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RMD & Decode #3 Transcripts

Updated: Aug 3, 2023


Speaker 1 [00:00:02] All right, Light Wizards. So we're back with another well, mediumship demonstration with Deb. This is our third one. And full disclosure, I have I had I read dead before. I only did a psychic session with her. So I don't know anything about the spirits or anything like that, because I always like to give full disclosure before I like to, you know, post or even do these things. So we have that. Deb, is your camera turned off? Yes. Cool. And to give me permission. Upload.

Speaker 2 [00:00:34] I do.

Speaker 1 [00:00:35] Okay, great. Thank you so much. So I'm going to give you my speech on how the media mystic side goes for you and the listeners. And then we're just going to get right on to it and it'll be about 20, 25 minutes. So mediumship how this will work is that people through my left would be through Mom's side so they could be Mom, uncle, Grandpa, Grandma, Mom's friend, Cousin Z. Sometimes it can be not your mom, but someone's mom that you know about or somehow connected to mom. So the same for the right would be but for Dad's side. And then the middle would be like your peer level. Sometimes people younger, non family. We could have an animal friend come on in and all that they're going to be doing is identify themselves in some way. And then they could be talking about anything. They could be talking about things that they did, things that you're doing right now, things not necessarily with you, but others around you that you're aware of, especially with family. They could be talking about ideas you've had conversations, things you just seen, sometimes things that you may be forgetting or things that you will have to do research on. So that's where you follow up with me, and then I'll put that in when I decode your mediumship demonstration. So like our psychic session and also like wizards, Deb is one of my students and she did phenomenally well. She, she took part of my psychic development circle, so she's aware of the mechanics. So as you know, I don't necessarily see time with a literal image. So let's say I'm looking at a a home. I'm describing the home to you. And you're thinking, okay, well, that spirit didn't live in that home, but that was my childhood home. And I knew the spirit during that time. Or it could be your home, but it could be. Somehow connected in the family. And we'll see how that goes. And then sometimes it doesn't necessarily come on in with a label. So, for example, I'm looking at a cruise from Florida, the Bahamas, and then I'm interpreting it as after I share that. Oh, are you going on a cruise from Florida, the Bahamas? And then you're like, No, no, no, no. That's just a memory that I have or I share with that spirit coming on in. And it comes in through my frame of reference so I can't be plugged into my head. A medical diagnosis with 17 characters long, by the way that I describe what I'm seeing, hearing and feeling to you, you're able to identify it as homologous or something like that. And it comes in. Oh, yes. So sometimes spirits can come on and all at once. So they will then sort themselves out unless they're really a rambunctious bunch. And they spoke over each other in life. And I mean, that really is it. Do you have any questions before we begin?

Speaker 2 [00:03:24] No.

Speaker 1 [00:03:24] Okay, cool. And please, also, if you can validate, validate it for our audience. And don't worry about saying too much, like during a psychic session, because I will stop you by. We're just going to get right on into it. Okay. So let's see. You know, I think we have an animal friend coming on in. Um, I feel, though, that I have a cat with me. This is definitely a feline because I'm looking at the cats. Face the ears. I do want to say with this cat, I feel a. I think it has, like, a darker color coats because it's not coming in like a white or it's coming in a dark shade for me. I feel like with this cat, I, I would say that it's a female because it's showing me its belly and I feel like I'm looking at an array of nipples. So I do feel like this was a female and the cat even shows me nursing kittens. So I feel like this this this cat was a mother at one point in its life on earth. I want to say with this cat. It is giving me like an and sound or so I feel like there might be a connection with an and sound. But I have to say, though, it's not coming with a clear name, it's just like the sound of this name. And there may also be because I feel like there could have been two syllables associated with this, this cat coming on in. And I feel like with this cat, it's showing me walking outside. I do feel like at some point this cat may have been an outdoor cat. Um, I get a heavy sense. It just keeps showing me walking outside and even like by a dumpster and scouring around and I feel like I. It's giving me an impression, like. I. I know you, but I may not have been owned by you. Or if you did own this cat, it may have been adopted from the streets or something like that. Are you able to place any of what I said with a little cat coming on in?

Speaker 2 [00:05:55] I've only had two cats. One was cinnamon and the other one was mittens.

Speaker 1 [00:06:02] Okay. And were any of them a female that may have had kittens of its own?

Speaker 2 [00:06:12] Could have been.

Speaker 1 [00:06:13] Okay. And when I'm going through this, though, with the cinnamon, I could possibly put it with that. And but the cat kept showing me being outside. So this cat coming on in would have been associated with being outside of some point in his life.

