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Spirit Music: Unique Communication

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Every Mediumistic reading surprises me by showing me the variety of the “songs spirit sings” and how each spirit uniquely plays the mediumship instrument.

I try to use all the analogies I can to get you to really grasp the dynamics of the psychic arts so of courseeee music is so key to use as a tool since these arts are just like music!

Spirit A and Spirit B come in on their own with their individual song. Spirit C and Spirit D came on in together and were playing the mediumship instrument overlapping one another.

Remember that the broadcasted Computerized Mediumship does not provide you with the dynamics of actual mediumistic ability.

Think of each measure as spirit’s use of the Claires. Emotional & Physical Feelings. Knowings. Visions of Literal and Symbolic Images.

Not every spirit communicates the same! Some are slowwww. Some are quick! Some never acknowledge their private information. Some wait until being asked to come through because they may have guilt/shame or they are shy.

Every reading is a Mandala / Snowflake - A Unique Song.

Your friend may just have Aunt Clara come in during her reading but you have Cousin Serena, Endora, and Samantha all at once!

Especially if you only book a 30 minute reading and want psychic and mediumship. Spirit knows they only have like 10 minutes to just provide evidence they did not obliterate so they usually come in overlapping one another if there are many in energy form.

This work is MUSIC 🕯🔥


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