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RMD & Decode #4 Transcripts

Updated: Aug 3, 2023


Speaker 1 [00:00:02] Hello Light Wizards and welcome back to the Light Wizards Bazaar. So today we are back with our fourth yea fourth raw mediumship demonstration and we have Tori here with us today and some disclosure because you know, I like to give you disclosure when I know something. So I've read Tori before. I think the last reading you did was just psychic. But then I think the first time I read her many, many moons ago, we did a little bit of mediumship, but I don't remember anything. So that's good. And we're just going to see what happens because remember, like wizards, that this is a teaching function. I'm here to demonstrate these abilities in a raw, unedited, raw, unedited fashion. Mercury, Retrograde, some stumbling my words. And then, as always, we do a decoding episode where we'll go into explaining, well, I'll go into explaining the X, Y, Z that the I's to cross T's and whatnot. So, Tori, do you give me what one? Oh, my God, Mercury Retrograde. Is your camera turned off?

Speaker 2 [00:01:08] Yes, it is.

Speaker 1 [00:01:10] And you give me information up?

Speaker 2 [00:01:12] Yes, I do.

Speaker 1 [00:01:13] Okay. Thank you so much. So I'm going to give you my speech on how this is going to go as well for my light wizards listening so that you have a reminder of the opening speech. And I'm going to get right into it. So medium shed, people coming on in through my left would be mom sides like mom, grandpa, Mom's cousin, Mom's friend, X, Y, Z, and then sometimes not your mom's side, but someone that you know's mother's side like a friend or something like that. The right would be dad. And just like what I said about Mom's side, and then the middle would be like your peer level. Sometimes people younger, non-family, and they usually are really good at abiding by my rubric. So they're going to identify themselves in some way and then they could be talking about anything. They could be talking about things that they did, things that you're doing things now with. You were around you like your family or so on and so forth, that you're aware of things from their past, your past things in your future that you have pencil down. Sometimes you'll bring up things that you do not know at this time. Whether that be a case of psychic amnesia, when you could be forgetting something, or you may need to ask around and do some research, or it has just not come into your experience yet. So I'm singing songs to you and you're like, Okay, I know what this is. I know what that is. Other times I'll be singing a song and you can't quite place it until either halfway through this or later when you follow up with me and I let the light Wizards know about what it was that you remembered. Or like I said, something you may need to research on. It's a big thing. I don't see time. So when I'm seeing a literal, literal thing, let's say I'm looking at a layer of a home. I'm describing this home to you, and then I'm like, Okay, is this your home? And you're like, No, no, no, no. That was my childhood home, or This was that person's home from the past. Also, it doesn't necessarily come on in with a label. So let's say that I'm looking at right now like a forearm and it has a cast on it and I'm sharing what I'm seeing, such as I'm seeing a forearm that has a cast on it, and then I'm interpreting it as, okay, well, did you have you broken your forearm before? And then you're like, No, no, no, no, no. I didn't break my form. But that spirit that came on in broke the forearm and I'm aware of it. So something like that. And it comes in through my frame of reference so I can't be plugged into my mind to all. Let's say a medical diagnosis with 17 characters long. But the way that I describe when I'm seeing, hearing and feeling, you're like, I know what that is. It's homologous. Yeah, that's pretty much it. And also to because I intend this attend for these to be really. Giving examples of the entirety of mediumship. So sometimes we may have more than one come in at a time. So think of me like this present that I'm holding up, which you can't see, like wizard, this little crystal and a white lights coming into my crown chakra and out my throat. I'm thinking my logic mind thinking it's just the color blue. But you're like, No, no, no, no, no. There's a blue there, and there's also a yellow there. So sometimes they may overlap, especially if they're a rowdy bunch. And I mean that that really is it. And sometimes you may have somebody that you can't claim. That does happen. We have that in our third one. But it took until the third mediumship demonstration to happen. So the fourth one's going to be completely you, Tory, and also to please validate if you can, especially for the listeners, I will stop you if you're telling me too much. So don't worry about that. And if something's, you know, very sensitive coming on in, I will added that out just because, you know, this is your life and this is a gift that you're giving to us at the bazaar.

Speaker 2 [00:05:20] Sounds good.

