anyway, welcome to mediumship class. Get your robes on the Harry Potter fan. Bring your wand as well. Or if you're just curious about what mediumship is. And I find that these decoding since this since this is our sixth one already this is way better than me doing more psychics medium stories. That's why I have that five hour long psychic medium stories podcast episode. And it's better when you hear an actual reading and it just like if you were to schedule reading with me, that's how it goes and we're going to get into it long enough introduction to half of the transcripts here and was wonderful. That's the three spirits that came on and were wonderful as well, all showing dynamic personalities. And I also got it all because, you know, my Wizards, I attributed this, compare this to a board game as well as music, but in the board game, I got to have like tokens. So let's say they had a 100 statements that I make. I'm given 70 tokens that can be validated at the time of the reading. [00:02:03][122.1]

[00:02:04] Maybe 20 are reserved for psychic integer or information that can be validated at a later date, whether that's something to have needed research to find out, go ask around from a family member or a future prediction that has now come to be so accuracy is included in that. And then the last ten could be reserved for misinterpretations as well as just not being correct because the language is bizarre, is about dissolving misperceptions as I speak about at length. So I won't go into it here. So we're here for Ann's reading, so to teach you to have the speech. Okay. Um, all right. So I the introductory linking fees, as you know, this is when I turn my awareness to Spirit. I feel a magnetic pole of the energy that's coming into the session, and they provide introductory details so that the person can hopefully, ideally, most of the time, majority of the time can place who this person or animal friend is. So had a female coming in with me, she's coming into my left. So ma'am sign. She also given the number 49 and it could have been some and I kept getting the impression some of you may have passed around 49. And then she appeared to my frame of reference, middle aged and sometimes spirits who even pass elderly. They may present themselves younger, but usually there is like a knowing that they're older, but they come in younger. But I was just going to I just kept seeing the number 49 and then this woman seemed middle aged to me. Um. I felt busy energy cleaning the counters. I smelt cleaning chemicals. A woman that likes to clean is how I said it felt a deep level soul when I looked at her face. [00:04:16][132.5]

[00:04:17] She's very encouraging, spunky, excited energy. It was just very lively and cleaning was a big thing. So then Anne replied that she believes it could be her grandmother, her great grandmother. So then I was like, Cool. So then I dialed in some more to get more details so we could clarify because the point is to identify who's coming on in. And that's what evidential mediumship is. Evidence. Evidential information. Um. Okay, Then I just started feeling tired, having to sit down. Russia tiredness. Then it felt like it kept progressing and she couldn't hide it anymore. And it just led to an illness that I picked up on that moves through her body. And that was the cause of her transition. Um, and, you know, the big thing is she didn't want to tell anybody the spirit. And she was like, okay, probably her, her great grandmother, she said. And then she was like, Can she ask a question? And I said, Sure, why not? And then she said, Is there anything about children? So. Right after she said that, I saw the number two, and with numbers it can be more of a game of strains. But I just got the number two right after she said children and I shared with her. And then she said that her great grandmother lost two children. So that was more details clarifying who the spirit was that was coming on in and we were able to correctly identify the spirit, which is the point. Right. Okay. Um, and then I just went into more. I was like, okay, well, let's just make sure. Lethargy, illness, moving through the body took hold of her, and, um. She said yes. And then the great grandmother was showing me, like, writing letters and handwriting and. [00:06:23][125.1]

[00:06:27] What did she say she wasn't aware of, but she responded that she thinks that they lost a lot of stuff at some point. So I was like, okay. And also to like wizards. I didn't wait for her and to respond. I figured it's just it is what it is. And it's I mean, I did this yesterday. So if an ever does respond and follows up with us, I will let you guys know in the show notes as like a little update. I'm like star update star. But really, this is to show you mediumship. I can review the transcript to teach you the decoding of it and any little details I can come on in after. That's wonderful. But really, ultimately, ultimately also, it's not just for you and I like Wizard. This is also for N because this is her life and I am incredibly thankful to and and all my other participants who are willing to come on here and participate. And and did share some things after we start recording. That's between her and I, but also made some sense, more sense of some things that really is ultimately just for her to know that her loved ones do not obliterate into nothingness. So back to the transcript. So we identified the illness moving, moving through the bloodstream, so subtle building. And then the grandmother, like I said, great grandmother, showed me the letters that and couldn't really place at the moment. So then what the great grandmother did, she was give me a D name. And it was looks to me like Debra. But when it comes in with names to it, it really is the the sound of a name that's important. Also, maybe the length of a name like Debra. [00:08:15][108.3]