Speaker 2 [00:06:34] The sentiment was one that was they were both pretty much inside cats.

Speaker 1 [00:06:40] Mm hmm.

Speaker 2 [00:06:42] And then when my mom remarried her. Husband at that time. Was allergic to cats. So they they were outside cats at that point and they both ran away.

Speaker 1 [00:06:57] Oh, okay. So this would make a little more sense to me because the cat kept showing me being outside, walking outside. And I do feel like the cat's showing me I'm looking at its paw and I almost feel like you're nails growing incorrectly or I'm having some sort of issue with my poor. Well, my hand. That's a poor. Or at this moment, because it it feels tender and I feel I'm having an issue with my paw. Did any of them have a poor issue?

Speaker 2 [00:07:32] Not that I recall.

Speaker 1 [00:07:33] Okay, so hold on to that. It could be down the road that you may remember. So that's when you come out and let me know. And I feel like. The cat's showing me. I feel like it's sipping, sipping out of a bowl. I feel like I would be in a kitchen. I feel like I'm eagerly waiting for food to be given to the cat. Because the cast is shown me being very excited about that part of the day as animals usually are. And I'm feeling like. I think that I might be wanting to talk about your mom. And the cat's giving me around your mom. Um, and this could be now or in the past, but I'm getting a sense of, like, severe or just dry skin. I don't know if it turned into eczema, but has your mom ever had experiences with dry skin?

Speaker 2 [00:08:42] Just recently.

Speaker 1 [00:08:43] Okay. So they're coming on in and talking about that. I do feel like the cat's showing me for your mom. It show me like a lotion, but the cat's talking to me about. Possibly not wanting to do like a chemical ocean cat showing me like a more natural either like a herb or herbology. It feels like a more natural. Alleviation of dry skin.

Speaker 2 [00:09:15] Yeah. I'm getting ready to make a cannabis lotion for her.

Speaker 1 [00:09:21] Oh, cool. Okay.

Speaker 2 [00:09:25] It's like a skin bomb.

Speaker 1 [00:09:27] Oh. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I forgot. Yeah, we talked about that during her reading. She's. She's a really good her biologist. Okay. I feel like with the cat. I want to see that the cat's showing me. It's not a it's not a house. It's showing me like a condo or an apartment. I feel like it's a smaller it definitely is not a home. I feel like this would be associated with the condo. So I got that after your mom. So does your mom ever lived in a condo at one point or something like that?

Speaker 2 [00:10:05] We did. And we had the condo when? When I had the two cats.

Speaker 1 [00:10:10] Oh, okay. All right. So this makes a lot of sense to me. I feel like the cats coming on and giving some evidence with that. I do want to say, though, the cat I feel like is talking to me about when you shared when they moved outside after your mom remarried and her husband was allergic to cats. And I feel like I'm supposed to share that. Like I'm not afraid. The cats is sharing to me. Like, I wasn't afraid. I was just adapting to the environment and don't feel any guilt. Or if your mom has some guilt about that, the cat makes me feel like it was just the next big adventure, you know, the cat showing me being pregnant again. So I don't know if the cat because if the cat didn't give birth when she was with you, it could have been after I mean, was the cat fixed at all, do you know?

Speaker 2 [00:11:09] I don't remember. That was over 40 years ago.

Speaker 1 [00:11:12] Oh, okay. So we're going back in yesteryear. Yes. All right. I really think at one point the cat may have given birth because I'm clearly looking at. A cat with a litter. I do want to say to the cat showing me its litter box and I feel like the cat is cleaning it out and it shows me a litter box that was kind of shallow and the litter. The cats make me feel like it made a mess and it could have been maybe remedied if the litter box was a little taller. Do you remember that at all? Yeah. Oh, okay. Yeah, it's just making a big little mess for me in my mind. So that's going to be I have to like a little rolodex of memories if you do remember something like that. It was so long ago. And the cats are making me feel like. It shows me like waiting for a treat and it almost makes me feel like I'm the one that is in charge. Like, no matter if anybody wanted to train this cat, it just it gives me this impression that no matter what happened, I was in charge and I was going to do what I wanted to do. I was like, I got a cat, kind of does their own thing, but it just shows me like being memorized for a treat and it's just like silly human. I'm going to eat that and you're not going to expect it. So I do feel like the cats are kind of the cat's drawing away from me. And that would make sense to with that and sound with the cinnamon. Cool. So let's see who else is here. Okay. I do want to say that I have a male coming in. I do feel like he's coming in through the middle. So I would say that this might be your peer level because he's not coming in through my left or my right. He's coming into the middle. Um, I'm hearing a J sound associated with him, and he even starts spelling it out like j o. So this would be someone that he might be associated with, whether that's his name, somebody on Earth or up there with them. There's a joke that he's bringing to me. He does make me feel like he passed. I want to say maybe middle age because he's not giving me twenties, thirties or like 67 years. I feel like I might be around 40, 50. I feel like with him at one point he may have had lighter colored hair because he just shows me a head full of hair that's more lighter colored like it, or a light brown, possibly a blond. And he's not giving me. Exactly. Well, okay, now he is. He does show me a hospital bed and an I.V. dripping, I feel like. And I'm hearing poison, but I don't it's not like literal poison. I just feel like things are moving through my body. And I do feel like with him. He also had a surgery. At some point I feel like I'm I feel like I'm going through a surgical mishap. I feel like it may because I'm being drawn to my abdomen area and I feel like after that and things are moving through my body and I couldn't quite recuperate after this. Would you be aware of this gentleman?