Speaker 1 [00:05:22] Yes. Okay. So that's pretty self-explanatory. And then I'm I'm ready to start to see who's here. Okay. Um hmm. I feel like this is the guy that was with me on my drive home today. So I'm going to bring in some details, and then I'm going to check in with you after I bring enough in to see if you know this person. But I have a gentleman with me. Um, I want to say with him, he shows me with like a button down shirt. He's a slim build him. I do feel like he was definitely an older gentleman. I think he was in his elder years, like maybe seventies, eighties and nineties. Like it's not something that past middle aged or the like. Um, I feel like with him he's telling me with his mind he had a very healthy logic mind. I do think I also see calculations around him. So this would be if he was just good at that. Or maybe he did something with that with his profession. But I just see calculations, equations, you know, he is even showing me. A couple of things, too. He's not coming into my right or my left, to be honest. He's coming in the middle. So this could be like I said, I get a feeling maybe that this could be non-family, to be honest. Like, I don't feel like I'm blood related to you. I even feel like because what he's showing me is a classroom. So I feel like we have a teacher here because he's a teacher. I do also want to say that he is giving me an R name. So this is either going to be his first or last name or something possibly around the school to dial in more. And he is even showing me quick flashes of all these math teachers I've had in high school. So I feel like I have a math teacher here in. Slim build. I feel like he may have been to give more description. I feel like around 510, I don't feel like he was super, super tall and I don't feel like he was a short gentleman either. And I feel like. I feel like I know you. I feel like this gentleman knew you. He may even tie you on one point in a Viking given age range, possibly when he knew you. I feel like he was high school and. I'm feeling like maybe ninth or 10th grade. Do you? Are you even able to place this guy?

Speaker 2 [00:08:18] I cannot think of a name. But when you started to say Slim older with calculations around it. My math teacher. I mean, I'm thinking of my college professor freshman year. Oh, okay. Not high school, though. I'm thinking of ninth grade. Now would have been a female teacher, I believe I had at St Anthony's 10th grade. Let me.

Speaker 1 [00:08:47] Think. I could possibly be off by high school. College. I kind of meant that, you know, looking for around 85, 90% right now.

Speaker 2 [00:09:02] Yeah, he was definitely on the older side. My professor in college my freshman year. I cannot think of his name. Oh, you.

Speaker 1 [00:09:11] Hold on to that part, then.

Speaker 2 [00:09:12] Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:09:13] And. If the R name if that is his name, it could be that or something around that college. It would be then. But don't give yourself an aneurysm.

Speaker 2 [00:09:27] Now, I'm trying to think because my eye, my friend, was also in that class with me, and he doesn't know his name either. Just shoot me. I am. The. Maybe it was where the classroom was at the Lake Hall. That was then.

Speaker 1 [00:09:51] Oh, that could possibly be it. I also want to get with him to. You know, I feel like his energy, I kind of like him. He makes me feel approachable. He makes me feel like I when when when it's a student that I like. As in when he liked to student, he would do anything that he could to help them. He really appreciated. He's telling me of the students that wanted help, who asked for help. And he makes me feel like he would have done anything to help somebody understand the.

Speaker 2 [00:10:30] Yeah, that sounds a lot like my college professor. He was very sweet. He was a very sweet older man, and he was short and slim, that older build. And he was very nice teacher.

Speaker 1 [00:10:41] Yeah. I'm getting such a nice feeling from him.

Speaker 2 [00:10:43] Yeah. Yeah, I did.

Speaker 1 [00:10:46] Yeah. And this is so interesting. You know, I wish I should have gotten, like, on the way home today. I should have taken voice notes. I was like, I have this guy here. However, you just had to believe me. Like wizards. I feel like with.

Speaker 2 [00:10:58] Harry and talk down his name, I'll try and figure it out.

Speaker 1 [00:11:01] Yeah, that's okay. Yeah. And if it's the hall or something like that, um, I feel like he does have a wedding band, so I feel like he was married to. Right.

Speaker 2 [00:11:12] Yes, I believe so. Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:11:15] Um, I do feel like with him, um. He just makes you feel lethargic towards the end of his life. He kind of makes me feel like I'm just getting tired. I he is even showing me. He's showing me going in and out of what looks like a hospital or a medical office is a medical facility he's going in and out of. So I feel like he may have had treatments, but I also feel like, um, like I don't want to tell people about this because he was a private guy. Like, he was sweet, but he wasn't somebody that just spilled and dumped all of his personal type of, um, just personal life onto people.

Speaker 2 [00:12:03] Right.

Speaker 1 [00:12:04] I feel like, too. Yeah. He just makes me feel like I'm. I'm just getting tired, and it's. It's just slowly kind of draining. Like I'm not getting a ripped away from him. Like, I'm not getting an accident from him. I'm not getting, like, a trip or anything like that. I'm just getting like, I'm fading away. And I do feel like I feel like something's moving. I feel like I have illness moving through my body because he's showing me my my bloodstream and watching everything moving around. I don't know. I mean, this was your college professor, but are you aware of how he passed away?

Speaker 2 [00:12:44] I'm not. I'm really not sure. I'd have to look into that. You know what? Actually, this is making me think of, too. A teacher passed away recently at the high school that I went to. I don't think I ever had him, though. And I think that, like he he didn't tell anybody that he was ill. He just it just kind of was like a shock to everybody that he was now passed away.