[00:08:16] It's not What's a short girl's name with a D? I don't know. Right now I'm blanking but is a longer name like Debra. But the main factor, like I said, is the first letter of the name that is supposed to tie in. And it took her took her a second and then she realized, oh, she had a daughter named Dolores. So that would be Anne's aunt? Yes. Because this was her great grandmother. Um. Mm hmm. So Spirit gave me something to validate the unknown information, which was the letters. And that's what they do. Like I said in the opening speech, I'm just moving between things that you're consciously aware of and things you're not aware of at this moment. Um, and this is a great grandmother's giving a prediction, a forecast for hand, because sometimes they, they do that as well. They talk about the energy brewing similar to a succession. If you were to book with me, I usually get an energy forecast for you. And she was just detailing worth especially concerning professional environment as well. Willpower was strong. And from now or whenever recorded it May 31st to August was when the energy was really brewing for her. And then after that little forecast, I felt another spirit. Come on in. And they're so good at that, unless they were really a rambunctious bunch. And I think I've said it before, or at least my F-Secure my way of saying that depending on what the duration is of the reading that you purchased or scheduled, let's say it's a 30 minute session and you actually chose psychic and mediumship. And let's say the last 10 minutes was just mediumship. So they want to just jump on in as much as they can to be like, Hey, I'm here. [00:10:15][118.8]

[00:10:15] And this is a bit of evidence to show that it's me. But in this demonstration as as well as the other demonstrations, they do a really good job at telling me with a knowing who comes on in. So I felt another female coming on in. I perceived them as coming in together from the same side. But as you learned, this was actually her paternal grandmother, not her maternal grandmother. And the details that I was receiving was that she was a very private person. I also get a name that had the second letter with an L, so like letter or blank L, blank, blank, blank, blank, blank. And and couldn't place it right now. This could be we don't know somebody down on earth or up there with her or the spirit, let's say. And that's for and to figure it out. And that's what I find makes this work even more real for the person I'm reading. Because the energy carries on after the reading. Because I said many times, I'm not a telepath, I'm not reading your mind. They'll bring up things that you may need or do research on just to show like one. I'm not a telepath and that they really are swimming in that which my human mind can't comprehend. Um. Okay. And it wasn't that she was the spirit coming in wasn't standoffish or not approachable. She was just a private woman. Um, but in a good way. Um, I got a five, seven or shorter. I felt like with this woman, Um, and then she was just talking about a brassiere and getting frustrated with one and, and like, I don't know if it was a memory or joking about it, and then. And so that sounds more like my paternal grandmother. [00:12:13][117.6]

[00:12:15] Um. And I asked about the brassiere thing and she couldn't recall about it, but she said that she could see her having an issue a hard time with that, like making those kinds of frustrated comments. So that would make sense to me if she would talk about that or make comments like that. But it's just funny when a brassiere comes to my mind. And then to validate this, I was I was being pulled to the grandmother's chest and I felt slipping on my body. It felt like a peaceful transition. It was just like slipping out whether she passed in her sleep. But or and it was just a very quiet passing. And then she said yes. So to validate the brassiere and the e-mail, we have the things that were able to be validated, which was her passing, her private sense of personality. And oh, I didn't ask her about the high. But I'm assuming if she was clever, like alerted to the fact that this was her grandmother, I'm assuming she was shorter than five seven. And yes, there's I know some grandmothers are short, but you never know. Right. Okay. Then immediately after that, Grandma was bringing in a gentleman who was a jokester. I knew he was a jokester. Very funny guy, also very hardworking. He wasn't born with a silver spoon. He had a stretch out his pennies. That's how I said it. He had a grow and grow and work and work, but I got a good laugh from him and want to have a good time. Not that he wasn't responsible, but he was, or that he was a party. He was fairly family oriented, protective energy, and I got the month of April. So she with that as well. [00:14:11][116.6]

[00:14:14] So she said, Yeah, that may be my uncle. And he died in April about five years ago. Um, and Dad's side of the family, which would make more sense as to why Grandma was bringing him in to my right. Because that's grandma, son, aunts, uncle. Um, so we got some good things to also outweigh the things that we can't place, such as the EEO or the L second letter L name the letters. But as I'm reviewing these, my wizards like that analogy I gave earlier with the tokens. This is so great evidence. And if it's if it's a family getting two out of ten statements. Right. This is not the spirit that's coming on in and the identity is not correctly placed. And I also, like, I have integrity. And if I keep only getting two statements out of ten, right, then I wouldn't call myself a medium. But, you know, it's a work it's a profession. It's a craft, as I say. Okay. Um, and then I was smelling wood. I was looking at construction stuff. I knew he worked with his hands and I was looking at a saw. And she said later in life that he worked with wood. So there we go. And then he made me feel very inquisitive. I felt like I was wanting to learn a lot. And I felt like I was giving my hands in a bunch of different things from her uncle. And it came in with a great message for all of us listening, to strive to learn as much as possible and take the most out of life that we have. Like going to a library and picking up a book and just keep trying and trying and trying. And she said, yes. [00:16:09][115.2]