Speaker 2 [00:15:16] No, not right off.

Speaker 1 [00:15:18] Okay, so hold on to that. Sometimes it does happen. And this is where you follow up with me, But I feel like it's a gentleman. He would be like your peer level. I even he does give me impression. Like I might not be, like, directly connected to you. Not like a brother or best friend. I'm just getting on your peer level. With a surgical kind of operation that can miss misery like I spoke about. And I feel like he's now bringing me to your mom. And he puts a female next to your mother and he associates her with being a friend. It would be on your mom's peer level. And he gives me a feeling like this would be his mother. So I would I would dial it in further for you to go decode later that it feels like a a mom's friend that may have lost a son. And he's just drew the letter C associated with his mom. So that's either going to be her name or someone around his mom that would have a C name connected to it. So you can't place it. Go back later. Go check your Rolodex of memories. But I'm getting a strong emphasis that this would be connected through your mom on someone on her peer level. A female that would have lost a son. Unlike Wizards, this is the first time that happened. But as I said before, these are to instruct you on the dynamics of mediumship. And sometimes we have people come on in that you can't quite place. So we're going to have to check on in during our Decode episode. Okay, So right now at the moment, I have a. A female in a male coming in at once. They show me a wedding ring. So I believe that these were husband and wife. They are coming in through my left. So this would be through my mom's side. I do feel like. And I'm not quite sure which one of them has this associated with them. But they're showing me the head. I feel a loss of cognitive, just cognitive function. I almost feel like I feel like this could be either like Alzheimer's, dementia or something with the head. And I'm just having difficulty communicating and thinking while they're giving this to me. I do feel, though as well that they're giving me an R name associated with them, and I feel like they're definitely coming in together. So I do feel like I feel like I have a long history of them being together. They make me even feel like they may have gotten married when they were quite young, maybe young twenties. I do feel like with the gentleman coming on in that he would a he was a hard worker. I feel like with him he had he was almost tied to a weekly paycheck, like he makes me feel like he did his dues and he did his best to contribute to the family. And I feel like with the woman, she comes in very soft to me. I feel like with her she would be five, six or shorter. Um, I get a sense with her, too, that when she was older, I feel like she may have worn because she shows me more of, like, a flowy dress. And I feel like. Oh, yeah, I'm just. The thing with the head issue again, so I really do feel like there was one of them had a loss of cognitive functioning. Are you able to place these these two coming in from my left?

Speaker 2 [00:19:53] No, not. Not from the left.

Speaker 1 [00:19:56] Okay, but that could be wrong.

Speaker 2 [00:19:58] Other than my grandmother on my mom's side. She had she had Alzheimer's, so she passed from that. But my grandmother on my dad's side with my dad, she had a brain tumor.

Speaker 1 [00:20:13] No, I think I'm with Mom's mom. You said she had Alzheimer's. Mm hmm. Yeah, I think I'm with that because I was getting more of, like, Alzheimer's dementia kind of vibe from her.

Speaker 2 [00:20:25] And she didn't. We never know who. I never knew who her husband was.

Speaker 1 [00:20:34] Okay. Gotcha. Okay. And I feel like she's also giving me the month of May. So this would be either like an anniversary when somebody passed or a birthday in the family.

Speaker 2 [00:20:54] That would be my dad.

Speaker 1 [00:20:56] Oh, okay. So I feel like, oh, they're coming on in. And is that in spirit, too?

Speaker 2 [00:21:03] Yes.

Speaker 1 [00:21:03] Oh, okay. I'm sorry. All right, so. Oh, come on in. Um, so I do feel like we're placing the female correctly. The game of clue like wizards and. I also wrote down that our name so is in our name in the family.

Speaker 2 [00:21:23] That would be my dad.