Speaker 1 [00:13:09] Oh.

Speaker 2 [00:13:10] So maybe I'm getting them confused because. I don't know if I actually ever have them.

Speaker 1 [00:13:17] Or we could even be having to at once. We couldn't be. Yeah, because what I find is that when. When. They come on in and they might be very similar experts in a group setting. They want it because they know that we only have like 20, 25 minutes and they kind of overlap one another. Because if everything else besides how their college professor, because you don't know how you pass, if I'm getting all those a database and I have everything written down and that's really connected to him. But the high school thing too, and I would really only want to go to that high school guy that just passed because I would only accept that maybe if he was a math teacher.

Speaker 2 [00:14:05] Okay. Now, it was a music teacher.

Speaker 1 [00:14:07] In you know, I got I know that I have a Yeah. I appreciate it, though, because this guy also in the beginning, he gave me impression, like I knew you.

Speaker 2 [00:14:17] Yeah. Then. Then it was. Then it's my professor, I would assume, because I don't believe I had this teacher. Especially if it was.

Speaker 1 [00:14:24] Yeah. No, I'm not getting a music vibe around him. I'm getting that logic. But I appreciate it, though.

Speaker 2 [00:14:30] Okay. I get confused sometimes. I'm like.

Speaker 1 [00:14:33] Yeah.

Speaker 2 [00:14:35] I'm really low level.

Speaker 1 [00:14:36] I don't know why he's showing me this, but he's showing me, like, Newports or SUNY School. Did you go to a Sunni school?

Speaker 2 [00:14:47] No, I did not. Okay. I have a friend that did go to New Paltz.

Speaker 1 [00:14:54] Okay. So let me see if he wants to talk about your friend, because he's showing me New Paltz. I'm talking about SUNY School. And if it's not with you, we got to get it connected. And with this friend. I don't know. I just. I'm getting a pregnant belly. Do you know if this friend has a child yet?

Speaker 2 [00:15:16] Yes, she does.

Speaker 1 [00:15:17] Okay. And I'm getting two kids connected to this person.

Speaker 2 [00:15:26] Two children connected to this person. Your friends. Oh, my friend. Two kids. She only currently has one.

Speaker 1 [00:15:36] Oh, so he might be telling me there might be one coming on in because there's definitely a boy around here.

Speaker 2 [00:15:41] Oh, okay.

Speaker 1 [00:15:42] And. He brought me to New Paltz. I got pregnant and I saw the number two as in two kids. And I got a boy. So I'm assuming she had a girl right now.

Speaker 2 [00:15:50] And she does have a girl. Yes.

Speaker 1 [00:15:52] Okay. So maybe this might be bells and whistles. And are you able to connect to that J name around her family?

Speaker 2 [00:15:59] Yes. Her name is Jill.

Speaker 1 [00:16:01] Okay. I think she might be pregnant then.

Speaker 2 [00:16:04] Oh, my gosh. Oh, boy.

Speaker 1 [00:16:12] Or, I mean, or maybe right around the corner. Yeah.

Speaker 2 [00:16:14] Yeah. Coming up. Yeah.

Speaker 1 [00:16:17] Because if. If if this gentleman and he's also very methodical, because this is like a math logic guy, he's giving me all sorts. We're getting the New Paltz, SUNY. I got pregnant. She told me that she has. She has a child. I got the number two. You said she only has one boy. I got a boy. And then to confirm that, he gave me the name J, which is her name? Jill. So I mean, I'll pass that along to her.

Speaker 2 [00:16:42] I definitely will. Is he saying what his relation to her is? I'm just curious.

Speaker 1 [00:16:48] It's like the professor to her.

Speaker 2 [00:16:53] Oh, he's talking about Joe, not somebody new.

Speaker 1 [00:16:59] I'm. I'm getting it from him. And the reason why I they do that, too, is not necessarily that they have a relationship with that person. It's just to show people around you in your life, people that you know, and to give some extra evidence and some database so you can confirm for our demonstration.

Speaker 2 [00:17:25] Okay. Sounds good.

Speaker 1 [00:17:27] Yeah, but actually, now that you mention it, though, um. I do feel like this. The math guy, the math teacher. Professor. This is such a sweet man. I feel like I'm also letting in a male, an older gentleman. And it might be connected to Jill. But I know he shows me how hard he had a bad heart. Mm hmm. And I also. I see facial hair around him, so I would have known that he had facial hair at one point or at a lot of points. Okay. I feel I also feel like a thicker build. A thicker build to him. Okay. I almost I do feel a little heavyset with him, too. And this is also coming through Dad's side connected to Jill. Okay. So this. It's just. What is he. Give me. I kind of feel like when he transitioned, I feel like it was more unexpected than not. I feel like it was almost like a gut punch because he this gentleman coming on in, he was a jolly guy. He makes me feel like he was the life of the party. I feel so close to him. So to know of this, of her. I'm sorry that this would be like Uncle Dad or something. Are you able to place him?

