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Six Feet Under & Six Feet Above

My love and I began watching Six Feet Under a few days ago and we're already watching the second season. Another tie in the Synchronicity knot! He always knows the exact thing for us to watch so I always pay particular attention to his recommendations. I know that my Guides use him as a tool to get me to see the orchestration from Higher Mind. Plus...we both enjoy the same type of movies and tv shows - his 1st house Scorpio and my 8th house Pluto.

As of July 2nd 2024, my newest version of my website is live! This has been a great treat to edit! I always created my own websites starting back in 2018 when I used a free Wordpress site which evolved into Wix with a purchased domain. I just had a flashback to my very first business cards - Shamanic Psychic Medium. Oh lawwwddd.

Saturn is now Retrograding (oh dear god, help me) and Saturn is traveling backward through my 1st House to conjunct my Ascendant once again. Saturn. The Master Teacher. This Transit has been more dynamically life changing than my Saturn Return! A time to review the foundations and structures of my life while giving me a swift kick in the ass to reexamine a total 360 degrees of my life.

To see my life Six Feet Under and Six Feet Above.

Yes! Website is live and I'll continue to add modifications and enhancements over the next few days/weeks. This is a SYMBOL for my RESTRUCTURE, RECONSTRUCTIONS, REEXAMINATION, RE_______. I actually am quick shocked at how I was extremely militant with designing my website's new form. This quick, Knight of Wands action was very telling at how I can healthily channel this Saturn Retrograde.

Six Feet Under. I'm astonished at how well I warmed up to this series! Whenever my love spoke about his favorite show...I immediately thought it'd be depressing and counterproductive to Summer 2024's energy. I was absolutely wrong and I'm happy to admit that!

I'm viewing Six Feet Under as an adult version of 7th Heaven. This series is a family show with a wonderful portrayal of people navigating family dynamics as well as their funeral home business.

I hope you can see these Synchronistic ties!

Restructure of my website + Six Feet Under. I offer services that are of the Unseen. The realm that exists behind our physical senses. The...the Six Feet Under and the Six Feet Above.

I watch the family operate their funeral home and meet with clients which makes me have a deeper sense of responsibility and compassion for my work - especially my Mediumistic Readings.

I meet with people to mediumistically read then after they already have moved through the funeral services. I'm not the person who is there to help families say their goodbyes to their deceased loved ones' physical bodies.

I'm involved with helping people realize that their loved ones are still very much alive in that which my tiny human mind has a hard time comprehending.

Where shall July 2024 take me? A new Era? What entry shall I write in the blank pages of my journal?

I am comforted by the orchestrations from Higher Mind and a knowing that I'm always cared for and watched over by Spirit.


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