Speaker 1 [00:21:25] Oh, okay. Gotcha. So what? This is right? Makes the pictures coming a little more clearly. So we had a male and a female coming on and we had the female coming on to the left would be your grandmother, Alzheimer's. And towards the end of her life, because I want to make sure we could place this as well. Did she like to wear either like either flowing dress, like I'm not getting a form fitted dress. I just feel like I'm putting something on. And it it just if I feel a lot of air underneath me.

Speaker 2 [00:21:54] Now, she she didn't wear dresses she but she did wear like the baggy sweats.

Speaker 1 [00:22:00] Oh, okay. All right. All right. And then with Dad. So I feel like he's coming on in. And. Oof! And I do feel like then, because I was getting the impression of being married when we were young. And now your dad's making me bring that up again. And I'm putting this around your mom and him. So were they connected when they were quite young? Maybe early twenties. Yes. Okay.

Speaker 2 [00:22:35] All right.

Speaker 1 [00:22:38] Okay. So we're sorting themselves out. You're doing a great job. And this is the dynamics of mediumship. So we have grandma. I do feel like we're talking about pop now. I feel like he wants to distinguish himself. Oh, I'm getting a sense for him. Like I'm ripped away. He makes me feel like this. His. His passing was a shock. I feel like a shock. Waves being being given or emanated after he passed. I do feel like. Well, he showed me a pickup truck. So did he have a pickup truck or someone else have a truck?

Speaker 2 [00:23:25] Now he had. My brother had a truck.

Speaker 1 [00:23:28] Okay. So I think he might be bringing up his son then. And then around the truck, he's putting me he's putting an L name around the truck. So that's going to be either your brother or someone around your brother or with that truck that would have an L name associated with that.

Speaker 2 [00:23:51] No. However, he was at the very end before he passed. He did marry Lady New Englander.

Speaker 1 [00:24:03] Okay. All right. I could kind of see that, but. It's just interesting to me because he's throwing that next to your brother who had the truck and he's coming on in, giving me the name. Who he remarried. Linda. Um, but your your father is still emphasizing your brother, though. And he. I feel like we're bringing up associating possibly that time when you're when your father remarried. And I'm connecting that to your brother and I'm almost he's he's locking my lips because that usually is a sign for me, either a miscommunication or a disconnect around that time. When your father married Linda.

Speaker 2 [00:25:08] How do you mean?

Speaker 1 [00:25:09] So that would be the period that your father married. His married Linda. And he's throwing that around your brother. So he's making me feel like, in other words, that around that time of the remarriage, your brother and your father may because it's give me an impression that we had like a disconnect or a miscommunication around that time.

Speaker 2 [00:25:31] Yes, they are. And Linda didn't get along very well.

Speaker 1 [00:25:36] Okay. So that makes a lot of sense to me then, because this is what they do, like wizards. And I'll go into this more when we decode it, because they were giving me these series of impressions and they he kept being very forceful around it. So I didn't interpret it correctly. And then he kept giving more and more impression. So that makes sense and why he's bringing that up. I feel like with your father, he's showing me. Show me his hands. Um. And I feel I feel tense with my hands and I'm sort of feeling I'm supposed to talk about my bones and these are the signs me as like arthritis, joint pain. So did your father have like arthritis or joint pain towards the end of his life?

Speaker 2 [00:26:28] Not that I'm aware.

Speaker 1 [00:26:30] Okay. Because he just keeps bringing me that in. Um. And your father's showing me. My esophagus and I feeling like. Well, I feel like I'm having a hard time breathing. I feel like I'm having. He just shows me his esophagus right now. And it sort of makes me feel like. Towards the end of his life. I feel like this would be towards the end of his life issues with either breathing of Sophocles issues. And he he's making me feel like he just shows me like a heart beat kind of thing with. And it just goes flat line to me and I feel like I'm watching people around me. He shows me and I feel like I have people who were around me that watched me pass away. Does any of that make sense?

Speaker 2 [00:27:50] Yeah, he. He had pancreatic cancer.

Speaker 1 [00:27:53] Okay.

Speaker 2 [00:27:55] So and then he had just had one round of chemo and it was a week later he passed. And so a friend and my brother were there when he passed.

Speaker 1 [00:28:08] Gotcha. Yeah. Because you kept giving me an impression of people around him and this esophagus issue. I feel like he may. He must have needed assistance with breathing or at some point, because it's just I. I feel like, I don't know, these are tubes down my throat or just issues with breathing. Towards the end, you know that at all.

Speaker 2 [00:28:30] I would say probably just issues, because I think by the time I got there, he had passed.

