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Shaweij! Human Defense Mechanism.

6-24-22 9:47am

Mediumship is invasive by nature because of an entity’s consciousness injecting into the medium’s energy field. A mechanistic strategy immerses within the medium’s mind tool to alert the medium to a force attempting to invade the medium’s space. This is a nature of reality which actualizes within this third dimension through the medium’s antenna.

The energy system of the medium activates an alarm which manifests as an anxiety inducing experience which is actual a safety mechanism housed within each human. The limited paradigm of the dominant culture on this planet does not have the awareness of consciousness existing outside of the body. Anxiety is a description of this defense system, however, the actual word cannot label this alarm.

This post downloaded into my mind tool with the word “Shaweij” pronounced “sha-weigh”. I am replacing “Anxiety” with “Shaweij” to clearly show the difference. Shaweij is the human’s energy system recognizing an invading presence. This invasion does not necessarily mean a negative influence. It simply is the alert system.

My normal waking life consists of a barricade enclosing my antenna so that consciousnesses are not free to download into my energy field through the mediumistic lens. Shaweij indicates the necessary protection blocking external forces from taking over the human. I rarely have spirits injecting themselves into my mind tool when I am not reading for a client. My day-to-day interactions are not swarmed by entities other than a glimpse of energies around a person.

When there is a reading scheduled later in my day, I do perceive Shaweij taking effect. The spirits intending to join the session are introducing their energy into my space to initially link up with my antenna so they can downgrade their energy into the third dimension. Shaweij’s effects manifest as pressure on my field, thoughts intercepting my avatar’s thoughts, and I am introduced to entities plugging into my force field.

I often feel Shaweij manifesting through a client when my client’s awareness is not aligned with their natural state of being a psychic and mediumistic being. I relay to my client that I am sensing “Anxiety” within the person which is validated as truth. I then bring to my client’s awareness that he/she is perceiving energies who are trying to make a conscious connection.

I often hear many stories from other psychic mediums who battled major anxiety throughout their lives which they then learned it to be Shaweij. The psychic mediums learn to tune their consciousness to the invading entities and then are able to establish a working relationship. The battles of anxiety are lessen through their participation using their natural abilities.

For you reading this post, are you aware of Shaweij? Are you battling severe anxiety? Are you aware that you have a safety defense alerting you to invading energies?

Shaweij can assist us also with discerning between our avatar’s personal thoughts and those of an external consciousness. This is for “good” and for “bad” entities invading our space.

I know that humanity is discovering the remembrance of their true nature which will then force humanity to redefine many of the consensus vocabulary immersed in culture.

Is your Shaweij realized in your waking life?



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