Speaker 2 [00:18:52] Yeah, I think it's her dad.

Speaker 1 [00:18:54] Oh, okay.

Speaker 2 [00:18:55] Yeah. He passed away very suddenly, and it was like a big. It was kind of hard on all of us.

Speaker 1 [00:19:00] Oh, so this is probably why he's coming on and say hi to you. And, you know, it could have very well been. Sometimes I. It's. I learned something new every time I do a reading, but this feels like a little transitory where we got the new parts and then the professor brought him in. So I think that was like a Segway, let's call it. Oh, that's new to me. Yeah. And yeah, I feel like with him too, he just shows me a backyard full of people and a barbecue. Like, I loved it. He makes me feel like he really enjoyed because I'm looking at trees, barbecue, food, corn on the cob and whatnot. So yeah. So he definitely enjoyed, like, barbecues in his backyard.

Speaker 2 [00:19:47] Yes. Yeah, We were there all the time when I was a kid.

Speaker 1 [00:19:49] Oh, so this is why he's coming on in right now. Oh, he makes it feel like with his daughter. He wants me. He makes me feel like he wants his name to be somehow incorporated into the new one coming in.

Speaker 2 [00:20:08] Okay. I want to let her know that.

Speaker 1 [00:20:10] Yeah, whether it's his actual name, middle name or something like that. But he's been a little cheeky, as they say.

Speaker 2 [00:20:18] I'll make sure that the boy she has.

Speaker 1 [00:20:21] Yeah. This is a common name, but I'm going to say it. Do you know if he's a if this connected to a bill or bill in that family?

Speaker 2 [00:20:34] Her. I know that she has cousins, and one of them is Billy.

Speaker 1 [00:20:39] Okay. And with Billy, he's given me an impression like I'm looking at. I feel like I'm looking at a trophy and accolades and I feel like I'm connected to maybe an athletic sport, perhaps because he just shows me awards and then I'm getting an impression like athletics.

Speaker 2 [00:21:02] Hmm. I do not know enough about her cousins are there to actually weigh in on it, but I definitely would. Yeah. Sports awards, I.

Speaker 1 [00:21:18] Feel like because he just shows me a trophy, I'm getting accolades and then I'm getting a feeling like it could be dealing with athletics.

Speaker 2 [00:21:25] Or this is still connected to Jill. Correct? Yes. Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:21:30] Yeah. Unless you have your own cousin Billy, who is into sports and was.

Speaker 2 [00:21:35] Actually, I do. My brother's name is Billy. And he was like, when? Like high jumping awards.

Speaker 1 [00:21:41] Oh, there we go.

Speaker 2 [00:21:43] Okay. I'm just like, okay.

Speaker 1 [00:21:46] Yes, I know. This is why I always preface that. It's like, Yeah, that's why I always profess it's a common name. But we have to like, you know, some people's names are common.

Speaker 2 [00:21:55] Yes. Billy did very well in sports, in school.

Speaker 1 [00:21:58] Oh, okay, cool. So I feel like he's just bringing it up with you. Yeah. Okay. Um.

Speaker 2 [00:22:04] More confirmation because he did know my family very well. So.

Speaker 1 [00:22:07] Oh, there we go.

Speaker 2 [00:22:08] Yeah.

Speaker 1 [00:22:08] Thank you for validating. Perfect. He makes me feel like two, like. He makes it feel like this is a long time coming and he makes me feel like a reunion. He kind of wishes that he could have bumped you out of here and brought your brought his daughter in. But this will do.

Speaker 2 [00:22:26] Oh, I feel that I will definitely have to let her know so that she can find a way to hear from him.

Speaker 1 [00:22:33] I'll send.

Speaker 2 [00:22:33] You the.

Speaker 1 [00:22:35] Yeah, I'm going to send you the recording, so.

Speaker 2 [00:22:37] Okay. All right. Perfect. So she'll hear it pop up here?

Speaker 1 [00:22:42] Yes. I do want to go back, though. Even though I feel like. Her dad is just laughing in the background. But I had to go back to your college professor. I feel like he's handing the mic back over to him. I'm here in trigonometry and I feel like I'm looking at angles, a protractor I'm looking at. I haven't said that name. I haven't said a protractor in almost two decades. And so did he teach like trigonometry or with angles?

Speaker 2 [00:23:23] I honestly have no idea what was in his course. I wasn't the best college student. I'm not going to lie, but.

