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Serenity & Love Following A Reading

I'm on my second cup of coffee and I feel the lightning bolt of inspiration strike! This morning's Rising Practice is blanketed by a serene, ease feeling sprinkled on top of Love sensation. I believe that this serenity is tied to the reading I had last night with a new client that involved mediumship...and this morning I realized that this blanket of ease and love consistently envelopes me after a reading until the next day.

Yesterday, I was guided to the Skeptiko Podcast which Mark Ireland (Find A Certified Medium) was a guest and I never listened to an episode. I browsed his entire library and saw some of my favorite researches, speakers, XYZ! I was shocked that I never found my way to Skeptiko!

One of Skeptiko's most recent episodes was of Dr. Julie Beischel and it was about her research involving mediums, mediumship, the Afterlife along with talking about her new book (which I must purchase). I LOVED the episode. I am incredibly grateful that there are serious research and studies pertaining to the work that I do because it continues to inform my Healthy Logic Mind that I'm accessing an aspect of True Reality.

Beischel discussed providing a survey to her research mediums and LOVE was an emotion consistent throughout each medium's experience...which got me to realize how much I feel that LOVE following a reading.

One of my first "activated" mediumship readings that I did back in 2018...I was enveloped by a LOVE that was ineffable. I cannot describe it. I have never felt that sensation of LOVE since that magical moment. It was to show me that what I was doing was safe, of the Holy Nature - Divine, and that I was encouraged to continue to do this.

Skeptiko's episode with Beischel really touched me! I was so surprised! I really am a person who loves science and I understand the many layers of manipulation by $cience to continue old control/paradigm structures, suppression of the population, and XYZ. Manipulating statistics and the whole sha-bang!

I realized that I also feel this LOVE following a reading! Now...some readings involve spirits who were not the nicest to their loved ones. They do learn while in energy form and they express their apologies. Even after a "difficult" reading...I still feel that LOVE.

Mediumship is about the Bond that never ceases to exist. The Bond is still very much alive. I'm not a person in this Wild Wild West of Psychic World (especially on social media & YouTube) that just spews lunacy of Love & Light without acknowledging the opposite...However! I am very much of the LOVE Vibrational Frequency that is the Current of Electricity that Fuels our SPIRIT.

It is not to twist and manipulate LOVE. It is to acknowledge the very real presence of LOVE that is grounded in our Human Experience on Earth. The LOVE between families and friends.

I am surprised that I never put it into words or recognized the Love and Ease and Serenity I feel following a reading which carries over to the next day. Now I notice.


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