[00:16:09] He was very much inquisitive into many different things. And then he showed me the number 14 around and. And. Numbers, like I said earlier, can be a little. Do some digging. But also, too, like I mean, I don't personally remember the days that my grandparents were born and died, you know, So that stuff does take research. But he showed me the number 14 around her. So and it could be in this sense, we already got the APR like he gave me. But I don't know if it was a January in April type of thing or the 14th of a month compared to the 49 that I got in the beginning. I knew that was an age like I came in with a knowing that vision of the 49 came in with a knowing that it killed a dealt with age, but the 14 and is going to have to look at it later. She you know she even said she can't remember birthdays um because like I said, I don't even remember that I need to do research when I get read. I have the recording, I ask around and I do my own detective work because the energy carries throughout the time after the reading. Okay. Um. Okay. Then he made me feel like I was wearing a jersey, and I wasn't. If you know me, I don't know sports at all. Oh, I don't know. But I was tasting delicious potato chips, burping up some beer, and she was like, Yes, I believe that he did. He like a lot of variety of football teams that he he rooted over his life. So there we go. Um, and then he was just putting it my his hands on my shoulders and and shoulders just saying that he's such a good support role and he mind to come on in talking about her health journey and he wanted to give her a smoothie. [00:18:11][121.6]

[00:18:11] Right. Because he was telling me that her energy is in a stabilize as one would hope, let's say. And then she ended up sharing that he was a vegan, he loved smoothies and that would be totally makes sense as to why he's giving her a smoothie. So that was interesting. And yeah, he was saying if he was still here he would of continue continue to working with wood. And then right after that, you know, after this movie, the message of if he was here, he would have continued working with word as well as the message of being a great support role and talking about ends journey in life. He clenched his chest, and I felt very unexpected. So quick, unexpected loss. And she said she validated, Yes, it was a quick and unexpected loss. Um, he was like, what a ride to when he transitioned and even put in here. Like, I don't I really don't know what happens. It's the mysteries of what happens after we die. I can only tell you what I'm being shown in readings. That's coupled with evidential information. Like I just explain to you and that you heard I have a lot of theories. I also challenged my beliefs by going here. There I'll make a podcast about them. But he was pretty much, I guess, talking about the tunnel light and he was saying it was a thrill ride. Um. Yeah. And he was just. Talking about the thrill seeking and he made me want to tear was giving her a heart, saying you're almost like his own daughter. And then the thing that it was that he showed me. It looked at my vision like a can of Sprite. So I shared. I'm looking at I was like, okay, I want to say something weird, because sometimes I do say that in a reading because it's honestly all weird to me because I have no emotional attachment to these things. [00:20:06][114.4]

[00:20:07] So it's like, okay, he shows me a can of Sprite. So whether somebody liked Sprite or carbonated beverages like Sprite, I said, and she said, I couldn't recall if he likes Sprite. I was like, okay, well, I mean, he could be talking about to somebody having you can't a Sprite. And she was like, wait a minute, would sparkling water count? And then I was like, okay, well, I would only accept that if it's a carbonated beverage. And she said, Yeah, So Sprite, most likely. I mean, no, Sprite does look like sparkling water. If you put both of them in a cup in a clear glass, would you be able to tell the difference? I couldn't. So I would accept that. And especially in the beginning, if you listen to the reading, which I hope that you did and you hear my opening speech, sometimes I can get the label wrong of what they're showing me. So in this instance, I thought he was showing me Sprite. But I also did share, which you heard, it could be another carbonated beverages like that. It wasn't Coca-Cola, it wasn't root beer. It was a clear carbonated beverage and and said, yes, she's starting to drink a lot more seltzer or sparkling water. Yeah. So that was that. Like I said, if and follows up with me, I'll put them in the show notes. But really, like I said, this is just a reading that if you were to schedule one with me or even really another developed evidential medium, this is probably how it would go. More like. But we all have our own flair, our own frame of reference, our own personalities as well. Keep that in mind. But this is another great addition to our library at the bazaar. [00:21:51][103.8]

[00:21:52] And oh, I love these. Enjoy your daylight, wizards. [00:21:52][0.0]



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