Speaker 1 [00:23:31] I'm.

Speaker 2 [00:23:31] Sure I'm trying to think. I don't I don't think we actually did do any of that stuff in his class.

Speaker 1 [00:23:37] Oh, okay.

Speaker 2 [00:23:38] Maybe.

Speaker 1 [00:23:40] Yeah. You'll have to pull out some.

Speaker 2 [00:23:42] I'll write it down.

Speaker 1 [00:23:44] Yeah, I. I guess he just shows me a bunch of angles. So we'll have to see where that comes on in. And. He wants to talk about. Okay. He has, like, lunch. He makes me feel like. It makes you feel you kind of kept to himself and you may or may have seen him in the dining hall or like the teacher's lounge or whatever they call it. But like, he makes it feel like he kept to himself. And he would have he would have waved to people. He would have known in what it said hi and smiled. But that was his downtime.

Speaker 2 [00:24:26] Right? Yeah, I didn't. I never actually saw him around. A whole lot of teachers.

Speaker 1 [00:24:31] Yeah, yeah, yeah. He's definitely like, I'm just. I'm doing my own thing. No.

Speaker 2 [00:24:39] Yeah.

Speaker 1 [00:24:42] I also feel like, um. Okay. So he shows me the game that that game cornhole. I think that's what it's called. When there's like two plaques or two wooden things that have the the circles cut out of them, right?

Speaker 2 [00:25:01] Yes.

Speaker 1 [00:25:03] And I don't know he's around you with that. So like, does your family do cornhole a lot?

Speaker 2 [00:25:14] We used to play it at J and when we had to had like block parties and that was always there. So yeah, definitely.

Speaker 1 [00:25:24] Okay.

Speaker 2 [00:25:25] So that would be.

Speaker 1 [00:25:26] Oh, totally. Is it because we're talking about him, Professor College and then he just shows me cornhole. So if that was something you guys used to do, I'm taking that for sure.

Speaker 2 [00:25:39] Yeah.

Speaker 1 [00:25:40] Um. Okay. But now. I got. The father coming back in on their plane like a shift in a microphone over and over again with him. He's telling me his wife is still alive. Yes.

Speaker 2 [00:25:55] Yes, she is.

Speaker 1 [00:25:57] And he wishes he could have done anything that he could to hold on longer. He's just telling me to tell her, to tell you to tell her that he it was his time. And he wants to thank her for all the beautiful memories that he gave her. All the children. His kids. Because there's more than one, right?

Speaker 2 [00:26:19] Actually, they just told me they only had one.

Speaker 1 [00:26:21] Okay, well, I could be off with that, but the meaning is still there.

Speaker 2 [00:26:24] Was there life? Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 1 [00:26:28] Oh, he just. He just is. I can't put into words, but the feeling is there. So if you could somehow pass that to her. Well, if you're listening to this. Hi. Um. On. And he makes me feel like two with her. He wants her to watch her knees because he's telling me that they have been flaring up or acting up like I'm just he makes me feel like my knees are having issues.

Speaker 2 [00:27:01] Okay.

Speaker 1 [00:27:02] Um. And he makes me feel like too. She did all that she could. She kind of makes me feel like she. His wife would tell him to take care of himself, try to help him maybe eat healthier or whatnot. But he was telling me like he was living life on his terms and there was nothing that anybody could say.

Speaker 2 [00:27:24] Yeah, that was him.

Speaker 1 [00:27:27] And he grabs you too, and he just wants to give you a little nugget was what they call and then rub your head and kiss you on the head. Yes. Um. And he makes me feel like two. And it's kind of funny. During those hot summer days, he makes me feel like he was sometimes he was super sweaty, but he didn't care because he was having a good time.

Speaker 2 [00:27:48] Yeah. He never cared about that. Yeah. Even have, like, the sales and everything.

Speaker 1 [00:27:53] Oh, perfect. Okay. Oh, well, this is solely him, you know? Please pass this past this to them.

Speaker 2 [00:28:01] I definitely will.

Speaker 1 [00:28:03] Yeah. This is the reason why we scheduled this back on March 17th. This is it? Yeah. And with your professor, too. I mean, you know, that's some good damn evidence because I felt him all day today.

Speaker 2 [00:28:18] It's. It's very strange that he came through. It's not like. We didn't have, like, a purse. I didn't go to him all the time. So it's just interesting. But I do absolutely remember him and I don't remember all my professors, but I am going to find out his name.

Speaker 1 [00:28:33] Yes, yes, yes.

Speaker 2 [00:28:34] And yes.