Speaker 1 [00:28:36] Oh, okay. I'm sorry, Medical. Okay. He does make me feel like for you. He wants to say that he's coming in today to. Oh, he shows me you as a little girl. And how? Now he was working with you, trying to help because he was observing you. And he makes me feel like you were a sensitive child and he wanted to protect you and he didn't want to have you get bumps and bruises moving through life. And he gives me a sensation that right now he's trying to also assist you with this next phase of your life coming on in and how he still wants to keep you safe. So I feel like with the meditation or just sending your thoughts to him, connect with him, try to see how he can help navigate you to your next best step. And he just he just I just I feel like I care about you so much. And I don't want to. I don't want you to be hurt. It's how he wants me to say this. Like, I don't want you to be hurt anymore. And if he wishes he could do more from where he is. But he can only do so much. So he wants to work with you every step of the way. It's how he wants me to say that. And I feel like with him to. He makes me say with your mom. He distances himself from her. He he's he's taking responsibility for the dissolving of their of their relationship. And he makes me feel like he watched how where he is now. He watched the ripple effects of his actions were concerning your mom. And he he wishes he could convey how sorry is because he. He just he saw how his pulling back affected her. But he does make me feel like. It is what it is. And your mom adjusted after that and that she's doing the best that she could and that she can. So did your dad kind of draw back in a relationship?

Speaker 2 [00:31:18] Oh, Dad was a player.

Speaker 1 [00:31:20] Oh, okay. Yeah. So that makes sense Why he is a sign of he's bringing a. Going back when our relationship and before I feel like I we're going to move close this mediumship session and move into the psychic part for you. I he's bringing me back to when the male and female came on and at the same time and we established that it was your grandma and him coming on in. So with him, he's bringing me back to when I was discussing, you know, working week to week, having to get a paycheck and sort of just. I don't know if it's quite literally living paycheck to paycheck, but he makes me feel like he was doing that type of thing where he had a it was a work week to week, get his money, do the best that he can, kind of the standard route. So did he have like a job like that?

Speaker 2 [00:32:26] You know, he worked in law enforcement. So, you know. Okay. What of the week to week, But.

Speaker 1 [00:32:36] All right. It could possibly be. The week to week, just the paycheck. And then like I'm sure law enforcement's get like a nice pension or something after that. But it just gets me that impression a week to week. So that would mean to me, like he didn't own his own business per say. So. Yeah.

Speaker 2 [00:33:00] Money was tight for him.

Speaker 1 [00:33:01] Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So make a lot of sense to me, then. Good. I think this is a really good demonstration. We had a cat come on in. We had the cat sort itself out. We had this gentleman come on in that you'll have to see where he fits in later. And then we had a female male. Come on in. Grandma was. And then your father and they. We were able to split it up and see which one was for Grandma and Mom's side and the information concerning her dad. So I think that was a great demonstration for the art of mediumship. And so I'm going to stop recording and then we'll do the other part for you. All right.

Speaker 2 [00:33:50] Okay.


[00:00:00] Hello Wizards and welcome back to the Languages Bazaar. So we're here for decoding our raw mediumship demonstration number three, starring Deb. And I feel like this was one of the best readings to teach you about mediumship, because the first two readings had its own flavor, as every reading does, every readings different. It's a snowflake, Amandla. And the first two readings were pretty straightforward. And then this reading really expressed the dynamics of mediumship, and it's to assist with dismantling the computerized mediumship and to help thought thwart the rise of the medium. I was reviewing this in my head after I finished and applauded it and I was like this I'm going to say it again. This is an excellent teaching tool, so use these as a means of education, which is actually interesting because a few years ago I always wanted to do something like this where I'd have agreed people and then decode it. I thought it would be in book form, but it's actually in a podcast form. And back when I first started in, in 2018 doing this professionally, I was like, I'm going to work with scientists and all this. But then I realized, Oh, that's just some conditioning that I have to be validated by the Church of Scientism. And after reading and listening to accounts of people whose abilities were used by quote unquote science, I was like, Hell no, I'm going to do something that I can control. That's of my flavor with people that I know respect this craft, who want to assist me with sharing this knowledge, this occulted knowledge. And Deb was one of my students. She, as I said in the Romnesia demonstration and also reminds you, mind you listen to it first and then we're going to come back here and we'll and stay with me as we decode it, because really, these are the purposes the purpose of these are to show you about the dynamics of mediumship. [00:02:20][139.1]

[00:02:21] And it's not what is portrayed in the computerized version, in edited, you know, TV or even on social media like this. As we get into it, you'll see that this is energetic data provided by spirits, provided by essence. And I'm still working on after my week of who was a it was a blossoming week, let's say. So I'm integrating some insights I received into this, which I'll present eventually when it all formulates together well. So we're going to get right into it. I have the transcript printed out and it's a robot, so forgive me if I stumble on some words, but it was interesting too, because all throughout my day yesterday before I recorded, I felt an animal friend with me and I was like, Oh, this is be the first time an animal friend comes on in. And it did happen. So let's see to do okay, we're just going to get right into it. So let's see. You know, I think an animal friend was coming on in a feline. It was a cat coming on in. I felt a darker color coats, a darker shade. It felt like a female belly and an array of nipples, I called it. So it's definitely a female cat coming on in. And I felt like this. I kept getting the impression, and you'll see, especially if you listen to it, I kept getting the impression that this cat had a litter. Um, and it came in with a sound of a name. I couldn't get the whole name at all. I just came in with an A and sound, and Deb validated later that she had two cats around the same time, and I was getting a two syllable name too. So I got this an and then two syllables. [00:04:18][117.9]

[00:04:19] So cinnamon the and sound. And then the two syllable was mittens, which she shared was so really what I feel like was two cats were coming in at the same time because Deb shared that she had them at the same time. And that's really what this is. This is mediumship. This is the unedited, real raw deal. And you deserve to know this. You deserve to know about the real aspects of the craft and not the computerized edited version. And for some reason, like this has been a culture just from I feel like practicing people where. I mean, obviously sensitive information. These are people's lives. So the people, my participants at the bazaar, they gave me permission to upload these, as you heard when I asked them, Do you give me permission? Upload. So the two cats coming on in. And they kept giving me a sense of being outdoors and they kept showing me walking around, walking around, being even around a dumpster, scoring scourging around there. And then they let me know at the end of the reading after some recording that they found her cat Mittens, who had the darker color coat. I think it was around a dumpster or something. Like they found that cat outside. So we had the two cats coming on in. Um, but the cat kept showing me being outside. So then she let me know later that when her mom remarried, her mom's new husband was allergic to cats. So then she. They put the cats outside, and the cats were coming in to. I might be skipping ahead, but. Oh, well, this is how it goes. The cats are saying, don't feel guilty about this. And then after I was recording, Deb shared that she really did feel guilty about the cats being pushed outside, you know, and this was over 40 years ago. [00:06:24][124.7]

[00:06:24] But the cats knew that Deb still had this guilt within her and they wanted to come on in giving some evidence and saying like, no, don't feel guilty. Okay. So to do, too. And the cat showed me a poor feeling like a nail growing in incorrectly. I was having a paw paw issue, like my hand turned into a pot and I was feeling it and she couldn't recall it. And obviously this was 40 years ago. So memories do fade. Um. Let's see. And the cat? The cat was just like when animals come in, they come in like an animal would. So they just. The cat started showing me, like, sipping out of a bowl and treats being dangled in front of it. And the cat had this sense of being like, No, I'm in control. Humans. Silly human. I'm in control. Um, and then the cats were talking about Deb's mom, and I really feel like cinnamon was the most dominant one here, but there were flavors of mittens as well. They're coming in together. The white light was coming into me, and then we had a purple and a yellow light coming out of my throat chakra. Um, so Cat was talking about Deb's mom, and I felt like really severe dry skin. It could even been eczema, but like, I was like, okay, so your mom has had experiences with dry skin, and then Deb shared No, just recently. So the cats are bringing up something going on right now, showing that, hey, we're not obliterated into nothingness. The essence is still alive. And then the cat was showing me using a lotion, but not like with chemicals. It was like a herbology and natural a natural lotion. And Deb shared that she's getting ready to make a cannabis lotion for her mom. [00:08:18][113.1]

[00:08:19] So that was pretty cool. Um. Mm hmm. And then the cat was showing me a smaller space. It was not a home. It felt like a condo or an apartment. And the cats kept impressing that upon me. And then Deb shared that they did have a condo when they had the two cats. So the cats were showing me the past when they were housed with Deb's family while they lived in a condo. So bam, bam, boom. Great evidence right there. Um, yeah. The cats then share that. Like, you know, I'm not afraid when they were, you know, pushed out of the home. And this is where they're saying, like, don't feel guilty. Don't feel guilty. It was the next big adventure for the cat. And then the cat, Cinnamon kept showing me pregnancy again, having a litter. And then Deb shared later, after I stopped recording that she does believe that Cinnamon did have a litter at one point. Um. And then they kept the cats, kept showing me like a shallow litter box and making a mess. And, you know, this is 40 years ago. So Deb couldn't recall, but they gave me the impression that they were making a mess because the litter box was shallow and it should have just been a little taller. Oh, my. My love texted me. And make sure he's at work. Oh, good. He got there. Thank you. Sorry, I can't. You know, my love comes first. Sorry. My little wizards. Okay. Um. Let's see. Oh, yeah. So then we had what came on in was our first beard at the royal demonstration. I mean, you see demonstrations that a person cannot claim. So Deb can claim this person coming on in. And this does happen. It doesn't happen so frequently. [00:10:18][119.2]