Speaker 1 [00:28:35] You know, and that's like a good thing to know, too, is like you may not have really known him, but they knew you. They see your energy. They know you even more now, not in a creepy way, but. And also to before I do this, I give an attention or light away candle. And I'm like, let's show the dynamics of mediumship. Give me all you got. And he was just saying, Hey, I'm here more or less you, but this is great. So like wizards, I'm signing off. Thank you too, Tory, So much for this.

Speaker 2 [00:29:08] Thank you.

Speaker 1 [00:29:09] Oh, my pleasure. More salon. I'm going to chat with you for a second and I'll be decoding this. And until next time, enjoy your daylight, Wizards.


[00:00:00] Hello Light Wizards and welcome back to the Light Wizards Bazaar. So we're back with our fourth decoding of our fourth round mediumship demonstration with Tori. This one was excellent, as always, and remind you that these are to instruct you about the craft of mediumship. And all day to day I was playing Hogwarts legacy. It just came out for the PlayStation four and it's my favorite video game ever played. But the only reason I'm talking about that is like this for you. And I like wizards. It's sort of like our mediumship class, if they had one in Hogwarts. And I was thinking to it today when I got the download to decode it, I was like, Am I going to change this from decoding to some sort of class? And then should I make on stage two of the light was this bizarre a jingle that alludes to a mystical class as the opener for the intro? So we'll see. Remember, we're in stage one. You got to start somewhere. You grow over time. We reject the perfectionism traps that may prevent us from beginning something. So we'll see where stage two comes in. But for right now, we're at stage one and I have my window open as a beautiful May Day on Long Island. And these birds are quite loud. So if you hear them, that's part of stage one. You now stage two, maybe I'll learn how to edit out background noise. And could I close the window? Yes, but I'm not so. Oh yeah. So yeah. So. Oh yeah. So yeah. So this is the teach you about it. So you know what this is, you know your intuitive instrument is because I'm just a reflection of your intuitive potential and that you also know who the people are out there who are capitalizing on your ignorance. [00:01:55][115.0]

[00:01:58] So with Tori, I had the transcript printed out in front of me. I feel like this will be a quick one because it's pretty straightforward and I was trying to see if maybe she could reveal some more things later. But I think we got enough that if she does reveal anything later, I'll put it in the show notes. Um. Mm hmm. Okay, So I'm doing my speech January on, um. And okay, so. Oh, yes. So this gentleman comes on in and he was with me throughout my day before or the day of this bizarre reading victory. And I knew that he was a male and I felt a teacher vibe. Well, he came on and so introductory liking phase right light wizards. That's when I start making a link. They give me some initial details and then I check on him with the person I'm reading and be like, Do you know who this is? Um, so he came on in me, see what I said, and oh, I always keep forgetting to listen to her decode or her actual bizarre reading before coming over here. I gotta remember to say that scene we're learning here. Um. Okay, so. Okay. I feel this is the guy that was with me on the drive home today. And then I have a gentleman with me. He shows me a button down shirt, slim build. Older gentleman, elder years when he passed. Um. He had a very healthy logic mind. And then I started the calculations around him, calculations and equations he was showing me to, uh, he wasn't coming into my left to my right, and he was coming in the middle. Non-family is what I was getting pressed upon that he was non-family so automatically were rejecting the tomfoolery of when people say, who's the mother figure without any other details, because this is the introductory leaking phase where just downloads into the encoding medium. [00:04:05][127.5]

[00:04:07] And if I actually have any listeners who are fellow encoding mediums, keep doing your God work, keep doing your light work, the true light, the original God force. Keep doing it. Um hmm. And then. Oh, yeah. So he wasn't showing me a classroom then. He was a teacher and he also gave me an R the letter R, So I interpreted as it's either going to be his first or last name or something around the school. And then he was show me quick flashes, all the math teachers I had in high school. So I felt like he was a math teacher. Some build not. He didn't pass 510. He wasn't super tall. I didn't think he was that short either. Um. And I was trying to get an education and I was seeing high school with like ninth and 10th grade. And I was like, Do you know who this is? She's like, I can't think of his name, but some older man calculations. My math teacher, a college professor, was professor. College professor. Freshman year. So I wasn't interpreting the classroom right. I got the teacher correct. And the ninth, 10th grade was actually to reference her college years as a freshman. So wasn't senior year. Junior year. I was getting ninth 10th grade, which was in actuality, her freshman year of college. And like wizards, as you probably listened to that, she was trying to figure out the R and she couldn't place it. So later that night around 10 p.m., I was playing Hogwarts Legacy. She sent me a picture of the of him. His name. His first name is Robert. The name. His first name is Robert. I'm not going to say his last name, but she also sent me a cute little picture of him. [00:05:56][109.8]

[00:05:57] Who? Such a cute little old man. Oh, my God. So there you go. That was the name. So this is totally him. Um hmm. Okay. And he was just. Let's see. As I'm reading this transcript, which is actually pretty good for a moment. Um. Oh, then he was just give me impressions, like when he liked you as a student. And when a student asked for help, he would. He would totally give help and he would do anything to help somebody. Um, just a nice feeling from him. And you show me a wedding band. So I was like, okay, he was married. And she said, Yes, he was. And then he started making me feel very tired, lethargic toward the end of his life. So me going in and out of a medical facility and she wasn't aware of how he passed. So we're going to have to leave that up to her own life if she chooses to research that further. But I got enough evidential information for me to know that I'm doing my job correctly. I got him. And that's the craft of mediumship. Okay. I just kept getting tired, tired, tired. And I felt like I had things moving through my bloodstream like an illness. So she wasn't aware. But then she started to say that a teacher passed away recently at the high school and she said, I don't think I ever had him, though. And. That he didn't tell anybody. There was also the math professor, Robert. Thank you, Robert, for joining us. I really appreciate it. He also said that he with the tiredness and medical faculties, he gave me an impression that he wouldn't want to bother anybody. So he makes me feel like he would have been secretive about it. [00:08:01][124.2]

[00:08:02] So Toria was like, well, there was a teacher that just passed who was secretive about his illness, and she said that he was a music teacher, the one who just passed. And I was like, No, this is and I appreciate it. But I was like, No, this is a math guy. I'm getting all these things. And especially now that we learned that the name Robert, this is totally him. And I don't think Tori had that music teacher who passed so he wouldn't have come in. The usually is some sort of connection to you or someone around you like if it's your friends, Dan, which we'll learn later. But as you also learned from listening to it, the friend's dad knew Tory and they were all like they grew up together. So that makes sense why he came on in. But back to the professor. Um hmm. Yeah. So I was like, No, it's not the music teacher. This is totally Robert. Okay. And then all of a sudden I saw a New Paltz, the SUNY school in upstate New York. And, you know, I was like, did you go to SUNY School or New Paltz? And she said, No, but I had a friend who did. I was like, okay, now this is where it gets interesting. And then I started to see, um, a pregnant belly. So I was like, okay, well, with your friend in New Paltz, I see pregnancy. So you have a kid yet? And she said, Yes, she has one child. After I was like, I saw the number two. So I was getting two children and a son. And she was like, No, she only has one child and it's a girl. And then I received the letter J So I was like, okay, well, in this this sentence, this called New Paltz Pregnancy. [00:09:43][101.4]

[00:09:44] And then I'm getting a prediction or just unknown information, housing, the potentials of all that. I'm seeing two kids and a son. And to confirm that I got the J name, which was a friend that went to New Paltz, whose name is Jill. And then Tori was starting to be like, okay, well, is this coming from the professor? And I was like, What? My logic mind, my Jake logic. Wayne was like, Yeah, yeah. But as we learned, Tori was thinking to herself, Well, I know that Jill's dad passed away. And then. I just my logic, my, you know, the psychic art to mine receives the information, and then all of a sudden I was like, okay, well, now I'm picking up on a gentleman coming into my right signifying Father's side connected to Jill. Let's see what I said. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Okay, so then the gentleman was coming on in, An older gentleman. I know he had a bad heart. I saw facial hair around him at one point in his life or a lot of points that they give me that they would have known somebody. He would have had facial hair. Often I was getting a thicker build, little heavyset. And when he transition, it was unexpected. It was a gut punch. And he was a very jolly guy. When I was getting a life of the party. So, like, are you able to place him? She said, Yeah, I think it's her dad. I was like, Oh, okay. And then Tori confirmed that he passed away very suddenly and it was a big gut punch. It was hard on all of them. Uh, so what that was, was a transitory statement. So I kind of what I'm trying to make my logic mind, right. [00:11:34][110.0]

[00:11:35] I guess that Jill's father was interjecting. And I thought it was a professor just picking up on more. Just more validation, evidential information to share. But no, it was revealed that we also had Jill's father with us. So that was new for me. Not so much. Like usually I would be able to tell of somebody grabbing the microphone, but it just came on seamlessly. So I'm I'm assuming or thinking with my logic mind right now that Jill's dad saw an opening and had had a bust on in and allowed the professor to come on. And just because these demonstrations and these decoding are to teach about mediumship and what's best, then have a college professor come on in to teach about mediumship through bringing in all those great details. And our healthy logic mind because remember the Wizards, we have a healthy logic mind and an awakened psychic psychic or two mind or healthy logic mind like, Oh, this is, this is, this is good. This is good. Okay, we're I lost my place. So to to do. And then the dad was joking about, Oh, no, I'm skipping head. Sorry. Okay. And then the dad just started to show me a backyard full of people and a barbecue. He made me feel like he loved it. He loved barbecue. He loved having people over into. He said, Yeah, we were there all the time when I was a kid. And then. The dad. I should ask his name. I, I don't know. So I'm going to keep saying the dad. The dad was joking about this potential son coming on in to his daughter about naming him after the dad in some way, shape or form, um, being a little cheeky. So I said it, and then all of a sudden Dad was, give me the name Bill, Billy and Tore. [00:13:39][123.7]