[00:10:18] It like it took until the third time for this to happen. So I don't know how this will come on in. I don't know, maybe Deb forgot or she just doesn't know because also spirits see the the potential as past present in the future. So this might be revealed to Deb later. I'm thinking it is attached to them. And as we go through what information was brought through, it felt like it was attached to a female on Deb's mom's peer level, like a friend or something. And I mean, sometimes it does happen where after the recording that it's a person listening that this is for. But I was really getting an impression that it was connected to Deb's mom. So it was a male coming in peer level, middle aged J sound. He starts smelling jo light brown or possibly blond hair, and it felt like a poison going through my body. Like when a surgical mishap, like there was a surgical complication which led to a poisoning in the body. And then this is where the gentleman transitioned and she couldn't place it. And that's okay. That does happen sometimes, and it doesn't happen so frequently. Like I said, it took us until the third time for this to happen. Third demonstration for this to be shown. But it does happen. Um, and then this, this gentleman coming on kept impressing upon me a female next to her mom with a senior attached to it. So that would be that either that woman's name or around her in that family. Um, and so we'll have to place it later if she can place it. I will update you if she lets me know. But this is mediumship and it does happen. And I've had stories of. [00:12:04][105.5]

[00:12:06] People tell me where they couldn't place it or they just completely forgot. And you probably may have heard that during my psychic medium stories, that five hour long podcast episode. Okay, So then we had two people coming on in, um, a male and a female. I knew that. And they were, they were showing me a wedding ring, so I was perceiving this to be husband and wife, but I did not interpret that correctly. And remember, no medium, no psychic is 100% accurate, but we're accurate enough where it can be statistically significant, let's call it. But I'm not a statistician. Um, and then I was feeling like they weren't they were coming in together at this moment before they were separating, but I was getting a cognitive dysfunction like I was losing in cognitive function, felt like Alzheimer's dementia and having difficulty communicating. And then I was given an R name associated with it, you coming on in and I was getting an impression of being married when they were quite young, like young twenties. And the gentleman coming in was a hard worker. He was almost tied to a weekly paycheck. I kept getting that, kept getting that. He paid his dues, he contributed the family and the woman came in short shorts. Um, came in soft to me and sorry, short, like five or six or shorter. Oh, oh, excuse me. Oh, 2 seconds as well. So at that. Well, you know, when you swallow spit and it goes down the one pipe. That's what happened to me. Oh. Hmm. You're raspy. Smoker's always right now. Okay. Um, you know, the woman felt like she was wearing a flowy dress to me. Like it was. It was a lot of flowing. Flowing, flowing. And I kept getting the thing again about the head issue and loss of cognitive functioning. [00:14:12][125.1]

[00:14:12] So if you can if she can play since she was like, well, maybe not for months, she said, No, not for my last year. Um, and I said, Well, I couldn't be wrong. But she said, My grandmother, my mom's side, she had Alzheimer's and she passed from that. But my grandmother, my dad's side had a brain tumor. And that right there is two issues. But I was clearly being told about cognitive dysfunction, Alzheimer's, dementia. So I was like, No, this is Mom's mom coming into my left. So I was like, okay, there we go. And then. And she honestly says she never knew who her husband was. So but as you see with the data coming on in, this was her maternal grandmother and her father coming on in at once. And then I was given the month of May. And she said that would be her dad's. It's connected to her dad. I don't remember if she clarified it was a birth anniversary. But she said that would be my dad. It's like, okay, you coming on in? And I was like, you know, I'm the role of it. The role of the medium. The genuine encoding medium is to stick with the information being given. That's really what it is. And as you see in this demonstration I did, I was sticking with it. So I felt like we would play the replace the female correctly. And then we got the dad coming on in and she did let me know that she didn't wear necessarily flowy big dresses, but she wore very baggy sweats. This was like, Oh, okay. Because like, the impression with this dress was that it wasn't like form fitted. It was loose. And then the name was her dad's name. [00:15:53][101.2]