[00:13:39] And it's a common name, but common names happen. I don't know what else to say about that, but some people have common names. And she was like, Yeah, I think a cousin of hers, Jill's cousin, is named Billy and was like, Okay, well then let me get some more information. And then the dad was starting to show me trophies and accolades within with a feeling of athleticism associated with Billy. And she was like, No, I don't really know about her cousin, but I have a brother named Billy who was a high diver, and he won trophies for it. So there you go. It was Aaron's. And, you know. One. It gives a more of additional information about people around Tori's life, who I was reading. And also to that, the dad knew Tori growing up. They were like family friends after, you know, all the friends going over each other's houses, he become you come a little closer than friends, right? So it makes sense why the dad was bringing up toys. Brother Billy, who has trophies, accolades for athleticism, high diving. Uh huh. Hmm. Okay. And then I was just give me impressions that this is a long time coming. It was a reunion and he wishes he could have bumped her out to have his daughter in. But, you know, it was also for Tori because Tori, you know, knew him. Okay. And then I felt this is then they get really good when I have to establish space. And then I started to have the dad feel the dad, pass the microphone back to the college professor Robert and and then the college professors just show me like trigonometry angles a protractor. So I asked, did he teach trigonometry or some of the angles? And she doesn't know. [00:15:45][125.5]

[00:15:47] Um. And I don't know either. So it could just be cars, Professor talking about how he enjoyed it because all he did was just show me trigonometry angles and I heard protractor. So that will be up to Tori if she wants to research further. But I'm sure you like how the logic mind, right, that he would have been involved with trigonometry and who knows? That might have been one of his favorite objects. And then to confirm that unknown information. Robert the professor was started to give me an impression that around the dining hall he would have said hi to people, but he would have kept to himself. That was his time to recharge, and he just kept by himself and then Tory validated. Yeah. Like, you know, in the dining hall. She never saw him around any other teachers. So more evidential information. Um, and then the professor started to show me Cornwall that game, Cornwall and I was like, okay, well he's showing me Cornwall. So did you, does your family play there? And then she was like, she validated knowing that they would play that at her school a lot on like a quad or like the area where all the students gathered. Cornhole was a it was a thing and they had played there. So that makes a lot of sense why the college professor at that college would bring up the game that the students would play. Uh. Okay. Last page. Well. You don't know this, but I put four pages. I shrink them down so that one printed page has four pages on it just to save paper and ink. Right. Um, and then Dad came back in. Professor handed over the microphone to Dad, and he was just. Really appreciative for all the time, the beautiful memories that he he had because of the kids. [00:17:49][122.1]

[00:17:50] Um. And then he brought up his wife and he was just really I couldn't put into words how he was sorry was for his wife and that she tried to do everything for him, but he just was going to do life on his own terms. Right. And he said, yes, that's true. And the dad was just worried about his wife with her knees like knee issues. So Tori didn't come back to me with that. I mean, I don't think it really matters at this point. We have a good we have a good amount of confirmed validated things. And he could just be talking down the road or something. Right now, to be honest to myself, I don't really care about that. I don't need to know if that comes to be unless Tori sends me, I'll say thank you, obviously, because. Thank you, Tori. I appreciate it. Um. Oh, yeah, this is funny, too. So he, like, grabbed Tory's head in my head, in my head, grabbed Tori's head, gave her a little noogie, which is like you you rub your knuckles on top of the head and was just kissing her on the head. And then he was telling me on the hot summer days, he didn't care if he was super sweaty. He just was having a good time. And then she said, yeah, he never cared about that. Even had like pit stains and everything. So and then I think that's why because we scheduled this back on March 17th and we did this on May 5th. So the dad was really looking out. And I do feel like the college professor wanted to help me out at the bazaar to really show you like wizards mediumship, the craft of mediumship. Um. [00:19:32][101.1]

[00:19:35] That's it. I think that was a great That was great. Great, great. Glad we can add that demonstration to our library at the bazaar. And I hope you learn something from this. And if I could do this and if you have some latent meaning, mystic abilities that could grow to the level of doing this professionally, I mean this inspire you to develop. It takes a lot of work. Like wizards, this does not happen overnight, but if you consistently dedicate yourself and disappoint yourself, you too could be recording your own raw mediumship demonstrations. And with that, I leave you. Enjoy your daylight wizards. [00:19:35][0.0]



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