[00:15:55] I believe that's what it was. Excuse me. Um, so the morning at 7:56 a.m.? I've been up since five, but that's what I do. I like the morning. I'm a morning bird. Um, and then her dad, they started to clarify themselves more, and her dad was showing me the information I was given about being married when we were young, like I said earlier. So I was like, Okay, your dad's making me bring this up again, and this is around your mom. So they were connected when they're young, maybe early twenties. She said, Yes. I was like, okay, well, there we go. So we got the data by it. We sifted through it. We were able to place who was coming on in. So in this time we had a red light coming out of my third chakra and we had a green light. Oh, excuse me. I hate when people sniff on on podcasts. Right. But I got to. I just had a coughing fit. Okay. Um, he makes me feel just, like, ripped away. His passing was a shock and the shockwaves being emanated after that. So this is what comes on in next was just very interesting to me. And this is the game of Clue Wizards. So he showed me a pickup truck. Linda validated that it was his brother. I mean, I'm not Linda, I'm sorry. Deb validated that her brother had or has the pickup truck, and then her father and spirit showed me the letter L and she said, well, his brother, her brother doesn't have the L name, but her father's new wife was named Linda. And then I kept getting the impression, well, I was like sifting through it. I was like taking my time. I was like, okay, how is this connecting in my head? I was saying this and he kept giving me an impression that around the time when his father remarried Linda or married Linda connected to the pickup truck signifying the brother, that this was a disconnect between the brother and the father. [00:17:51][116.5]

[00:17:52] Like there was miscommunication. This was this was not a good time. It was a disconnect in the relationship. And she said yes, around that time they did not have a good connection because the brother and Linda, the new wife, did not get along very well. So father was coming on in saying, I'm recognizing this. And, you know. Deb did share after this when his after recording and I took notes and I told them that I was going to post this or in the introduction and talk about it. So she's like, okay, that Deb was asking for her father to come on in and that her brother took his passing very difficultly, took it very hard. You know, And so dad was coming in, in bringing up that disconnect at the time that he married his wife, Linda. The disconnect between he and his son, um. And she wasn't aware. He kept then showed me bones and like feels like signs of arthritis, joint pain. And she wasn't aware of it. So it I feel like it was with him, but maybe he could be talking about somebody on Earth that might be having it too, because sometimes it might be interpreting it wrong. But you know, we let it go and I'll be for Deb to sift through in her Rolodex of memories. And then he kept showing me the esophagus and having a hard time breathing. Towards the end of his life, he gave me the impression with that esophagus, esophagus. And he showed me like a flatline, like on a machine in a hospital that monitors the heart beating. And she said, Yeah. So he died of pancreatic cancer and he had one round of chemo, and a week later he passed. So. [00:19:51][118.7]

[00:19:54] He made me. He really did make me feel like he had issues with breathing and she couldn't quite place that. But, you know, this might just be him sharing that. But I really feel like there was an issue with that. And then he was coming in and saying to her, you know, he wishes that he could have protected her more. She was a sensitive child growing up, and he just cares about her so much and doesn't want to he doesn't want her to be hurt. And he can only do so much from where he is. But he encouraged her to try to connect to him and he could try to help her out. And then he shared to confirm this message that he was that the father was taking responsibility for the dissolving of the marriage between Deb's mom and Deb's father. So he was saying, I'm responsible for this dissolving. It's my fault. And then he was just saying sorry, and he didn't realize how much it affected her and the ripple effects while in life. But in spirit form, energy, form, essence form, he could see the ripple effects. And then Deb shared that his dad was a player. Her dad was a player. So. You know. You know, with that in place. Um. Yes, that actually was it. Yeah. So that was a really excellent demonstration. And as I was reviewing the information in the evidence, this actually was one of the best teaching tools because with the pickup truck, the El Linda, and then that feeling of disconnect between the brother and the father around the time that he married Linda, that was new to me. But my job is to stick to the information and we were able to sort it out. [00:21:53][119.0]

[00:21:54] You if you're getting ready, you are participating in the reading. I'm bringing in the information and we're sifting through it. And a gaslighting mechanism by the low frequency control program is to make you think that I'm fishing or to gaslight you about this work. But I'm really giving you a raw mediumship demonstration. My participants, Deb, Linda and Lynne, so far, they all helped me to help you realize what this craft is a cult of knowledge. And this was excellent. This was fucking excellent. Who? All right, that's the third one. And if you're interested, you can email me at Jake then I got I'm now only booking one a month because I think I did. I'm doing three this month. And then I was like, Wait, we can't do three month, only one a month. So I'm booking into August. Just email me, you know, you will be participating. I will ask you to follow up with me if you can validate things after. But. It's up to you. Email me. I'd really appreciate it. And this is to help share this cozy knowledge that is your birthright. Enjoy daylight, whether it's. [00:21:54][0.0]



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